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I Had a Dream


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Dare to Dream a Big Dream!
Move in its Direction
Actualize it by using iMA to Connect with those who will want to share your dream.
That's what we did!
Here's the rest of the story.

On June 19th 2005 my wife Elaine and I stood on an old German bunker that looked out over the 14 acres that we had just purchased near the town of Aheloy on Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast very close to World Heritage city of Old Nessebar,and the crystal sandy beaches of Sunny Beach.
Our plan was to build the Vineyards Resort and we were committed to making it a model for others to follow.
We Believed that we could do it
Construction started in June of 2006.
The plan was to construct a gated community of 224 apartments, 35 villas, and a five-star hotel that would be second to none,and an iMA training complex ( iMAplex)

Both Elaine and I are High Yellows we Believed in our abilities and that we could persuade others to share in our dream by buying these apartments and villas offplan.
We also Believed in High Red George's ability to build something Spectacular.
Each step along the way beginning with the architectural drawings the dream became more clear,more real.
From the very early days I kept the picture in my mind of families of all ages relaxing and having fun and enjoying themselves by the 2 magnificient pools at the Vineyards.
That picture is now complete with the final phase of the Hotel Spa and iMA training complex open on June 24th 2013!

Its true ....You to can make it happen, but You Gotta Believe!!
The Vineyards is the physical manifestation of the Power of iMA it simply would not have been possible without it.
This is where we will be holding many of our team building events,clan gatherings,and I will be training Accredited iMA Practitioners!

Come See Us!
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and oh yes, I'm a High Yellow what colour are you?
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I Had a Dream

  1. 1. I Had a Dream
  2. 2. To build a fabulous resort complex on the Black Sea 300 Apartments…35 Villas… Luxury Hotel Spa and iMA Training Complex ( iMAplex)
  3. 3. Caused It to HappenCaused It to Happen I Shared my Dream with OthersI Shared my Dream with Others
  4. 4. Through my eyes
  5. 5. Whatever you can do or Dream you can begin it, boldness has genius, power, and magic in it” Goethe
  6. 6. Identify and Dare to Dream a Big Dream Move in it’s Direction Actualise it using iMA !
  7. 7. To find out how you to can share my dream! click here: