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iON Case Studies IT for Small and Medium Business(SMB) ERP on Cloud


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A compilation of customer case studies

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iON Case Studies IT for Small and Medium Business(SMB) ERP on Cloud

  1. 1. Front-RunnersLeveraging value from innovative cloud based solutions
  2. 2. Front-RunnersLeveraging value from innovative cloud based solutions
  3. 3. Venguswamy Ramaswamy amyGlobal Head, Small and Medium Business edium
  4. 4. The need for IT in the Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) segment is growing. SMB is asegment that is characteristically different from large enterprises. The IT industry haswitnessed this market evolve into an attractive space for niche solutions in hardware andsoftware. Yet, the business needs in the SMB segment demand holistic partnership,knowledge, and domain expertise, in order to select the best-fit options that meetrequirements.This calls for a different service model, which assists the segment to address these needs. iON’sunique business model makes IT available in an integrated fashion on the Cloud. At TCS, ourrich experience in IT solutions and expertise in various industry segments, enable this bybringing the business solutions in an innovative utility model catering to the specific needs ofa SMB.The following are some examples of customers leveraging the value from iON. Join them.
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  6. 6. Prologue Voices of freedom Hassled by keeping track of multiple spread sheets Absence of data Multiple sites backup setup with no concise solution platformCalamities pose risk Investmentto your data safety You have at least in costly and unsuitable ERP five out of these IT investments ten problems consume your (if not, you don’t need us) Invested highly in bank overdraft IT personnel in spite of high attrition Not a single Ignorance on taxes IT vendor offering and compliance a comprehensive package Fed up of poor customer service As you flip the pages, cases of liberation tell you a new story. Make a choice.
  7. 7. ContentManufacturingNomarks needed IT without a blemish. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2A quick foray by UK multinational United Biscuits . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Contract manufacturer Rialto contracts out its IT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Interpump rotates its inventory in tune with demand . . . . . . . . . 8Manik can help make datacenters, without having one . . . . . . 10WellnessKaya facelifts clinics with centralized service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14Paris’ Jean Claude Beguine fashions a unique IT . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16Many eyes on your slimming report card at PrettiSlim . . . . . . . 18At b:blunt, the software too could cut fine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20EducationMany Schools – One Campus @ Ryan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24Bright minds sign in smooth @ Manavrachna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26karROX says “Hello World” to a cloud campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28RetailSame book, many shelves for Oxford Bookstore . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32Professional ServicesAn IT bench at the back office of Economic Laws Practice . . . . 36
  8. 8. Manufacturing
  9. 9. Client ExperienceOZ NENomarks needed IT without a blemishCase in point : Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd.The businessProfile : Drug maker, owns well known brands including NomarksProduct range : Predominantly into anti-biotic and nutritional supplements with a focus on cardiac and diabeticsOperations : Two state-of-art plants. Sixty distributors and resellers, 2000 plus field force agentsSituation Business issues Distribution Centers were not connected and demand often exceeded buffer stocks Reporting Manual sales reports led to inaccuracies Manufacturing Production schedules were not in sync with demand patterns IT roots n Many applications – in bits and pieces n No single enterprise dashboard n “Closed applications” did not include distributorsBottom line: A common IT platform with inter-connected departments
  10. 10. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareClean the backyard first n Manufacturing solution - Order to cashWhile many of the problems stemmed from disconnect with demand, cleaning up - Procure to payinternal controls and financials were given priority. This, in turn, gave better visibility of - Procurement planbusiness processes. - Production Plan - Plant ManagementInitially, the iON Finance & Accounting solution was rolled out, which proved beneficial - Distribution managementin outlining operating sites and defining their Chart of Accounts. Controls then hadbetter sanity. For instance, CFO could tell which site was holding most of the capital – n Finance & Accounting - Multi-site chart of accountseither in inventory or as an un-utilized overhead. - Financial statements - Approval workflows - TaxationPlug in the gaps – only with best practicesBetter visibility brought the key rationalization, when some of the operational gaps gotapparent. For instance, there were Purchase Orders lying unattended while productionwas already scheduled.The Manufacturing solution had several ways to handle this. While some of theprocesses in Ozone were standard, others were specific to the firm. Accordingly, the bestpractice in software was designed bringing a procurement plan before the PurchaseOrder, so that the Production Engineer could keep a close watch on it from his owndashboard.More businessOzone was undergoing a transformation of distribution model, wherein the distributors "iON enabled us to control ourwere organized in tiers so that demand could be better owned down the channels. This business more meaningfully, including our field operations.change was happening in phases and proved challenging for IT in the CRM support. Through the Field Force module,The resultant solution, however, was simple and tuned in a way to happen easily. For we have updated information on the day to day field operations,instance, a reseller could be promoted as distributors with a drag and drop, which would which helps us manage andchange his privileges seamlessly. strategize in a more focussed manner."To Summarize SC Sehgal Chairman and Managing Directorn Phased IT – “Pave and move on” Ozone Pharmaceutical Limitedn Incremental consumption of IT without capital investmentn No compromise with controls and visibilityn Employ best practices to avoid ambiguityn Boost sales with agile distribution channel 3
  11. 11. Client ExperienceA quick foray by UK multinational United BiscuitsCase in point : United Biscuits India (UB)The businessProfile : Multinational food brand, known for McVitiesProduct range : Biscuits for domestic and international marketsOperations : Factory base at Himachal Pradesh, IndiaSituation Business issues Operations setup Had to setup factory and distribution in a very short time Efficiency Operations were designed for tight cost control IT roots n Need to implement an ERP and Manufacturing system from scratch, as the factory was being setup n Heavy focus on cost demanded manufacturing system to coordinate closely with financial ERPBottom line: An operational setup from scratch, along with independent IT solution
  12. 12. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareBuild as grow literally n Manufacturing solution - Order to cashUB’s new state-of-art factory was setup in a few months and implementing the one-off - Procure to payERP within such a short span was risky. A failed ERP could have jeopardized the - Procurement planproduction when it was yet to be best tuned. - Production Plan - Plant ManagementiON started with a separate manufacturing system and financial suite which initially ranindependently. This helped the manufacturing part to be optimized first. UB achieved a n Finance & Accountingproduction system that was closely lined up with its orders. The procurement could n HRMShappen in tandem keeping inventory levels low. n PayrollCost intelligence brought inThe tuned manufacturing system was then connected to the Accounting system, whereUB controlled the cost using standard costing method. By this way, it statistically arrivedat the cost allocations, and then accounted for its variances. In fact, standard cost wasaccounted for in the financial reports and negative variance was shown up as expense.The manufacturing system posted each inventory movement to the balance sheet withvariances, clearly reflecting the processes could be tuned.To Summarizen IT as a Service helped in quick start upn Manufacturing was tuned at very early stages of operations “UB are very pleased to have iON providing infrastructure,n A connected Accounting system brought in cost visibility to daily operations applications and services for ourn UB is now considering the similar cost control across its distribution channels businesses here in India. It gives us great confidence to have an organization like TCS providing us the support that we need as we grow our business. It’s given us the flexibility we need to grow our business as and when we want to." Clifford Burroughs Group IS & Lean Director, United Biscuits, UK 5
  13. 13. Client ExperienceContract manufacturer Rialto contracts out its ITCase in point : Rialto Enterprise Ltd.The businessProfile : Toothbrush maker, manufactures for Gillette IndiaProduct range : OralB range as ordered by GilletteOperations : Three state-of-art factoriesSituation Business issues Procurement Supplies schedule was inconsitent Quality Raw material quality required stringent checks IT roots n Most problems were due to obsolete and disconnected pieces of software n Upgrading the software became a regular hassle with vendors shielding off from giving supportBottom line: Highly integrated IT solution with zero maintenance
  14. 14. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareThe “Pay as You Use” contract n Manufacturing solution - Order to cashRialto, the sophisticated maker of tooth brushes, was in no mood to brush up its old IT. - Procure to payHaving suffered through upgradation and maintenance, it finally decided a revamp. - Procurement plan - Production PlanHowever, some lessons went deep into their IT strategy – - Plant Management1. They would not maintain any software but still use it2. Engage a reliable vendor who is a consistent player n Finance & AccountingAnd, iON was a natural choice. n HRMS n Payroll n Smart Card Management“Build as You Grow” contract SystemHaving migrated to an IT as a Service model, Rialto found better ways to plan andprioritize its IT. A typical problem in adopting IT in piecemeal is that the systems are notwell connected.However, with the same vendor opening up its already-connected solutions, integrationwas a natural follow through. "Earlier we were using a largeToday, Rialto is using the iON Manufacturing solution integrated with the Finance and ERP application which had itsAccounting system. Payroll and HRMS solutions were also added later. own limitations & we were unable to access any information, instantly. iON, on the other hand provides a webTo Summarize based application which is easily accessible from any where & atn IT is a business problem by itself – when vendors don’t show up any time. The data can ben Rialto received highly integrated software covering all applications captured online, in no time & thisn Zero maintenance helps us to great extent in ourn They could scale up easily in users and more applications day to day operations. Last but not least, we are happyn Finally, when an unfortunate error occurs, they could simply call a toll-free with our decision to go with iON, number (24x7) amid fierce competition & it isn The resolution time was a contract itself! worth the money paid without us incurring any Capex. " Rajesh KJ Manager - Information Technology, Rialto 7
  15. 15. Client ExperienceInterpump rotates its inventory in tune with demandCase in point : Interpump Hydraulics India Pvt LtdThe businessProfile : Multinational manufacturer of automotive pumps operating in IndiaProduct range : Hydraulic pumps for small and heavy vehiclesOperations : Three state-of-art manufacturing plants with designs from Italy operationsSituation Business issues Forecasting sales Orders from large auto makers while auto market is fluctuating Inventory Inventory in excess due to broken link with demand Procurement Vendor quality is a continuous concern IT roots n Need for integrated manufacturing system n Regular sales, but lowering cost of inventory could improve profit n Demand, Production and Procurement to be seen as one connected cycleBottom line: Need for integrated manufacturing system
  16. 16. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareProduction linked to Demand n Manufacturing solution - Order to cashWhile Interpump had its regular customers, the seasonal nature of the auto market led - Procure to payto inventory excess. Hence, Interpump should have set scientific thumb rules for - Procurement planProduction. - Production Plan - Plant ManagementIdeally, the first step was to develop a sales forecast on historical sales and sales pipeline, - Distribution managementwhich could then be used to plan production. The Production Planning System of ourManufacturing solution scheduled jobs into set of operations. This added Bill of Material n Finance & Accounting - Multi-site chart of accounts(requirement of materials) in the planning process thereby helping to track in advance - Financial statementsspecific operations such as likely shortage and surplus in inventory in the system. - Approval workflows - TaxationProcurement linked to ProductionProcurement had two challenges - Procuring at the right time and Quality of rawmaterials.The Procurement module of the Manufacturing system could trace the productionoperations, which could then set a minimum and maximum inventory level for the rawmaterials. The same could then be floated as purchase orders to vendors.However, procurement had to deal with varying quality levels in supplies leading tohigh rejection levels which in turn affected production.Our Procurement module had inherent quality control processes. The GIN could capturedesired specifications and the acceptable range, while the Vendor Rating System kepttrack of supplier performance. This proved handy while choosing suppliers.To Summarize "The system developed by TCS isn Brought more sanity to demand forecast a vital management tool whichn Production schedules made in tune to changing demand helps us to function moren Inventory planned according to production levels efficiently."n Quality check brought under Procurement process Ramesh Jn Vendor rating helped in decisions making pertaining to procurement Managing Director, Interpump Hydraulics India Private Ltd 9
  17. 17. Client ExperienceManik can help make datacenters, without having oneCase in point : Manik Industries Ltd.The businessProfile : Specialized in sophisticated storage and interior design systemsProduct range : Civil and HVAC racks, closets, safesOperations : Operating in MumbaiSituation Business issues Engineering focus Focus on engineering and aims to reduce non-core activities Growing business Information system getting complex with large turnkey contracts IT roots n No intention to keep internal IT staff n Leverage IT but outsource IT maintenanceBottom line: Automated processes without holding any in-house software
  18. 18. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareNeed for integrated ERP n Manufacturing solution - Order to cashManik is anticipating rapid growth in business. They need an IT that would grow with - Procure to paytheir operations with increasing production sites and branches. - Procurement plan - Production PlanWith growing high-end offices in India, demand for engineering sophistication in - Plant Managementinterior design picked up. Manik, operating since 1970, felt the need to digitize its - Distribution managementsourcing and assembly processes into an ERP. However, it had a plan to use ERP softwarewithout keeping an IT staff internally. n Finance & Accounting - Multi-site chart of accounts - Financial statements - Approval workflowsHow did the iON Manufacturing solution help? - TaxationManik is a manufacturer as well as a distributor. Some of its products are also sourcedunder foreign partnership with a couple of globally known brands. They take orders for "TCS low cost web-basedstandard products and also undertake turnkey projects. Hence, their processes included solution, iON is similar to the Tataboth planned and custom assemblies, with sophisticated procurement. NANO concept. It significantly reduces IT costs & maintenanceOur Manufacturing solution became useful by way of: viz. no software to install, no hardware to purchase &n Keeping standard Bills of Material for regular products maintain, no upgradation !n Defining separate production plan and new Bills of Material for turnkeys Invariably, such decisionsn Managing import of ready-made products through the Purchase and Tax involving huge investments Management modules remain at the planning stage. TCS has made this technologyIn fact, Manik implemented all this without keeping any servers in house. That way IT as affordable & easily available.a Service proved “future-proof” for it. Businesses, organizations of all sizes are being attracted by the many advantages and economies that TCS web-basedTo Summarize ERP solution has to offer.n Growing business pressed upon the need for ERP The icing on the cake is then Focus on consulting with an intent to keep lightweight internal IT trusted name TATAn Flexible production process was achieved to suite turnkey orders CONSULTANCY SERVICES - the WEB-BASED Service Provider. " Kishin C Malik Managing Director, Manik Industries Limited 11
  19. 19. Wellness
  20. 20. Client Experience TM kaya skin clinicKaya facelifts clinics with centralized serviceCase in point : Kaya Skin ClinicThe businessProfile : Prominent brand of wellness clinic chain in India, Bangladesh and Middle EastProduct range : Skin specialties and alternative treatments with focus on beautyOperations : 100 plus clinicsSituation Business issues Maintaining Standards Growing number of clinics Choosy clients Manage busy clients and fulfill expectation of personalized services Merchandize Manage in-house product inventory IT roots n Decentralized IT n Administrative system not connected with appointments n Replenishing inventory by offline coordinationBottom line: Brand demands common standards and centralized system
  21. 21. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareIT Hub n Wellness ManagementBusinesses these days prefer to manage critical processes centrally. For businesses System - Appointment bookingrunning many outlets, maintaining quality becomes the main concern. To achieve this, - Appoint schedulingKaya had to first deploy a common system which would centralize clients servicing - Inventory managementprocesses directly. This would include training to the clinic staff and use of common - Point of Sale (PoS)apparatus for treatment. n CRMA centralized requisition system deployed enabled clinics to log in their requirement.The system provided the head office a dashboard giving details of status of daily n Workforce Managementdeployment activities.Knowing clients from miles awayWith inventory in order, the focus shifted to client relationships, wherein Kaya startedsharing new schemes and programs with its clients. Irrespective of the clinic location,Kaya is able to track the preferences of each client and share information on newschemes and programs with them. Using CRM Kaya could track how regular clients are responding to its new schemes andcampaigns. Client preferences and appointments captured on the dashboard wouldpermit the head office gauge, from miles away, customers’ response to services offeredby clinics. This, in turn, would help it centrally plan inventory and availability oftherapists in a better way, without clinics having to do so in isolation. “The iON Wellness Solution has helped us leverage technologyNo more queues to gain insights into hithertoWith a growing customer base, congestion in some of the clinics became a deterrent for hidden aspects of our business. We have already achievedbusy clients who would like to make appointments in advance and easily reschedule efficiencies in several businessthem without putting up with a long queue, which could now be managed centrally processes and have been able tothrough the appointment scheduling module. This, however, required stringent quality implement critical businesscontrols to avoid deviations. Appointments and preferences were tracked centrally, infrastructures. With more technology enablement on thewhile each clinic served those locally. way, we are excited aboutFurthermore, the solution was extended to mobile services wherein clients could share leveraging the Wellness Solutiontheir feedback on service consumed and products bought from Kaya. in the future.” Ajay PahwaTo Summarize Chief Executive Officer, Kaya Skin Clinicn Centralization for common qualityn Local processes tracked centrallyn Client treated in personalized way using CRMn Clients could provide quick feedback on the products and services through their mobile 15
  22. 22. Client ExperienceParis’ Jean Claude Beguine fashions a unique ITCase in point : Jean Claun Beguine IndiaThe businessProfile : Exquisite fashions from one of the best beauticians in the worldProduct range : Salon services treating each customer differentlyOperations : Five exquisite salons in Mumbai & one in Bangalore. Planning rapid expansionSituation Business issues Client exclusivity “Each customer deserves treatment unique to her” IT roots n IT has two parts (other than administration): 1. The simulators that would fancy different styles on the client 2. The analyzers that would keep updating profile of the client, as she keeps on visitingBottom line: Need supporting IT solution for highly personalized service.
  23. 23. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwarePersonalized treatment through analytics n Wellness solution - Appointment bookingDespite the simplicity in IT scope, Jean Claude Beguine had a sophisticated approach - Treatment managementwherein for every client they used simulators to show different styling options that - Inventory managementwould look good on her. Our role, however, was in the other part of this exclusive - Point of Sales (PoS)treatment. n CRMJean Claude Beguine would keep a profile of their clients, including history of n Business Analyticsbeauticians engaged and frequency of client visits.Our Wellness and CRM solutions helped Jean Claude Beguine in performing complexanalytics for a very personalized treatment. It also enabled the clients to get allotted totheir preferred stylist. And this is just a glimpse of how they used our IT as service.To Summarizen Exclusive and personalized treatmentn IT was a part of the differentiationn Wellness and CRM used for sophisticated analytics on clients 17
  24. 24. Client ExperienceMany eyes on your slimming report card at PrettiSlimCase in point : PrettiSlimThe businessProfile : Slimming and Wellness clinicProduct range : Fitness consultations, slimming coursesOperations : Clinic chainSituation Business issues Customer expectations Setting the right expectation with clients and meeting them Monitoring Monitoring progress personally and remotely IT roots n Clinics did not have centralized health monitoring system n Policies and prognosis based on population data did not instantly reflect in all its clinicsBottom line: Many clinics and similar patient problems needed centralized prognosis
  25. 25. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareTarget slimming – the scientific way n Wellness solution - Appointment bookingA client walking into PrettiSlim has high expectations. She would have given up on her - Treatment managementdiet and exercises, and would be looking at PrettiSlim with a new glimmer of hope. - Inventory management - Point of Sales (PoS)PrettiSlim manages slimming in a predictable, scientific and systematic approach. Thepatient is diagnosed on her health history and health parameters. Based on these, n CRMdoctors and therapists then decide on the target weight that needs to be lost. However, n Business Analyticssuch targets depend critically on demographic information collated from PrettiSlimclinics all over.Centralizing the report cardThe iON Wellness solution proved instrumental in solving this issue. Each patientsreport was shared online with the head office (HO). Researchers and analysts, sitting inthe HO, could see the aggregate of all patients across clinics. They could then raise analert on the patients not progressing as an average. This way our software helped withthe analytics.Communication between HO and clinics happened through workflow on a case to casebasis. For instance, if a patient would miss her therapy sessions too frequently, thetargets were revisited.To Summarizen The business excels when the right client expectations are set and metn This required a scientific and fact-based approachn HO played the important role of deploying policies by analyzing demographic datan HO could also monitor progress on a case to case basis for early prognosisn More specialists could be consolidated in the HO to support fewer at clinicsn Centralizing patient analytics made all the difference 19
  26. 26. Client ExperienceAt b:blunt, the software too could cut fineCase in point : b:bluntThe businessProfile : Premier salon and prominent lifestyle brandProduct range : Salon services offering wide range of styling for regular and special occasionsOperations : Salon chainSituation Business issues Direct styling Differentiated by mapping a client profile to the best styling fit Standardized Standardized styling, in apparatus, training and client counseling IT roots n A revisiting client should be treated as same n Assistance to styling - IT could bill the customer without wanting to know herBottom line: Standardized styling needed better analytics advice for clients to revisit
  27. 27. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareIt is not pick & choose, but being blunt n Wellness solution - Appointment bookingThe business is largely advisory where clients would walk into the salon with no idea - Service managementabout what style would suit them the best. Many-a-times, the stylist would need to - Inventory managementrecommend the style for the day. Clients loved this attitude and soon learnt to trust - Point of Sales (PoS)the salon. n CRMFor B’Blunt, this is a promise that depends on two things. One, training the stylists in the n Business Analyticsart of styling and counseling the clients. Two, there should be a mechanism of knowingthe client outside the stylist’s own skill and this is where our solution helped. n HRMS n Payroll“You haven’t tried the short steps for a while…how about today?”Our Wellness solution helped in tagging the appointment process with services. As andwhen the client books an appointment with the stylist, the stylist would see what ishis/her routine and accordingly, arrange for the requisite apparatus.This process carried some vital information that changed B Blunt’s way of operation.After an appointment, the stylist could retrieve the client’s profile details such as herpreferences, lifestyle, hair color shades she already tried and so on.So when the client walked in next time, the stylist already had a few ideas in mind.In fact, the software was little blunt too and it would, with little ambiguity, recommend "It has been a great pleasure working with the informative,what would be the next style to try on. helpful and professional TCS team from the moment we began our interactions. TheTo Summarize training has been first class andn Standardized but rich set of styles we look forward to making the most of the new system to helpn Service is highly advisory recommending the best styles to try on us grow our business. It isn The advisory mechanism largely relied on training to stylists fantastic that a small to mediumn The stylist had the software to tell a lot about the client size business like ours can availn The software could also recommend a style on its own the help and resources of such a huge company." Osh Bhabani Director, b:blunt 21
  28. 28. Education
  29. 29. Client ExperienceMany Schools – One Campus @ RyanCase in point : Ryan InternationalThe businessProfile : One of India’s largest education institutesProduct range : Predominantly International schoolsOperations : 110 schoolsSituation Business issues Aim To grow into thousand campuses, both physical and virtual Lifestyle demands Parents need to be attuned to their wards’ learning progress, despite being busy Approach of Administration Student wellbeing is the utmost responsibility IT roots n Each new campus meant more administration backlog at main office n IT focused only on inward administration (like fees tracking); but no IT-enabled education n Student supervision was manual through registers and report cardsBottom line: IT driven education and administration
  30. 30. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareMany schools – one IT campus n Campus management system - AdmissionsTraditional education had many campuses for the same school. Ryan had different vision – - Fees trackingthey knew that with IT, campuses would eventually be one, no matter how many schools - Curriculum managementthey run. Therefore the focus was to centralize the administration. - Student performance managementAccordingly, a new back-office was setup on our Campus Management Solution. This, in n Document Managementturn, helped not only in quickly rolling out new academic and fees collection schedules, Systembut also in tracking absenteeism and late fees issues. Maintaining books of accounts alsobecame trouble free with our solution provided. n Professional Virtual Community n CRMIncluding Parent into the extended campus n Finance & AccountingThe true goal of IT was to improve quality of education, in a way that would preserve thebrand despite expanding the scale. In schools, bringing working parents closer to campuswas a challenge. However, Ryan tacked this challenge with a different approach.The student’s 3600 view gives a snapshot of every facet of a student’s history withthe institution.Virtual campus, physical schoolsRyan did not intend to offer a fully online education to students, since schooling is acompetency learnt by being closer to students. It was in search of a solution which couldenable a fine mix of offline and online teaching. Hence, the virtual campus plan startedwith provocative question – can online classrooms have physical blackboards? "By implementing iON solutionsA few of the virtual campus facilities provided in the Campus Management Solution are we are able to put ourbeing tried experimentally to see how they gel with the current method of teaching. administrative processes in aVirtual classrooms, student blogging and wikis are positive trends in education. box, enabling us to replicate them easily and efficiently. ThisHowever, their viability needs to be checked to see if they complement with the offline has helped us in removingteaching methods without affecting the learning process. IT as a Service model helped variations, creating standardsin incremental deployment of virtual facilities, and included new practices with and benchmarks."student reaction. Ryan Pinto Chief Executive Officer, Ryan International Group of InstitutesTo Summarizen One IT campus for many schools simplified administrationn Digitise student performance managementn Parents brought closer to campus through online interactionn New forms of virtual education under continuous experiment 25
  31. 31. Client ExperienceBright minds sign in smooth @ ManavrachnaCase in point : MANAVRACHNA Vidyantariksha Private Limited (MRVPL)The businessProfile : University, Engineering and Dental College, Schools chain, Distance EducationProduct range : Provides Professional degree courses, short courses, distance coursesOperations : 11,920 studentsSituation Business issues Admission screening Thousands of students applying from many locations Enrollment Allocation of education facilities from the first day of enrollment Rapid faculty New niche courses being demanded and added IT roots n Mix of manual and computerized admissions n Campuses followed different systems, often due to different administrative processes n Disconnect between educational courses and campus facilitiesBottom line: Good education and industrial scale – at odds
  32. 32. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareUnified admission n Campus management system - Academics managementMRVPL had to screen thousands of applications in a few days across various locations at - Admissions managementdifferent timings. To ensure good quality screening it required a unified admission - Fee Managementprocess, irrespective of location and time. - Student and Faculty Self- ServiceThe iON online enrollment solution could easily be accessed by students from - Hostel Management Systemanywhere, even from a cyber cafe. They could authenticate themselves against standard - Transport Managementcriteria set by MRVPL. Our database service enabled MRVPL to apply complex - Library Management - Professional Virtualcalculations in a flexible manner to screen the good students. Community - Learning Management SystemNew age education - HRMS & Payroll - F&AThe students, in fact, had many options to choose from. They could opt for online - Purchase and Inventorycourses that engage an offline faculty or take up short term courses in between another - Online Assessmentscourse, one that would help the student get a quick job while he/she would study.Our Faculty Self Service application would source experts on very specialized subjects as "TCS has established strongsoon these become a part of the courses. In addition to providing teacher for each credentials for fool proof deliverysemester, the solution also simplified the fee management and administrative functions. of ICT Services. We chose the iON Solution developed by TCS consisting of 30 modules covering university processesTo Summarize including admission, feen Good education on an industrial scale collection, teaching learning processes, finance and accounts,n Campus built on cross cutting IT theme purchase and inventory, humann Students enrolled in masses, but screened one-on-one resource management system,n Student enrolled for simultaneous courses payroll management, transport,n Faculty and new courses tagged instantly hostel, library and other allied activities. iON is based upon cloud computing and is a fully secured application and hence, having high reliability. Implementation of ERP Solution has enriched the reach of data and subsequent analysis efficiently across all modules." Victor Gambhir Pro Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna International University 27
  33. 33. Client ExperiencekarROX says “Hello World” to a cloud campusCase in point : karROX Technologies Ltd.The businessProfile : IT education spread across India, Middle East and AfricaProduct range : IT training – both corporate trainings and coursesOperations : 95 locations with 250, 00 trained professionalsSituation Business issues Business Model Campus could be a university or a corporate office Area of Operation Centers sprawling worldwide Administration Maintaining infrastructure and quality standards across centers IT roots n No single administration software n Manual data led to tedious collation of important data (like student performance) n Administration (like labs facility) and education resources (like curriculum) were not in syncBottom line: Consistent administration across centers
  34. 34. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareEmpowering franchisees using CRM n Campus management system - AdmissionskarROX regularly invested in promotions to get inquiries from students and - Feesprofessionals. These inquiries were allotted to the centers based on the location and - Faculty networkfaculty. The exchange of information between karROX head office and franchisees - Lab/Classroom allocationbecame unmanageable as the number of centers grew. - Courseware management - InventoryOur CRM solution took over the task of taking online inquiries from students throughthe karROX portal. The CRM solution screened the inquiries with complex analytics to n CRMqualify students and customers and the resulting data was shared online with centers. n Finance & AccountingThis increased student turnout at franchisee centers. n HRMS n PayrollSetting campus administration in franchisees n Documents Management SystemWith a high turnout of students, karROX had to ensure that trainings follow a commonstandard. While the courses were centrally designed and faculty was developed locally,karRox had to ensure that all campuses adhered to common administration normsincluding lab infrastructure.We introduced Campus Management System, which acts like a digital campus, whereina center could track availability of lab and faculty online and also place orders forcourseware on diminishing inventory. This information was centrally monitored in head-office on a daily basis.To Summarizen CRM used to ease student applicationsn The applications were screened and sent to centers for enrollmentn Centers made to manage facilities consistentlyn Campus management system to digitize administration "Considering the complexity of our Business , the TCS team has been very supportive in implementing our requirements." Monica Doshi Chief Operating Officer, karROX Technologies Limited 29
  35. 35. Retail
  36. 36. Client ExperienceSame book, many shelves for Oxford BookstoreCase in point : Oxford BookstoreThe businessProfile : 80 years old book retailer with offline and online presence; usual choice of literati;Product range : Fine mix of popular books and rare ones, in the ambiance of a coffee shopOperations : Outlets in most metro citiesSituation Business issues Loyalty management Loyalty program was limited to redeeming points at stores Supply chain Goal to reduce shipping time by 50% Demand Dynamic store arrangement to promote seasonal topics IT roots n Absence of the loyalty processing gateway n Online store and offline store used different applications connected by day end process n Books database in stores inventory had little information of seasonal and topic trendsBottom line: New business mode, to integrate offline and online stores.
  37. 37. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareChanging loyalty system into a merchandize n Retail - Store inventoryWhile the loyalty points systems allowed customers to redeem points to buy books, its managementtrue potential lies in making points work like currency just as some airliners have done. - Point of Sale (PoS) - Warehouse managementWe rolled out Gems – a loyalty points gateway that helped broadened the customer - Multi-channelbase of Oxford Bookstore. Many organizations rewarded employees with Oxford Gemsthat would then get redeemed with books sold at The online n Reward and recognitionstore then would deliver books through supply chain packing and shipping in hours. system n Online presenceUnlike many popular online sellers, Oxford Bookstore’s online channel was built as anextension of its physical stores with a conscious strategy to provide its online customers n Shopping Cart with paymentthe same flavor of collection. In retail, this is called as Multi-channeling. gateway n ProcurementThis meant that the supply chain driving the books stores would be the same as theonline shop. The stores inventory manager had to plan the store in a way to ensure thatdemand from both the channels are met. The iON Store Inventory Management,designed for multi-channeling, provided a solution for this requirement of Oxfordbook stores.Oxford bookstore could see the benefit. For instance, a book lying on the shelf forseveral days was one day actually sold online!To Summarizen IT was availed of as business service – Loyalty gatewayn The loyalty solution helped in synergies across many firmsn Retail software was inherently multi-channeln Supply chain got simple with one piece IT "TCS is not our implementation partner but our business partner. TCS solution helps us providing a unique integrated online-offline retail solution to our customers". Subhasish Saha Chief Technology Officer, Apeejay Surrendra Group 33
  38. 38. Professional Services
  39. 39. Client ExperienceELP ADVOCATES& SOLICITORSAn IT bench at the back office of Economic Laws PracticeCase in point : Economic Laws PracticeThe businessProfile : Law firm into advisory and litigationsPractice areas : Direct and indirect taxes, anti-trust, international trade & WTOOperations : Four officesSituation Business issues Fees management Tracking timings and billing of its consultants Consultation Tracking case-cycle -resources, citations and hearings Client confidence Timely sharing and processing artifacts IT roots n No single software to cover case lifecycle n Users did not have automated access to shared artifact, no notification systemBottom line: Clients and practitioners wrapped in stacked folders; took hours to trace
  40. 40. The IT as a Service way Relevant part of the softwareBack-office modernized n Professional services solutionIronically, a lawyer’s office looks most elegant when there are files and folders stacked in n Workflowthe back-wall. Those would hold all the assets, from client cases to history of citations. n Document managementYet, those secured folders become the main bottleneck for modern practitioners like ELP. systemTheir profession is changing in form with the internet. Digitizing back-office was the n Finance & Accountingfirst step.A document management system (DMS) was deployed to keep each case, either asforms or scanned documents. It had tagged information about client profiles, court ofjurisdiction, hearing stages, and practitioners who handled the case. DMS folders, unlikethe physical ones, could be searched like Google.Electronic documents were then flown into processesBut how could a practitioner know when the next hearing is?The matter management module allowed ELP to plan out their case hearings using theevent calendar. It also enabled creation of cases, and captures all related informationabout the case. In addition all planning for the case including creation of tasks,allocation of resources, tagging related expenses, enter time sheets could be done.And when the hearing was over, overall bill including the practitioner’s fees andexpenses incurred could be generated.It also gave a single-enterprise view of critical information of time and expensesenabling the monitoring of operations more closely.To Summarize "We at ELP have been able ton Practitioner could switch across cases, within minutes standardize our business processes, leading to increase inn Searchable artifacts, organized within and across cases productivity, effective trackingn Notifications on pending actions and managing of our matters,n Better visibility and proactive information sharing time utilization & expenses." Suhail Nathani Partner, Economic Laws Practice 37
  41. 41. Why iONiON provides comprehensive solutions that address varied IT requirements. From network to ERP, iON is offered as a singleservice, in a pay-per-use model, allowing you to leverage the solution’s true potential. iON ensures integration of allprocesses along with ease of use.iON promises: A pay-as-you-use modeln High performance in normal broadband; This model eliminates capital investment as we provide the IT infrastructure and software on rent. You pay as youn Stringent security and data privacy ; use and only for the number of users who actually use then Guaranteed availability (99 per cent uptime); software. The rent is charged monthly. Typically, the cumulative rental for three years is equal to the capitaln Disaster recovery; cost of acquiring similar or lesser software with one-timen Reduced need for IT staff. payment. Usually, the ROI exceeds rental within three months, when best practices are well followed. The rentaliON, therefore, manages your processes while you use the includes maintenance and training, with no hidden You gain from:Integrated solutions Personalised solutionsWe ensure that all your solutions are connected. For Although this is a cloud service, the software isexample, if you are using a CRM along with an ERP, and configurable to each business. You will always get thehave a document management system to organise your flavour of your own business by picking and choosingfiles, we ensure that these solutions are connected and what processes you would as one. So for you, it is simply IT and not applications. Automatic upgradesIncreased agility We continuously invest in our solutions to ensure bestWe bring in the agility to keep pace with changing practices. We enrich the software based on user feedbackprocesses or a new line of business. We help you configure and business and statutory changes. We ensure thethe processes to work differently or simply choose new upgrade without disrupting the user.practices recommended by the software. Our activationsystem flags on best practices while the system is running.As you pick and choose, we give you more options tochoose from.
  42. 42. About iONiON is Tata Consultancy Services’ strategic unit for Small and Medium Business. iON providesend - to - end business solutions to the SMB segment, the growth engine of the economy. iONcaters to the needs of multiple industry segments with best practices gained through TCS’ globalexperience, domestic market reach, skills, know-how and delivery capabilities.For more information, visit us at www.tcsion.comContactTo know more about iONToll Free Number 1800 209 6030Email ion.salessupport@tcs.comAbout Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS)Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization thatdelivers real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCSoffers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled infrastructure, engineering andassurance services. This is delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery ModelTM,recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata Group,India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has a global footprint and is listed on the NationalStock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India.For more information, visit us at www.tcs.comIT ServicesBusiness SolutionsOutsourcingAll content / information present here is the exclusive property of Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS). The content / information containedhere is correct at the time of publishing. No material from here may be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted,posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from TCS. Unauthorized use of the content / information appearing here mayviolate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws, and could result in criminal or civil penalties.Copyright © 2011 Tata Consultancy Services Limited