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How to Use your Mind to Create Flow.


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What is Flow?

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ( pronounced " Me-hi Chicksent--me-hiee") calls Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

Flow is identical to the feeling of being in the zone. It is the optimal state of being totally immersed in doing activities that you love.

You receive your greatest rewards and everything is easier when you are in "Flow"

It is the pathway to greater meaning and happiness.
You are the the most Positive,Energised, and Aligned to the task at hand.
You reach your Peak Performance
Time seems to stand still
It keeps you excited
Empowers you to produce extraordinary results.

Your Mind is the Connecting Link to Flow

You are an irresistible magnet with the power to attract whatever you wish.

You attract whatever you radiate.You attract whatever you mentally choose and accept.

Begin choosing and mentally accepting the highest and best in life!

The following affirmations are directed at helping you get in the right mental attitude to induce your "Flow"
I hope you find this meaningful

All the best

James Knight

Slideshare auto transcribed each slide of my slideshow into text and I know it does not read properly yet, it cannot be edited at this time.
If you would like more information about how the universal language of iMA can give you a renewed understanding of how you fit into your world,your relationships with other people and how to Connect with them Ask your Accredited iMA Practitioner.
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How to Use your Mind to Create Flow.

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  2. 2. Success exists for mmee.. II hhaavvee tthhee rriigghhtt ttoo iitt..
  3. 3. To the best of my ability and knowledge. II aamm ppeerrffoorrmmiinngg mmyy ddeessttiinnyy hheerree oonn eeaarrtthh..
  4. 4. I express life the good life iinn aa ffuullll aanndd wwhhoolleessoommee wwaayy..
  5. 5. I greet each new day wwiitthh ccoouurraaggee aanndd uunnddeerrssttaannddiinngg..
  6. 6. The Perfect Plan of my life nnooww uunnffoollddss sstteepp--bbyy--sstteepp..
  7. 7. I happily recognize each phase ooff iitt,, aacccceepptt iitt iinn mmyy pprreesseenntt aanndd ffuuttuurree,, aanndd lleett iitt sshhooww mmee hhooww ttoo mmaakkee tthhee mmoosstt ooff mmyy lliiffee..
  8. 8. I'm not confined to the wwaayyss aanndd mmeetthhooddss ooff tthhee ppaasstt..
  9. 9. I am now shown new ways of living aanndd nneeww mmeetthhooddss ooff wwoorrkk..
  10. 10. I am now activated by the power within me into tthhee ppeerrffeecctt wwoorrkk,, wwhhiicchh II ppeerrffoorrmm iinn aa ppeerrffeecctt wwaayy,, rreennddeerriinngg mmee ppeerrffeecctt ssaattiissffaaccttiioonn aanndd ppeerrffeecctt ppaayy
  11. 11. I attract and accept the perfect plan ffoorr mmyy lliiffee tthhaatt nnooww ttaakkeess sshhaappee iinn ddeeffiinniittee ccoonnccrreettee eexxppeerriieenncceess..
  12. 12. I am now experiencing perfect health, prosperity, aanndd ccoommpplleettee aanndd uutttteerr hhaappppiinneessss!!
  13. 13. iMA is universal Flow generating language · RReeaapp yyoouurr ggrreeaatteesstt rreewwaarrddss · GGiivveess yyoouu eenneerrggyy · KKeeeeppss yyoouu eexxcciitteedd · EEmmppoowweerrss yyoouu ttoo pprroodduuccee eexxttrraaoorrddiinnaarryy rreessuullttss FFllooww mmaakkeess yyoouu ffeeeell aalliivvee aanndd rreeccoonnnneeccttss yyoouu ttoo yyoouurr wwoorrlldd.. TToo ffiinndd oouutt mmoorree cclliicckk hheerree! hhttttppss::////wwwwww..lliinnkkeeddiinn..ccoomm//ppuullssee//aarrttiiccllee//2200114400992233115555882277-1155884466552266-iitt-ss-aabboouutt-