Shabir Zenga on The Need - The Experience at ad:tech Bangalore


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Shabir Zenga on The Need - The Experience at ad:tech Bangalore

  1. 1. freedom Is here…ConfidentialProperty of Zenga Media Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Zenga – Dancing with the Cloud
  3. 3. The NEED – The EXPERIENCE
  4. 4. Zenga’s reason to move to the Cloud..– 6 B2C Services – Unified Platform • Zenga TV • CMS • CrickZenga • Integrated Platform for WEB, THE NEED • Tweeter Mobile MOBILE, DTH and IPTV • Facebook • App Store / Store Front • Zenga Mail
  5. 5. The SPIKE..Zenga Official Global MOBILErights owner for IPL 2009TODAY:22 Million Users350+ Million Video Views a monthOnly Profit Making company in this space Confidential - Zenga Media
  6. 6. Some of our Clients & Partners…The Ever Demanding Clients.. A GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE..
  7. 7. Need of the Day.. • More Servers • More Resources • More Space• More Redundancy• More Failure Points• Delivery Deadlines
  8. 8. Hunt for a solution.. No Moisture in the Clouds of India..
  9. 9. The Discovery.. The Solution..The Peace of Mind..
  10. 10. Future of Cloud Powered Marketing The Shift.. Confidential - Zenga
  11. 11. New Marketing Mediums…o WEB o Social Media o Online Serviceso Mobile o WAP Services o App Serviceso IP Based o VOD on Broadcast TV o Record and Play
  12. 12. For everything you have an APP today… o Entertainment o Music & Videos o Games o Social Media o Office o Health o Childrens o Product Info o Govt & Politics
  13. 13. The Opportunity… The Reach..950 Mill Mobile + 80 Mill Desktops + 150 Mill TV
  14. 14. How the market is changing…• From hand full of BIG Brands driving media To the hands of a mass of developers who are making innovative apps across industries.• From just the print , TV mediums of advertising and reach To Many industry & genre specific services with targeted eyeballs• From an assumption based Measurement To a Accurate minable data driven future• From a market where spend was done based on human gut calls basic info To a analytics driven and ROI driven spend• From a yearly planned marketing execution To On Spot intelligence based Automated Marketing• From Push based To Pull based marketing• From Appointment Viewing To Video On Demand• Spamming through SMS and Emails will be HISTORY Confidential - Zenga Media
  15. 15. A Marketers wish LIST… The Challenge.. Wish List  Challenge  Contextual  BIG DATA TO CRUNCH  Targeted  REALTIME ANALYTICS  Location Based  NO TIME TO REACT  Instant Conversion  SCALABILITY  Tracking  HIGH PRICE  Follow up  WHERE TO STORE  Engagement  ROI- High Impact  ROI  Fail LATE - Learn LATE  Fail Fast - Learn Fast CLOUD SOLVES ALL THE PROBLEMS AT FRACTION OF THE COST THE WISH LIST IS A REALITY Confidential - Zenga Media
  16. 16. Zenga is Enjoying Every Moment… Thank You