Devices supported by iPayStation Nucleus Platform Updated 12-15-10


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This is a list of devices and e-commerce shopping carts currently supported by iPayStation's Nucleus Platform This does not include any proprietary projects or beta applications formerly or currently in use. This list shall be updated on a semi-annual basis and is meant to provide and bring focus to our partners and potential clients.

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Devices supported by iPayStation Nucleus Platform Updated 12-15-10

  1. 1. Nucleus Deployment Devices Devices supported by iPayStation’s Nucleus Platform: Updated 12-15-10VeriFoneOmni 3730, Omni 3740, Omni 3750, Vx510, Vx570 , Vx610, Vx670, Vx810, Nurit 8000, Nurit8100, Nurit 8210, Nurit 8320, Nurit 2085, PCCharge, PinPad – 1000SE, MX880, MX870, MX860,MX850, MX830 Omni Omni Omni Vx510 Vx570 Vx610 3730 3740 3750 Nurit Nurit Nurit Nurit Vx670 Vx810 8000 8100 8210 8320 Nurit PinPad Nurit PCCharge MX880 MX870 2085 1000SE 8400 MX860 MX850 MX830
  2. 2. HypercomT7Plus, T4100, T4220, Pinpad – P1300, T2100, Pinpad – P1310, M4100, Countertop Platform –T4200, Optimum M2100 T7Plus T4100 T4220 Pinpad T2100 Pinpad P1300 P1310 M4100 T4200 M2100Ingenico5100, 5310, 8550, I7780, Pinpad, I7800, I7910, i5100 5100 5310 8550 I7780 Pinpad I7800 I7910 i5100BluebambooH50 H50
  3. 3. ExadigmXD2000, XD1000, XD2100SP, T4100, M4100 XD2000 XD1000 XD2100SP T4100PinpadsVeriFone SC5000, VeriFone 1000, Hypercom S8 series, Hypercom S9 series, UIC PP795, Nurit292, Nurit 293, i3010, i3070 VeriFone VeriFone Hypercom Hypercom UIC Nurit SC5000 1000 S8 series S9 series PP795 292 Nurit 293 i3010 i3070Biometric DevicesSagem Fingure print scanner Sagem Fingure print scannerBar Code ScannersBar Code Scanners Bar Code Scanners
  4. 4. Check ReadersVeriFone Check Reader CR1000i, VeriFone Check Reader CR600, MagTek check scanner, MiniMagTek, RDM Check Scanner VeriFone VeriFone MagTek RDM check Mini check check Check reader MagTek reader CR600 scanner Scanner CR1000iRFID ReadersVivoTek Reader, OTI Reader Saturn-5000, MiFare card reader VivoTek OTI Reader MiFare Reader Saturn-5000 card readerMicrosKeyboard Workstation 4, TouchScreen Workstation 4, Symbol, E7, 3700, 9700 Keyboard Symbol E7 3700 9700 TouchScreen Workstation Workstation 4 4Spectra DevicesT800 Series T800
  5. 5. Mobile PhonesSony Ericsson Sony-Ericsson/K320i, Sony-Ericsson/K320, Sony-Ericsson/W830i, Sony-Ericsson/Z550 to Sony-Ericsson/Z710 Sony-Ericsson/W710 to Sony-Ericsson/W850 Sony-Ericsson/P910, Sony-Ericsson/P910i, Sony-Ericsson/P910c, Sony- Ericsson/P910a Sony Sony-Ericsson/K500, Sony-Ericsson/K500i, Sony-Ericsson/F500, Sony- Ericsson Ericsson/F500i Sony-Ericsson/K700, Sony-Ericsson/K700i, Sony-Ericsson/K700cSiemens Siemens/x55 to Siemens/x75 Siemens/C55 to Siemens/C65 Siemens/EF81 Siemens/EL71 Siemens/SXG75 Siemens Siemens/A56i Siemens/M46 to Siemens/M65Motorola Motorola/Motorokr_Z6, Motorola/Z6, Motorola/Motoslvr_L7i, Motorola/L7i, Motorola/Motoslvr_L7e, Motorola/L7e Motorola/MotoRazr2V8, Motorola/Razr2V8, Motorola/V8 to Motorola/V1100 Motorola/i256 to Motorola/i830, Motorola/T280i, Motorola/T720(GSM), Motorola/T720(CDMA) Motorola Motorola/Motoslvr_L7, Motorola/L7 Motorola/Motokrzr_K1, Motorola/K1, Motorola/Motorokr_E1, Motorola/E1, Motorola/Motorokr_E2, Motorola/E2Nokia Nokia/2626 to Nokia/8800 Nokia/6265i, Nokia/6110_Navigator, Nokia/E90_Communicator, Nokia/6120_classic, Nokia/3155i Nokia/E62 to Nokia/E90, Nokia/N70 to Nokia/N93 Nokia Nokia/5310_XpressMusic to Nokia/5700_XpressMusic Nokia/6500_classic, Nokia/6500_slide, Nokia/N-Gage_QD
  6. 6. Alcatel Alcatel/One Touch 735i Alcatel/One Touch 756 AlcatelCasio Casio/C452CA CasioHitachi Hitachi/C3001H HitachiKyocera Kyocera/C3002K Kyocera/Cyclops KyoceraLG Electronics LG/CU500, LG/CU500v, LG/TU500 LG/CU400 LG/KG800 LG/C-nain 2000 LG/LX5350 LG LG/U8138 LG/Shiny, LG/KE970Mitsubishi Mitsubishi/J-D05 Mitsubishi
  7. 7. NEC NEC/E616 NECPanasonic Panasonic/C3003P Panasonic/X60 PanasonicBlackberry BlackBerry/4.0 to BlackBerry/4.3 BlackBerry/8130 to BlackBerry/8830 BlackBerry/Curve, BlackBerry/8300 BlackBerry/Pearl, BlackBerry/8100 BlackBerry/5810 to BlackBerry/7520 Blackberry BlackBerry/7100t BlackBerry/7130gHTC HTC/Himalaya HTC/Hermes, HTC/TyTN HTC/Tornado HTC/Wizard HTC/Titan HTC HTC/Excalibur, HTC/S620, HTC/S621 HTC/Vox, HTC/S720DoJa DoJa/os15 DoJa/os25 DoJaImate Imate/JasJar Imate/K-Jam Imate/Jam Imate/Jamin Imate Imate/SP3, Imate/SP3K Imate/SP5
  8. 8. Verizon Verizon/XV8600 VerizonSamsung Samsung/SGH-Z500, SGH-U700 Samsung/SGH-U600, Samsung/Blackjack Samsung/SGH-E250 to Samsung/SGH-D730 Samsung/C100 to Samsung/Z105 Samsung/SGH-D500 to Samsung/SGH-D900 Samsung Samsung/SPH-N400, Samsung/SPH-X4209 Samsung/X108 to Samsung/X608Sanyo Sanyo/A3011SA Sanyo/SCP-4900 sanyo/SCP-5300 SanyoSharp Sharp/J-SH07 sharp/J-SH08 Sharp/GX10 to Sharp/GX30i Sharp/TM100 to Sharp/TM200 Sharp/902 Sharp Sagem/MyX5-2 to Sagem/MyX7 Sagem/MyC5-2 to Sagem/MyV-55Vodafone Vodafone/Sharp-GX20 Vodafone/Sharp-GX10i Vodafone/Sharp-GX10 Vodafone/Motorola-V525 Vodafone/Motorola-V600 Vodafone Vodafone/Sony-Ericsson-F500i Vodafone/Sony-Ericsson-V600
  9. 9. Palm Palm/Treo700p Palm/Treo700w Palm/Treo700wx Palm/Treo750 Palm/Treo680 to Palm/Treo755 Palm Palm/TungstenC Palm/TungstenE2Shopping Carts AbleCommerce .netCommerce Comersus SalesCart CartObjects ASPDotNETStoreFront BVC2004Express Pdshop.NET Pdshop.NET CartGenieEnterprise ProductCartShopping AdvancedCart VP-ASP Deluxe