Cloud computing 1


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A Brief Presentation On Cloud Computing..!! =)

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Cloud computing 1

  1. 1. Techno- Nitish Sinha
  2. 2. What is Cloud Computing?Massive computing resources, deployed among virtual datacenters,dynamically allocated to specific users and tasks and accessed as aservice via an user interface (UI), such as a web browser.The physical cloud resources may reside in a number of locations, the details of whichare not typically known to the service’s users.Cloud resources are offered as a service on an as needed basis. The cloud itselftypically consists of large numbers of commodity-grade servers, harnessed to deliverhighly scalable and reliable on-demand services.
  3. 3. Cloud PlatformCombing the Advantages of Cloud and Enterprise Security Private/Public/Hybrid Clouds Secure End-to-end (storage, network, meta-data) internet/intranet/storage Customizable for verticals By application or SOA – financial, media, healthcare By customer – strategic/tactical By case – e.g. SLA customized to ROI Turn-Key & Automated Management
  4. 4. Why Cloud Computing?
  5. 5. Cloud Features & Benefits for Enterprises Highly virtualized and  Simplified, more efficient IT and standardized infrastructures application management Massive scalability  Deliver more applications to large number of users Fault tolerant & highly reliable  Excellent service quality Intra- & Inter-cloud load balance  Higher utilization at reduced cost Instant application deployment  Time-to-market
  6. 6. Cloud Features & Benefits for Users Highly virtualized and  No need to install or update SW standardized infrastructures or HW; access from any browser Massive scalability  Unlimited use Fault tolerant & highly reliable  Always on Intra- & Inter-cloud load balance  Access from anywhere Instant application deployment  Many services to choose from
  7. 7. Cloud TechnologiesTechnology Key Feature What’s MissingGrid Computing Job scheduling across many machines Difficult to administer; Lacks broad applicability of cloud computingVirtualization Virtual machines decouple OS from Fail to fundamentally solve scale hardware and reliabilityIaaS Infrastructure-as-a-Service Computational infrastructure available Lacks security , vertical solutions, for rentSaaS Software-as-a-Service Application availability through the SaaS is an application on the cloud cloud, not a cloud by itselfUtility Computing Packaged computing, application, and Describes a business model, not a storage sold as a service technology or architecture
  8. 8. Secure Cloud Platform
  9. 9. Cloud Computing Alliance Collaborative Partnership Leaders from Key Verticals Showcase to the World Secure Cloud Platform Instant Application Deployment
  10. 10. Enterprise Cloud Management• Delivers enterprise- grade data-center management• On-demand• Scale to millions• From any web browser
  11. 11. Cloud Application Platform• Cloud application platform addresses the complex challenges of building, deploying and managing a wide variety of applications and services for both public and private clouds.• Delivers:• Transparent Scalability• Application-level fault tolerance• Build-in enterprise-grade end- to-end security• Automated management to new and existing applications
  12. 12. THANK YOU