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Kristof Dehaen (AbsoluteRadio) @ CMC 2012


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De presentatie die Kristof Dehaen gaf over Absolute Radio tijdens het Cross Media Café Radio 2012. Zie

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Kristof Dehaen (AbsoluteRadio) @ CMC 2012

  1. 1. Redefining radioConnectedTV Case Absolute RadioKristof Dehaen+31
  2. 2. Absolute Radio is one of the UKs three Independent National Radio stations.The station rebranded to its current name at 7:45 am on 29 September 2008TSA: This radio station broadcast to a total survey area of 52,352,000 adults (aged 15+).Reach: It was listened to by 1,763,000 people (3.0%) each week.Hours: Each listener tuned in for 7.5 hours per week - a total of 13,148,000.Share: In its area, it had a 1.3% market share. Audience data for March 2012 to June 2012
  3. 3. “ We’re committed to redefining radio for listeners and advertisers and maximising the opportunity of the internet for radio in a digital age. We want more of our listeners to hear a better, more personalised and free listening experience, while helping advertisers to target their messaging more accurately via InStream technology. “
  4. 4. Connected TVUsing a Smart TV for consumer engagement
  5. 5. SmartTV Visual
  6. 6. Convergence App Convergence App = WiFi Connected ‘Dual Screen’
  7. 7. Connected TV - First Screen Second Screenopportunities with real-time graphics
  8. 8. / – Clive DickensKristof Dehaen+31