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Product Offering: Carrier Mobile Marketing Solutions & Services


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Product Offering: Carrier Mobile Marketing Solutions & Services

  1. 1. Integrated Cross-Channel MarketingSolutions & Services for Wireless CarriersRetaining customers and improving customer satisfactionand service, along with increasing customer acquisition andbase line ARPU are fundamental business and marketingneeds for wireless carriers today. Reaching and engagingthem through the myriad number of customer touch pointshas become a challenge. iLoop Mobile solves thesechallenges for wireless carriers with solutions and servicesthat integrate traditional and digital marketing with themost powerful consumer engagement channel today— Mobile SMS Clubthe mobile channel. Until the end of this month, we’re offering the iPhone 4 with aiLoop Mobile offers SMS, MMS, mobile sites and other mobile club discountmobile initiatives that answer key carrier marketing needs: MMS of 10%. Available at all stores, offer ends 12/31/11. Show• Contract customer loyalty & retention this code 4r9384. Mobile Sites• Product and service awareness• Direct marketing campaigns & upgrade sales• Improve customer service and reduce support costs• Increase new customer acquisition SMSCustomer Retention Campaigns Campaign Strategy and ExecutionAs with any business, customer retention is a critical focusfor wireless carriers. iLoop Mobile has years of experience Every customer at some stage is due to make arunning very successful retention campaigns for wireless decision to re-contract—yet each one has personalcarriers around the world. preferences when choosing a handset and contract package. The re-contracting process should leave a customer with a real sense of personal attention.“Through our mobile campaigns we have been able iLoop Mobile applies careful planning and campaignto grow our upgrades figure 50% year-on-year, and strategy when developing direct mobile marketingwe currently have a 33% hit rate on our mobile campaigns, or when integrating a mobile call to actionadvertising campaigns, which is significantly higher in other marketing channels, to maximize personalthan trends with other mediums. I can confirm that relevance in customer interaction.we have seen a significant increase in subscriber up-grades via our mobile programs developed with these Through strategic planning, the use of our platform for mobile messaging, together with a comprehensivesolutions and services.” mobile website experience, we have been able to effectively retain millions of mobile customers,Dee Nel increase ARPU and made a measurable difference inNational Executive Head, Call Center Operations Vodacom reducing customer churn. For rich media like MMS, video and mobile site downloads, content is delivered in handset specific formats to ensure the best possibleCombining effective direct marketing strategies that user experience and campaign results.integrate the entire suite of iLoop Mobile’s marketingsolutions and services, we have provided carriers with thebest possible marketing results that retain contract iLoop Mobile Contact: sales@iloopmobile.comcustomers. Our messaging platforms have been installed tel: +1 (408) 907-3360with carriers worldwide and include technology to deploybulk SMS, MMS and USSD campaigns.
  2. 2. SMS Alerts & MarketingSMS is is the ideal reach channel for mobile marketing because of its very high handset anduse penetration across all consumer demographics. It’s high open and conversion rates fitperfectly with direct marketing campaigns. It integrates easily in cross-channel marketing bysimply inserting a keyword/short code call to action in any traditional or digital media. More Mobile SMS Clubsophisticated SMS campaings involving segemented CRM-based messaging and LBS can Until the end of this month, we’re offeringadd even higher effectiveness to your customer acquisition, loyalty, retention and promos. the iPhone 4 with a mobile club discount • Alerts and loyalty groups of 10%. Available at all stores, offer ends • Coupons with POS redemption and tracking 12/31/11. Show • Sweepstakes and instant win this code 4r9384. • CRM integration for segmented group messaging • LBS for location aware, segmented messaging • Customer service messaging and surveysMMS MarketingAs part of a multi-channel offering , MMS offers theadvantages of SMS with the added dimension of rich Vodacom Multi-Channel Case Studymedia as part of your message. MMS makes your Objective: Customer retention and incentivize upgrades.messaging more compelling with video, images,animation and more. For direct marketing, MMS can • Mobile portal for upgrade status, eligibility and applicationdeliver coupons and offers with bar codes that are easily • Multi-channel promotion for upgrades in traditional media,scanned at retail POS. Lower your operation costs with MMS, SMS and mobile banner adsmobile billing, statements and payments. Engage yourcustomers with rich media for product promotions, Results:as well as providing content from entertainment and • 90,332 site hitssports partners. • 1 million page views • 11 page views per visitorWe deliver animated and video messages at rates of up • 42,278 short code requeststo 1000 messages per second. It enables live events to • 10,031 upgrade requestsbe pushed via MMS to handsets—goals scored in a • 21% conversion ratefootball match are distributed in virtually real time. We • 600% increase uptake for Vodacomhave successfully delivered over 1 billion MMS Business Customersmessages and over 5 billion mobile ads to our clients.Mobile SitesKey to a multi-channel strategy is a carrier’s mobile site where Web-based content, marketing, interactivity andcustomer service is available anytime, anywhere. Our retention campaigns are centered around the value a mobile sitedelivers in the upgrade process. Users can even be given the opportunity to apply for an upgrade directly from theirphones. We have designed and developed a mobile upgrade portal where subscribers can view details pertaining totheir current contract status, upgrade possiblity and what handsets they qualify for. The entire process, from the MMSto the mobile site landing page is a personalized one. Click to call also allows direct orders to call centers. About iLoop Mobile iLoop Mobile is market leader worldwide in mobile marketing services and solutions for wire- less carriers and brand owners. iLoop Mobile provides wireless carriers with a scalable, secure, affordable and high speed solution that enhances their existing infrastructure. Since 2004 we have worked with carriers to increase customer retention, reduce churn, build loyalty and improve ARPU. We have worked extensively with wireless carriers to grow the market for value added subscriber services and to build sustainable revenue streams in the mobile phone sector. We have launched and managed thousands of campaigns for our clients, including high volume, interactive campaigns across multiple channels. We have established offices in San Jose, London, Sydney, Seoul, Singapore and Mexico City to support our international customers.