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Sam Feldt (Fangage) @ CMC Muziek & Innovatie


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Sam Feldt, ofwel Sammy Renders, vertelt over het platform Fangage dat hij heeft opgezet om beter in contact te kunnen komen met zijn fanbase.

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Sam Feldt (Fangage) @ CMC Muziek & Innovatie

  1. 1. Analyze, Engage & Monetize your fanbase
  2. 2. Analyze your fanbase Engage your fanbase Monetize your fanbase
  3. 3. Analyze • Where are your fans based? • Who are your most engaged or influential fans? • What social media platforms do they use? • Beautiful and easy to read fan analytics the concept
  4. 4. Engage • Personally engage your fans • Communicate with your fans on the platforms they use and love the most • Engage by e-mail, text or Facebook messenger the concept
  5. 5. Monetize • Connecting your fans with brands and products that YOU love and use yourself • Create the perfect link between you, your fans and your favorite products the concept
  6. 6. The case Heartfeldt For the fans Exclusive content For the artist Valuable fan data
  7. 7. Heartfeldt • An exclusive content portal for fans • Connect with Sam Feldt and his Heartfeldt brand • Boosting fan engagement and building a fan database the case
  8. 8. For the fans Heartfeldt case • Fans connect with a social media profile of their choice Login
  9. 9. For the fans Heartfeldt case • Fans complete their profile by chatting to the artist in an intuitive wizard Complete your profile
  10. 10. For the fans Heartfeldt case • Based on the profile completion of the fan • Encouraging fans to reach 100% profile completion Unlock content
  11. 11. For the artist Heartfeldt case • View statistics, easily manage your content and engage your fans from your portal dashboard Your own dashboard
  12. 12. For the artist Heartfeldt case • All the insights you need, when you need them Insights on all of your fans
  13. 13. For the artist Heartfeldt case • Know who your fans are, where they are based, and how to engage them Detailed info on all or your fans
  14. 14. For the artist Heartfeldt case • Select the fans matching specific criteria and engage them by email, text message, Facebook Messenger and other platforms Segmentate and engage
  15. 15. Questions?