Amit Baid on DelightCircle at ad:tech Bangalore


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Amit Baid on DelightCircle at ad:tech Bangalore

  1. 1. DelightCircle
  2. 2. What is DelightCircle? DelightCircle is a smartphone/web/sms based app that allows consumers to engage with their favorite brands, check out offers and new product arrivals, discover what is nearby and get rewarded for simply walking into the stores No more Push based marketing, we enable Pull and Intent based marketing based on geo-fencing (location) and interest graph of the consumer We have offers, new arrivals and loyalty cards from 200+ brands and 10,000+ stores across the country.
  3. 3. Value Proposition to Retailers/Brands Create your community of shoppers and brand advocates  Redefine who your most important customers are: Value = Recent purchase + social influence  Recognize word of mouth, reward promoters and monitor detractors In store marketing  The best place to market to the customer is while they are in the store. But today retailers don’t even know if the customer has walked into the store. DelightCircle makes it possible to do instore marketing NO push based/junk marketing Reach to the consumer with the Right offer at the Right place and at the right time (location and intent based through our powerful CRM backend)
  4. 4. DelightCircle - A complete PlatformFree Consumer Mobile Apps:Smartphone app– android and blackberry and IphoneWeb app, SMS based app and WAP app for non-smartphone usersAd network We have built an inventory of advertisers and have developed API’s to allowpublishers to access our inventory of advertismentsRetailer – Merchant Portal:A cloud based marketing software/ CRM with built in analytics which allows retailersto segment their customer base and create relevant offers, new arrivals, engagementscenario etc. Retailers also get a real time dashboard and analyticsInstore marketing ( indoor geo-fencing)A technology that allows us to accurately determine the location of the user in thestore. We either place a small device in the store or integrate our technology with themusic system in the store.
  5. 5. DelightCircle – Smartphone AppDownload free app fromGoogle Play (for android phones)- Search for DelightCircle in app storesIphone – Search for DelightCircle in app stores Blackberry – Search for DelightCircle in appworld ( blackberry’s app store)Windows – coming soon Symbian – coming soon J2Me – coming soonYou can also download the app from our website
  6. 6. DelightCircle – WebsiteCheck out our website
  7. 7. DelightCircle – Marketing Platform for Merchant We have a cloud based marketing platform for merchants that is FREE and provides  Analytics/Insights  Real time monitoring  Campaign Management/Targeted Marketing  Geo-fencing  Instore Marketing  Dashboard  Customer data management Large retailers, brands and agencies will use our platform in conjunction with existing CRM/Marketing software SMB retailers can use this as a full-fledge CRM and the best part is that it is FREE.
  8. 8. Excited – Want to be a part of DelightCircle
  9. 9. Contact us for Demo or further informationEmail me