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Re-Shaping Your Customer’s Experience through Mobile – What’s Now & Next

Discusses the current and emerging mobile trends that are re-defining how marketers need to shape their customer's experience, especially with Messengers and Chatbots

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Re-Shaping Your Customer’s Experience through Mobile – What’s Now & Next

  1. 1. Re-Shaping Your Customer’s Experience Through Mobile What’s Now & What’s Next Michelle Batten @iMediaMichelle 19, September 2016
  2. 2. Let’s start the conversation… ◌ What’s Driving Mobile Now ◌ Recognizing Mobile Moments ◌ What’s Driving Mobile Next ◌ Challenges & Opportunities ◌ Starting Points
  3. 3. What’s Driving Mobile Now – More Productivity Expectations Sources: 2015 Internet Trends Report by Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers; US Consumer Device Preference Report, 2015 by Movable Ink; 2015 Consumers in the Micro Moments Study by Google
  4. 4. What’s Driving Mobile Now – Video Dominates People spent 40% more time watching video on their desktops when it was raining 50% of their viewership comes from mobile However, when the weather was lovely and sunny, viewers watched 6x more video content on their mobile devices 36% percent of consumers use their phones at least daily to watch video that’s five minutes or longer Sources: 2016 Ericson Mobility Report; RCR Wireless, July 2016
  5. 5. But Are We Recognizing Our Customer’s Mobile Moments?
  6. 6. Mobile Moments in Travel – Journey Map Dream Shop Book Pre-Travel Travel Post- Travel ◌ Flight Check-In ◌ Terminal Maps ◌ Flight Status ◌ Seat Selection ◌ Disruption Rebooking ◌ Luggage Tracking ◌ Destination Directions ◌ Traffic Conditions ◌ Ground Transport Options ◌ Hotel Check-In ◌ Room Key ◌ Room Service ◌ What’s Near Me ◌ What’s Happening ◌ What Can I Buy ◌ Share Photos / Videos ◌ Killing Time ◌ Keeping Up ◌ How Was My Trip Ratings & Reviews ◌ Loyalty Program Status ◌ Where Can I Go Next ◌ Payment ◌ Itinerary Confirmation ◌ Share Itinerary with Others ◌ Pre-Trip Advisory ◌ Destination Weather ◌ Packing List ◌ While I’m Away Notifications ◌ What Should I Do Conversations ◌ Who Can I Meet Conversations ◌ Last Minute Offers ◌ Upgrade Status ◌ Fare Alerts ◌ Seasonal Event Alerts ◌ Vacation Deal Alerts ◌ Destination Blogs & Videos ◌ Where Should I Go Conversations ◌ Fare Search & Comparison ◌ Room Search & Comparison ◌ Last Minute Deal Alerts ◌ Flight, Room and Destination Ratings & Reviews ◌ Hold Reservations Mobile Apps geared towards Frequent Users / Loyalists Mobile Web geared towards Intermittent Users / Generalists
  7. 7. Mobile Moments in Travel – Successes Creating Mobile-Only Incentives & Perks Creating Contextual Feature UtilityCurating Relevant Partner Content
  8. 8. Mobile Moments in Travel – Still More Work To Do In addition to getting the basics right, the industry now is moving towards enabling critical exception scenarios at scale
  9. 9. Mobile Moments in Insurance – Journey Map Assess Shop Buy Pre- Incident Incident Post- Incident Potential Opportunities to Consider Beyond the Basics: ◌ Tie Health App data to quote estimate for cheaper rate now or when reaching a certain goal ◌ Preventative Appt scheduling bonus ◌ See offers from related nutrition, fitness and other wellness providers ◌ Upload or Parse E-mail Receipts to create home property inventory ◌ Access Safety & Disaster Preparedness checklists and see offers from related product / service vendors ◌ Curate traffic accident and weather pattern data to send alert notifications of places to avoid / alternative routes ◌ Tune-up / inspection scheduling bonus & reminders ◌ Use Facebook Check-In in disaster recovery (agent and to F&F + employer) ◌ New Addition Calculators (Child, Elderly Parent) ◌ Child / Elderly Parent Geofencing Safety Monitor & Alert
  10. 10. What’s Driving Mobile Next – Smart Watches & VR Smart Watches will increasingly deliver data, customer service and commerce in micro format Improved camera features will take the complexity out of producing higher-quality images and video
  11. 11. What’s Driving Mobile Next – Messengers & Chatbots Sources: Global Web Index Q4 2015, July 1, 2016 Facebook Blog Post by David Marcus, VP Messaging Products 11K bots created in Facebook Messenger as of July 2016 Shopping and customer service moving into the next digital frontier - Chatbots
  12. 12. Mobile is becoming more Multi Dimensional 24/7 Social Micro Data Visual Increasingly Sentient
  13. 13. Next-Gen Mobile Challenges & Opportunities…
  14. 14. Challenge 1 – Turns Out, Messenger Bots Have a Learning Curve Short on Natural Language Processing – need to build their human vocabulary and reasoning skills Limited menu selection and incomplete process – need to get their commerce wings
  15. 15. Opportunity 1 – Create Brand Ambassador Messenger Bots Act as an extension of the real-life agent’s knowledge and personal interaction style to accelerate shopping and service Act as an agent’s assistant to curate most important customer incidents, patterns for personal attention and follow-up Consumer Experience Agent Experience
  16. 16. Challenge 2 – Brands Must Become More Nomadic From full branded destination websites, microsites, landing pages and apps that you control To distributed brand experiences inside of other platforms
  17. 17. Opportunity 2 – Tap into Always On Focus Group Dynamic SentimentLoc-Based Engagement Patterns Visualized Problem Solving Contextual Trials
  18. 18. 3 Ways to Get Started 1 2 3 Create Your Customer Journey Map Using a Pure Mobile Lens ◌ Run the basics AND the exception use cases ◌ Identify gaps & address quick wins NOW, make list of sticky value-adds Explore Messengerized Customer Service & Commerce ◌ Run the basics AND the exception use cases with your agents ◌ Create a Roadmap and incremental testing plan Define Your Mobilized Brand Experience ◌ Assess your current and future mobile footprint across platforms ◌ Design for the Nomadic side of your brand
  19. 19. Mobilize Your CXE Let’s continue the conversation… iMediaMichelle