Mobile Workforce Report and Trends Q42011


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Mobile workers want to be connected. Trends on connectivity, mobile devices, and Wi-Fi, smartphone and tablet penetration and usage.

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Mobile Workforce Report and Trends Q42011

  1. 1. Masters of Mobility Webinar |Understanding Enterprise Mobility Trendsand Mobile UsageMobilemania Sweeps the EnterpriseDecember 2011
  2. 2. Agenda• Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report - Mobilemania Sweeps the Enterprise › Trends in Enterprise Mobility › Mobility’s Effect on Your Health• The Impact to IT• How iPass can 2
  3. 3. iPass | Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report: Methodology • Focus on mobile enterprise employees • 2,300 responses • Representing 1,100 enterprises world wide › 49% from North America, 32% from Europe, 12% from Asia Pacific Respondent Location Respondent
  4. 4. Our View | Enterprise Mobility The Laptop is the New Desktop And Smartphones & Tablets Are the New Laptops Hyper-connected Mobile Workers Checking mobile devices routinely during downtime Fragmented User Experience Bill shock, multiple providers, service issues Mobility Costs Rising and Workers Don’t Know Moving away from all you can eat plans Mobile Data Explosion Rapid Device and Bandwidth 4
  5. 5. iPass | Enterprise Mobility Trends • Some of the highlights from the Q4 Mobile Workforce Report › Mobile Workers are getting younger › iPhones have overtaken Blackberry as the Enterprise Smartphone of choice › Support for individually liable devices in the Enterprise continues to rise • With this employees are being offered more choice when it comes to smartphones • When it comes to tablets, individually liable is the norm › Mobile Workers are emotionally attached to their smartphones › Mobile Workers- their work habits do impact their sleep and exercise 5 *Data from the Q3 2011 Mobile Workforce Report
  6. 6. iPass| Enterprise Mobility Trends iPASS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. Mobility Trends | Smartphone Usage iPhone and Android Smartphones have grown rapidly in the Enterprise since last year › BlackBerry is still prevalent, however the Enterprise is supporting more devices- both IT managed and non IT managed • Only 28% of mobile workers are restricted to using a single device, whereas 44% are allowed to choose from a list of devices and 19% can choose whatever device they want Q.: Do you currently have any of the following smartphones? *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report 7
  8. 8. Mobility Trends | Smartphone Usage While the trend is not to abandon Blackberry, organizations are also not planning on adding Blackberry support either › Other platforms will see growth next yearQ.: Has your company’s smartphonepolicy (as stated above) recentlychanged or do you anticipate it willchange overthe next 12 months?If so has your company added support,continued support or discontinuedsupport for any smartphones orwill it in the next 12 months? (Multipleselections allowed) *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report 8
  9. 9. Mobility Trends | End User Liability Increasingin the EnterpriseMore users are using their own smartphones for access › This is reflected in the fact that the median age of the mobile worker is decreasing- from 46 last year to 41 this year as Enterprises open up access to a larger population of employees using their own device Q.: Is your smartphone a company-issued or a personally liable device? 2010 2011 *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report
  10. 10. Mobility Trends | Tablet Usage More mobile workers are using tablets- 44% of mobile workers have a tablet › Up from 41% in Q3 2010 and 33% in Q2 2010 › iPad is still dominant with Enterprise mobile workers, with the Samsung Galaxy perhaps evolving into a solid challenger › Vast majority of tablets are not IT managed- 77% of mobile workers purchased their own tablet Q.: Do you currently have, or intend to receive or purchase any of the following tablets in the next six months? 10 *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report
  11. 11. Mobility Trends | Using the Laptop Less Q.: In 2012, do you see yourself using any of the following devices that you now user more or less?“The laptop is the newdesktop, and thesmartphone/tablet is thenew laptop”Mobile workers plan to usesmartphones and tabletsmore at the expense oftheir laptops › 42% of mobile workers say they now leave their laptop at work at least occasionally during the 11 *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report
  12. 12. Mobility Trends | Barriers to Success Getting access to the Internet and to applications are the top barriers to success listed by Mobile Workers › In third place, the ability to interact with co-workers is related to both access, as well as the collaborative tools available to ensure remote workers can interact with their peers Q.: In your experience, what is the biggest barrier to successful mobile working? *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report 12
  13. 13. iPass| Mobility’s Effect on Your Health iPASS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 13
  14. 14. Your Health | Smartphone Attachment Mobile Workers are attached to their smartphones, most would have an emotional response if they went without their smartphone for a week › 59% would have an emotional response › Of those who said they would have an emotional response, disorientated and distraught were the top emotions mentioned Q.: If you were without your smartphone for a working week, how would you feel? 14 *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report
  15. 15. Your Health | Impact on SleepHalf of all Mobile Workers Q.: Do your work habits impact your sleep?indicate that their workschedule affects their sleephabits › Varies by age group › Only 31% of the 22-34 age group indicated that work does not impact their ability to get plenty of sleep › Compared to 48% for the 55-64 age 15 *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report
  16. 16. Your Health | Impact on ExerciseThe Mobile Worker lifestyle does impact the ability to exercise for most: › 45% of Mobile Workers indicate that they exercise regularly, 56% exercised regularly or not al all › 60% indicate that work gets in the way of exercising as much as they should Q.: Does your work lifestyle impact your exercise routine? 16 *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report
  17. 17. Your Health | Impact of Business TravelMobile Workers spend a lot of time on the road, and many indicate thatthis has a negative impact on their overall health › 35% are traveling at least a week a month › 44% indicate that business travel has a negative impact on their health Q.: How often do you travel for work? Q.: Does business travel contribute positively or negatively to your overall health? 17 *Data from the Q4 2011 Mobile Workforce Report
  18. 18. Summary | Enterprise Mobility Trends• Support for end user liable devices in the Enterprise is increasingly the norm, with users expecting to choose their device of choice for both smartphones and tablets › Opportunity to improve productivity by pushing mobility out to a larger audience, but ensure data access policies are consistent for both IT managed and End User Liable devices › To maximize productivity, ensure that mobile workers have the right tools to get connected, have access to the right applications and have the ability to interact with their peers• Mobile Workers are emotionally attached to their smartphones, and the Mobile Worker ‘hyperconnected’ lifestyle is impacting their health › Is their an opportunity for the Enterprise to promote better sleep and exercise habits? 18
  19. 19. iPass | How iPass Can Help 19
  20. 20. iPass | Vision for Mobility in the Enterprise Management Costs are is powerful but known and simple controlled Mobility Access is services are instant enterprise- defined Compliance is 20
  21. 21. Who We Are | The World’s Largest MobileNetwork652,683 Access Points 1121 Countries & Territories Middle EastNorth America Europe Asia & Africa Over 60,000 Free Hotspots Over 50,000 Hotel Hotspots 33,463 291,805 267,786 Over 2,500 Airport Hotspots 9,328 2,140 Premium in-flight Wi-Fi services Free Wi-Fi 3,497 available on 3,800 U.S. flights daily 60,880 Mobile broadband in the US, China, UK and Japan Central / South Australia America & Oceania 1 As per the ‘ISO 3166’ list of 249 country 21
  22. 22. iPass | The iPass Open Mobile 22
  23. 23. Q&AThank you for attending!This presentation only covers a portion of theMobile Workforce findingsWant to see the full Mobile Workforce Report?Or view archived reports from previousquarters?Go to: accessible by link from :