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Samuel Westberg (LiveLikeVR) Amazing Monday Sports & VR


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Samuel Westberg, Director of Sales, LivelikeVR. Paris-based LiveLikeVR offers the world’s first virtual reality platform to watch live sports with friends. LiveLike enables teams and sports broadcasters to reach socially-connected viewers through the emerging medium of virtual reality and is used amongst others by Fox for their Sports VR app.

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Samuel Westberg (LiveLikeVR) Amazing Monday Sports & VR

  1. 1. Samuel Westberg Sales Director - EMEA
  2. 2. Product Overview The ultimate fan experience 02VRDays - Amsterdam LiveLike delivers the best live sports viewing experience in VR - with or without a headset
  3. 3. Melding the best of all realities Technology that is optimized to reach every user and revolutionize how they experience sports 03VRDays - Amsterdam • Maintain HD Broadcaster Quality • Social VR Viewing with Multi-Player • Second Screen Features• That feeling you get when you are at the stadium
  4. 4. How to make Sports VR a business Champion the prototype then scale 04VRDays - Amsterdam • Commit to the Live Sports Market • Avoid Past Mistakes• Create ROI Opportunities
  5. 5. • More Rights Sold • New Experiences for Fans• Internationalisation Key interests for sports Evolve with the world’s best sports organizations 05VRDays - Amsterdam
  6. 6. Thank You