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Tony Henderson (Microsoft) @ CMC TV in the cloud & On demand


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De presentatie die Tony Henderson (Microsoft) gaf over het project 'Help the lions roar' (o.a. app, second screen) tijdens het Cross Media Café TV in the Cloud & On Demand op dinsdag 26 november 2013. Meer info:

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Tony Henderson (Microsoft) @ CMC TV in the cloud & On demand

  1. 1. © Sequence 2013 Helping the Lions Roar with Microsoft Win8 & WP8 February 2013
  2. 2. Challenges faced Reach out to armchair fans and ‘on tour’ fans Cut through & advocacy Don’t alienate ‘big event’ fans Real time integration for live fixtures Consideratio n to all agegroups Consume data from external systems Multiplatform
  3. 3. Working for the Lions & sponsors Driving awareness of the ‘Lions’ brand and the tour to Australia Driving traffic to the official Lions online store, motivating purchase (tour tickets, packages & merchandise) Sponsor ownership of app sections /sponsored exclusive content Full integration of sponsors activations & campaigns ‘Microsoft ‘Ads in Apps’ packages providing Lions sponsors rich opportunity to maximize activation campaigns Links to partner products/shops
  4. 4. The Approach
  5. 5. The Approach Pre –> During –> Post We aim to engage the audience through all phases of the Lions touring year. • • • • • • • • Creating excitement & buzz during the build up to the tour Capture the imagination and passion of new and existing Rugby fans Engage the British & Irish nations to get behind the Lions Stay up to date with all things Lions Exclusive behind the scenes content 2nd Screen Experience Live Match updates/Enhancing the game experience Create a legacy that continues long after the tour is finished.
  6. 6. TV Goes Social The rise of 2nd screen technology. Why people do this? • • • • • • • • Connect with other viewers Seek additional information Integrate with or Influence content Analyse and discuss content further with like minded users The desire to share experiences Accessing Social Media Companion TV Activity Searching / Finding Information/ Registration/shopping
  7. 7. TV Goes Social 78% of Tablet owners use their tablet while watching TV 80% of Smartphone owners use their smartphones while watching TV 38% of people are likely to post about sport while watching 62% of people use social networks while watching TV on a weekly basis 42% of tablet owners said they have looked up information about a programme they are watching on a daily basis 30 million consumers watch television content via their mobile phones
  8. 8. 05 The Application
  9. 9. Solution Architecture
  10. 10. Future Phases & Legacy
  11. 11. Future Phases & Legacy
  12. 12. Future Phases & Legacy