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Post Show Report - iMedia Brand Summit, Goa '11

  1. 1. POST SHOW REPORT 21-23 SEPT, 2011 GRAND HYATT, GOAiMedia Brand Summit made its smashing debut in India, at Grand Hyatt, Goa from 21st to 23rd Sept 11 !iMedia Summits have been in existence since 2001 & have played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between buyers& sellers in the online industry by constantly meeting the challenges faced by them in the ever expandingmarketing environment. stThe 1 Brand Summit in Goa, India witnessed a gathering of 112 senior industry professionals which consisted of54 buyers (Brand Marketers/CMOs) & 58 sellers (service providers, publishers, agencies). The theme of the summit roviders,was Embracing Digital - Opportunities & Challenges in Building Brands in India. The summit was a dynamiccombination of session content featuring 30+ top-level speakers and numerous opportunities for networkingbetween marketers and solution providers in an exclusive, invitation-only environment..Based upon the registration data this report features insights on the type of attendees at the event along withdetails of the event: 1. Buyer Profile (Brand Marketers/CMOs) Brand 1.1 Delegate Industry Categorization - 19% of the buyers were from the BFSI and Consumer Durable sector respectively and this is followed by 10% from E Commerce and Telecom respectively. 6% BFSI 19% Business Consulting 10% Consumer Durables E Commerce 8% 6% FMCG Healthcare 4% IT 8% Entertainment & Media 19% Publisher 4% Telecom 6% 10% Others
  2. 2. POST SHOW REPORT 21-23 SEPT, 2011 GRAND HYATT, GOA 1.2 Digital Media Spends under Buyers control – 42% of buyers control digital budgets up to 5 Cr. each, ia f with 11% of these buyers controlling 20+ Cr. worth of digital media budgets. % 32% Upto 5 Cr. 42% 5 - 20 Cr. 20+ Cr. Not Specified 11% 15%2. Seller Profile (Service Providers, Publishers, Agencies) A 2.1 Delegate Company Type – 22% of the sellers were from Digital Agencies and Publishers respectively, while 26% of the sellers were from Ad networks wherein 14% came from Mobile Ad Networks. Ad Agency Ad Network 15% 22% Digital Agency E Commerce 12% Entertainment 14% Freelancer Market Intellegence 22% & Analytics 9% Mobile Ad Network 2% 2% 2% Publisher
  3. 3. POST SHOW REPORT 21-23 SEPT, 2011 GRAND HYATT, GOA CoverageThe summit was covered by media si and the attendees expressed their experience via blog and tweets, below sitesis the summary of the event coverage:28/09/2011 by iMedia Connection India networking-at-its-best.html28/09/2011 by Krishnan Chatterjee, VP & Head of Global Marketing - HCL Technologies Ltd. by Pradeep Gupta, Asst. General Manager Public Relations - SBI by Sunil Punjabi, Chief Revenue Officer – NetworkPlay Tweet Speak …
  4. 4. POST SHOW REPORT 21-23 SEPT, 2011 GRAND HYATT, GOAA Special Thanks to all our sponsors for making the 1st iMedia Brand Summit in India a grand Success
  5. 5. POST SHOW REPORT 21-23 SEPT, 2011 GRAND HYATT, GOAHow was your experience at the 1st iMedia Brand Summit in India? …“I am honored to be a part of the digital revolution that the summit created, this has been an excellentinteraction and I hope to make at least 4-5 major business decision from now on. 45What’s more important is the outlook of us traditional marketers has been changed in these 3 days, Ihave heard this from other too. I predict that in 5yr at least 50% of TV spends will move to the net andmobile.” - Vineet Trakroo - CMO - Usha International“The “launch” event, this was spot on, on several counts and the quality ofconversation and debate was certainly something that would draw us back toparticipate in the next edition. Look forward to more such events soon.” Siddarth soon.”-SiddarthCorreya- Regional Head Advertising Sales - West & South – Navteq“ iMedia Brand Summit Goa was indeed a great event & I loved the fact that I was able to be a part of thefirst ever iMedia Summit in India.” Jignesh Shah – VP-Marketing - Paras Pharma India.”-“I must confess, I was not familiar with this event platform - but my interest waspiqued to discover that it was bringing together 60 marketers with 60 members ofdigital agencies. For HCL Technologies - operating as we are in 30 countries -economics limits media choices; the high relevance of digital on the media menu itscard allowed me to take time out to attend. The learning was valuable - though I stillneed to process it to convert it to value for my business.”- Krishnan Chatterjee - VP business.”& Head of Global Marketing - HCL Technologies Ltd. “A note of thanks to the team for giving us this opportunity. Through this summit, I must mention we are in advanced stages of talks with multiple companies in under a week to sign them up. Phones are ringing and mails are being exchanged. Looks like the tipping point is here to take the leap and Network ls Play enabled the platform. My best wishes go out to everyone at Network Play. This is the beginning of a long association to come.” Priya Jayaraman - Co-Founder and Business Director - Propaganda India come.”-
  6. 6. POST SHOW REPORT 21-23 SEPT, 2011 GRAND HYATT, GOA Attendees of the 1st iMedia Brand Summit in Goa, India Follow us for more details about iMedia Summits in IndiaFacebook - India/182759485103537 Twitter -!/imediaindia