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MFW12: Dirk deRoos (IBM)


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MFW12: Dirk deRoos (IBM)

  1. 1. Big Data and SocietyDirk deRoosIBM World Wide Technical Sales, IBM Big Data @Dirk_deRoos © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Agenda • What is Big Data? • What will our ability to analyze Big Data lead to? • What should we do to prepare?2 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. What is Big Data?Stories and Definitions © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Harnessing the Largest Predictive Focus Group in the World Purpose • Understand public sentiment towards an event: movie trailers • Deeply understand the potential customer profile: gender, occupation, intent to watch • Alter marketing launch plans based on insight Background • 1.1 Billion Tweets analyzed • 5.7 Million blogs/forum posts • 3.5 million messages • Also: Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr4 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Media & Entertainment Social Media Analytics5 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Asian telco reduces billing costs and improves customer satisfaction Real-time mediation and analysis of 6B CDRs per day Data processing time reduced from 12 hrs to 1 sec Hardware cost reduced to 1/8th Proactively address issues (e.g. dropped calls) impacting customer satisfaction6 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Pacific Northwest Smart GridDemonstration ProjectCapabilities: Stream Computing – real-time control system Deep Analytics Appliance – analyze massive data setsDemonstrates scalability from 100to 500K homes while retaining 10years’ historical dataAccommodates ad hoc analysis of pricefluctuation, energy consumption profiles,risk, fraud detection, grid health, etc. 7 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Watson’s advanced analytic capabilities can sort through the equivalent of8 200 MILLION pages of data to uncover an answer in 3 SECONDS.Corporation © 2012 IBM
  9. 9. The Jeopardy! Challenge – Question Answering Solution Broad/Open $200 $1000 Domain If youre standing, its The first person the direction you should mentioned by name in ‘The Man in the Iron look to check out the Complex wainscoting. Mask’ is this hero of a previous book by the Language same author. High Precision $2000 $600 Of the 4 countries in the In cell division, mitosis Accurate world that the U.S. does splits the nucleus & not have diplomatic Confidence cytokinesis splits this relations with, the one liquid cushioning the that’s farthest north nucleus High Speed9 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Brief History of IBM Watson IBM Jeopardy! Watson Watson Watson Research Grand for for Financial Industry Project Challenge Healthcare Services Solutions (2006 – ) (Feb 2011) (Aug 2011 –) (Mar 2012 – ) (2012 – ) Cross-industry Expansion Applications Commercialization Demonstration From inspiration and invention, through innovation and R&D industrialization, ending with industry transformation.10 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. IBM Watson brings together a set of transformationaltechnologies to drive optimized outcomes 2 Generates and evaluates hypothesis for1 Understands better outcomes natural 99% language and 60% 10% human speech 3 Adapts and Learns from …built on a massively parallel user selections probabilistic evidence-based and responses architecture optimized for POWER711 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Healthcare industry is beset with some of the most complexinformation challenges we collectively face Medical information is doubling every 5 years, much of which is unstructured 81% of physicians report spending 5 hours or less per month reading medical journals “Medicine has become too complex (and only) about 20% of the knowledge clinicians use today is evidence-base.” Steven Shapiro, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, UPMC12 Source: International Journal of Circumpolar Health, © 2012 IBM Corporation, Institute for Medicine"
  13. 13. IBM and Seton Health put Ready for Watson to work • Proactively target care management that reduces re-admission of congestive heart failure patients • Improve patient quality of life, reduce cost and mortality rates • Analyze unstructured data (e.g., physician notes) and provide an integrated view of clinical and operational information • Analysis revealed: – 18 top indicators determined – 2 key re-admission factors13 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Traditional Approach New Approach Structured, analytical, logical Creative, holistic thought, intuition Data Hadoop Warehouse Streams Web Logs Transaction Data Social Data Internal App Data Structured Unstructured Enterprise Repeatable Integration Exploratory Text Data: emails Mainframe Data Linear Iterative Sensor data: images ERP data Traditional New RFID Sources Sources14 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. 1TB = 1000GB = 108 DVD movies 1PB = 1000TB = 108,000 DVD movies 4.6 30 billion RFID billion tags today camera 12+ TBs (1.3B in 2005) phones of tweet data world every day wide 100s of millions of GPS data every day? TBs of enabled devices sold annually 25+ TBs of 2+ log data billion every day people on the 76 million smart Web by meters in 2009… end 2011 200M by 201415 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. The Big Data OpportunityExtracting insight from an immense volume, variety and velocity of data, in context, beyond what was previously possible. 16 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. What can you do with Big Data? Financial Services Utilities • Fraud detection • Weather analysis • 360° View of the Customer • Smart grid management Transportation IT • Logistics optimization • System Log Analysis • Traffic congestion • Cybersecurity Health & Life Sciences Retail • Epidemic early warning • 360° View of the • ICU monitoring Customer • Real-time promotions Telecommunications Law Enforcement • Geomapping / marketing • Multimodal surveillance • Network monitoring • Cyber security detection17 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Why Didn’t We Use All of the Big Data Before? 18 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. What will our ability to Analyze Big Datalead to?Changes in Media, Changes in Mentality © 2012 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Rise of the Data Scientist Role in Organizations • What is a Data Scientist? •Statistics expert •Text analytics expert •Data integration expert •Someone who specializes in exploring data in new ways, looking for value • This will become a normal role in organizations20 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. More Information will be Accessible to More People • Large organizations will not be able to control the world’s data •Not about WikiLeaks •Many information gathering sources • More People will be able to Perform Deep Analysis •Data Scientist skills and tools will increasingly be available at a lower cost • Cloud technology • Lower cost, higher capacity hardware21 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. Analytics has Evolved from Business Initiative toBusiness Imperative Analytically sophisticated companies outperform their competition Respondents who say analytics Organizations achieving creates a competitive advantage a competitive advantage with analytics are2010 37% 57% increase 2.2x more likely to substantially outperform2011 58% their industry peers Source: The New Intelligent Enterprise, a joint MIT Sloan Management Review and IBM Institute of Business Value analytics22 research partnership. Copyright © Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2011 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. Accelerated Pace of Change23 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Volatility in Media Usage24 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. Changes in Societal View of Privacy • Privacy is a social construction •Changed through history • Growing acceptance of individual and aggregate monitoring •69% of Americans store personal data in the cloud. (Pew Internet, 2008) •85% of Americans own a cell phone. (Pew Internet, 2011)25 Source: Pew Internet, 2008, 2011) © 2012 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. What Should We Do?Watch, Think, Legislate © 2012 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. Quest for Governance of Big Data • Businesses seek maximum capitalization of Big Data •Retail • Increased tracking of customer behavior •Telco/Internet • Individual profiling based on personal browsing or calling history • Rights restrictions for digital media – pay per use • Governments seek maximum well-being of society through Big Data •Security • Everything can be monitored •Health care • Centralize all records • Genomic data • Individuals seek protection from having their data used against them27 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. Impact of Technological Change is Unpredictable28 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. As Changes Occur, Society Must React • What kind of world do we want? •Opportunity for business profits •Greater good of society •Rights of individual / freedom • Constant forces •Markets will always strive for efficiency •Technological changes are always coming • Balance priorities29 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  30. 30. 30 © 2012 IBM Corporation