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How to Use your Mind for Financial Security


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Emerson teaches us that through our thoughts we hold the key to every situation and can make ourselves what we wish.

Beliefs are neither right or wrong.
They are just beliefs that were programmed into us by well meaning parents and teachers.
Positive self programming can erase and replace the faulty thinking that you may hold that is acting as a barrier to your realising a life of richness and abundance.
Realise that You are an irrestible magnet and through your thoughts have the power to attract whatever it is that you want.
You attract whatever it is that you radiate. You attract whatever it is that you mentally choose and accept.Begin choosing and mentally accepting the highest and best for yourself and your family.

Your potential wealth, health and happiness is within you and waiting to be radiated outwardly into the world as healthy, wealthy, happy thoughts, feelings, expectations and desires that in turn attract the type of lifethat you choose to live.

I hope you find this slideshare helpful in changing your inner dialogue and the way you talk to yourself.

All the best

James Knight
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