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Coup De Beast : Chapter 1.1


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Coup De Beast : Chapter 1.1

  1. 1. Before we begin, I would like to just say a few things about this chapter. First of all, if you read the prologue, the curse was placed on Tyson just as she joined college, so it’s weaker and she won’t act as dog-like as she will in the future. As for future generations, the curse in them will most likely be at it’s strongest by teen years. Also, I made the mistake of missing a lot of good photos. That was may fault, since I was so intent of playing that I forgot the legacy. I should’ve played Uni a bit before starting ….
  2. 2. Hello~ And welcome to the Coup De Beast legacy. I suppose we should start by introducing our legacy founder. This is Tyson Macamara. Her aspiration is set to family, since they’re my favorite to play, and her lifetime want is to reach the top of the education career. Her turn ons are blond hair and glasses, and she’s turned off by vampires. Her personality is set as such. 6:2:6:3:8 A very shy, but friendly sim. Her cursed blood is that of a dog’s.
  3. 3. Luckily I managed to snag her a decent dorm room before the mob came it, and it was the only one with a computer. Lucky. Speaking of which, now would be a good time to pick your major, eh? “Alright, how about art?” But I thought you wanted to be a teacher. Oh well, whatever works.
  4. 4. Although it took most of her funds, I managed to make her room better looking. I just don’t think I’ll be paying bills for a while. If it weren’t for the cafeteria, she’d starve as well… “That’s not very responsible…. Is it?” Oh hush puppy…
  5. 5. Luckily, the curse is weak enough to have Tyson be introduced without acting like a pup. And nothing helps the bonding process like Mac N’ Cheese, right? I forgot the names of these two, mainly because I didn’t care to check. Is that considered rude? “I think so. And does this taste weird to you?” I’ll let you know when pixels become edible for me.
  6. 6. I guess it did taste weird. The food got bad while Tyson was eating it, and she got food poisoning. At least she finished a few assignments ahead of time to make up for the class time she’s going to have to miss. If you notice, her poster is filled with food related pictures. I think after getting her lifetime want of the teacher stuff, I’ll put her in cooking.
  7. 7. Now that she’s better, I’m starting to think she’s a knowledge sim in disguise. She’s constantly rolling the want to do an assignment, write a term paper, learn a new skill. Granted, that’s a good thing in college. Just make sure to make friends.
  8. 8. Friends. Blonde hotties. I’m not picky. Actually, I think I’m lucky. This guy is Alan Rochvitz, a very gorgeous dude from another dorm lot. Sad, he doesn’t live with us. Either way, I made Tyson ‘check him out’ and he’s got a bolt on him. Only one bolt. Pretty odd since he fits Tyson’s turn ons perfectly. I’ll have to keep him nearby.
  9. 9. Not long after Tyson met Alan, she received a call from him. “Hey, Ty, did you hear? Apparently they’re tearing down your dorms. Everyone’s either being moved to a new dorm lot, or joining a greek house.” “What? Wait, it’s because the building’s old right? What about the furniture? Are they selling it?” “Uh, no, they were just going to throw it out. Why?” Luckily for Tyson, Alan couldn’t see her hips shaking, probably an imitation of a tail wag. Stupid curse.
  10. 10. Whatever Tyson is scheming will have to wait, since finals are on the way. I don’t know what you’re worried about Ty, you never do anything but schoolwork. You should spend more time socializing. “Well, two shy points. Ya know. Plus a high education is just as important.”
  11. 11. I’m guessing the finals were a doozy, huh Tyson? ….Ty? Tyson? Pup? “ZzZzZz….snrt…..zZz….”
  12. 12. Yay! Socializing! Finally! “So, did you hear? They set the date for the tear down of this place. Where are you guys going?” “I’m joining Tri-Var.” “Tri-Var?” “Yeah, the sorority! You should apply too Tyson!”
  13. 13. And so she did. It didn’t work out. The only thing that happened was that I got stuck with three hyper girls who wouldn’t sit still long enough for Ty to interact with them. So much for Tri-Var, looks like you’ll need to find another place to stay Ty. “S-Shouldn’t I round these girls up first!?” Good luck. Stupid Tri-Var chicks.
  14. 14. “Yeah, Alan, is chaotic here! I can’t get them to stop! They even brought a stripper! If we can’t stop them soon they will tear the building apart before the construction crew ca- Huh? The stripper? Yeah it’s a male. Wha- No I didn’t look. Why does that ma- Aw! Are you jealous? You’re stuttering. Yes, I’m sure, I didn’t look!” I kinda love these two when they’re together.
  15. 15. Crud. Well, it was gonna happen soon. Luckily he only took a chair. Stupid Repo man with the tricked-out water gun.
  16. 16. Somewhere along the way, it was finally decided where Tyson was going to live, but she was going to have to save up for it. She managed to keep up with her little socializing and her studies, but she freed some time to work a bit for extra cash.
  17. 17. And somewhere between all that, this happened. I could barely get my camera over here in time. Of course, I probably could’ve just paused… Stupid me. Aside from that, I decided to try and stick with him. He’s got great genetics and he’s just too damn lovable.
  18. 18. I decided to throw caution to the wind and take Ty downtown. The curse hasn’t completely shown it’s ugly face yet, so a date should be alright. Although being locked in a mansion all her life, with only books to read, It was obvious something like this would happen. “So, when will the theater be starting? Will you be doing Romeo and Juliet?” “Ma’am, we don’t have a theater here….”
  19. 19. Despite many beatings from Mrs. Crumpy, the date ended really well. I think it’s about time you told him. “A-Alan. I’m not….. I’m not exactly…. Human. You see, I have the blood of a dog in me, and sometimes I act like-” “A dog?” He smiled, shrugging. “Yer point? It’s a gypsy spell right? My mom worked in the paranormal business. I’ve dealt with werewolves, vampires and plantsims. As far as I’m concerned, you’re just as normal as anyone else.
  20. 20. Now that it’s painfully obvious who Tyson will continues the legacy with, we’ve gotta get down to business. “Alan? You know your buddy with the car with the big butt? Huh? Oh, a pick-up truck. Can you bring him by. I need to move all the furniture in here before they evacuate to tear the building down. I’m going to use the furniture in the greek house I’m building. Yes, you heard me right~!”
  21. 21. Of course we can’t leave without one little goodbye prank, now can we?
  22. 22. Sighing softly, after a long day of moving furniture out of the dorms and into various trucks, Tyson finally walked down the stairs for the last time. Ya know, starting a greek house will be kinda hard. But since you don’t have to spend money on furniture, and since you worked hard all year, you’ll have a decent amount of money to build the house.
  23. 23. And so, Annya Hoh was built. Or, at least Hoh. We couldn’t afford the Annya yet. Most of the furniture from the dorms was sold, since it was rather cluttered in the small house.
  24. 24. I just had to show you how pitiful the place looked before everything got organized. “This’ll take a few days.” “Yeah…”
  25. 25. Now, it was inevitable. Toga Partay! This will probably be the only time I take a walls down shot. This was only to show you the layout of the house. “Th-This is a rather interesting way to dress. It is a bed sheet.” Yes. Yes it is.
  26. 26. And, it was the first of many parties. Sports parties. Toga parties. Sports parties while wearing togas. Tyson finally got into socializing, and rolled the want to throw a party almost every day. As well as the wants to buy many fun objects. First is was the knowledge wanna-be, now we got a pleasure thing going here?
  27. 27. What happened to those two shy points? Not that Alan seems to mind.
  28. 28. It’s senior year, and Tyson finally raised enough money to add a fence, a second floor, and a few other expansions. She sold every bit of furniture, except for one easel and a chair. At that will be explained later. For now, a few other things are in order. We’ll need to find a placeholder for the greek house. And also….
  29. 29. “Alan Rochvitz, I know I don’t exactly fit the description of a perfect wife, or a normal human… but…. I really love you. Will you…. Marry me?” “Of course I will, ya dunce. And what makes you think you aren’t perfect?” After pulling her in a tight hug, Alan notices Tyson’s hips were shaking again, as well as a few happy whimpers coming from her. It was inevitable after all. She is still cursed.
  30. 30. Now, back to the placeholder issue. I’ve decided on Genesis Love, and for many good reasons. For one, she comes to every party we ever host, not to mention she’s the life of it. And two, she became almost instant friends with Tyson. She even accepted the news as normally as a Genesis could. By testing it was a ball and a game of fetch…er….catch.
  31. 31. I just love this girl, I think I chose the perfect placeholder. Who else loves pillow fights in the winter with a barking girl? Yes, Tyson’s curse finally took full affect. Although most people avoid her, she still has Genesis and Alan. And a few pillow feathers in her hair.
  32. 32. Three days before Tyson’s graduation, Genesis finally moved it, and received a quick makeover. I think she’s really cute, but then I was never famous for my sense of style… Now I can finally get a look at her stats, so to speak. She’s a knowledge sim, with the lifetime want to reach the top of the gamer career….Weird. Her turn ons are stink and custom hair, and she’s turned off by glasses. A weird girl, isn’t she? Her personality is 9:2:6:3:5 I find it hard to believe she’s shy….
  33. 33. She also has high creativity points, so I left it to her to paint the portrait of Tyson, a tradition that will be passed down. All who graduate from Annya Hoh will have their portrait forever hung along the walls. Tyson will be in the middle, being the founder of Coup De Beast and Annya Hoh.
  34. 34. “So, whaddya gonna do when ya move out?” Genesis, asked, sitting cross-legged on the floor despite the fact that it was a bad positino for people in skirts.” “I’m not sure. We’re getting married, and then we’ll probably have to move in a small house. Though I have a dream of buying Redbark.” “Whoa, you mean the expensive farm? Well, living in the country sounds awesome. When we get married, I’ll get a job too!”
  35. 35. “Well, that’s the problem… I can only have a job for so long.” Alan tilted his head, a look of confusion on his face. “How come? Oh… right. The legacy. You’ll hafta get started on kids. Man, rough. I’m kinda nervous about being a father. What if the kids don’t like me? What if I’m a bad parent? What if we get a girl!?”
  36. 36. “Oh hush, you’ll do fine. And what’s wrong with girls? I’ve always wanted one.” She quickly kissed him before he could answer, leaving Genesis on the floor with a dreamy look on her face. “So very romantic~”
  37. 37. Finally, it was time for Ty’s graduation. And of course, a big bash was in order. “So take care of the place, okay? And remember the rules. Don’t buy furniture. I want my kids to decorate the place.” “Got it! I’ll remain here, frozen in time in nothing to sleep on. Hah, kidding, I’ll be fine!”
  38. 38. “Mmmphh-mmrpppp~” “Mmm-hmmmpphhmmm~” How romantic, those two.
  39. 39. While Tyson went to serve more food, Alan fought off the cow before he could hassle Ty on her graduation. What a good fiancé.
  40. 40. Despite the barking, ‘tail wagging’ and the occasional fetching of the thrown plastic cups, the graduation party went pretty well. Finally she aged, in very bland clothes. This marks the end of this chapter, and Tyson’s college years. Now it’s time to start a family! Okay first, we change clothes. Then a family!
  41. 41. Over the years, Tyson managed to hide her curse, and make a few friends, as well as a fiancé. She made use of the old furniture in the now torn down dorms and built the greek house, Annya Hoh. Which now had the Annya. Now, all that can be said is goodbye to Gold Creek University, at least until it’s time for generation two to come.