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Following a recent webinar on how MMS improves and transforms customers’ relationship and engagement into a rich media experience, we are sharing the deck presentation. Feel free to test the MMS demos and share with others.

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Product: iLoop Mobile MMS

  1. 1. Multi-Media Messaging (MMS) MarketingConfidential & ProprietaryThis document contains proprietary and confidential information of iLoop Mobile, and may be used only in accordance with a written agreement between iLoop Mobileand the recipient. No portion of this document may be reproduced, republished or distributed to any third party without the express written permission of iLoop Mobile.
  2. 2. iLoop Mobile MMS Solutions & Services• MMS solutions for mobile coupons, mobile billing/statements/payments, rich media delivery• Programs for customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction, as well as video/content delivery for publishers and media companies• Experience of delivering over 500+ million MMS worldwide and launched thousands of campaigns• Unsurpassed technology, campaign creative, marketing knowledge, list management to achieve client and vertical specific marketing and business goals• Carrier grade infrastructure with device detection for optimized performance• Direct Tier 1 carrier connections worldwide• Comprehensive QR and Microsoft Tag To trydemos: integration for opt-in Text STARBUCKS to 53626 Text SWIMSUIT to 53626• Dynamic campaign adjustments—MMS destination (site, video etc.) can be changed anytime during the campaign• Deployment around the world• Pre-configured MMS campaign solution packs available
  3. 3. Why MMS? Immediacy.Because of its interactivity, MMS videos • vs email: on averageincrease user interest and boost direct emails are read within 48response rates as compared to text. Its also hours—text messages arethe perfect way to showcase to yourcustomers that your business is on top of the read within 4 minuteslatest technologies. • vs postal mail: days vs minutes for MMS • vs Radio & TV: weeks to months of production and scheduling vs hours or minutes • vs Social media: immediate but fleeting as messaging slides through twitter streams or across pages—MMS messages stay on the phone until erased
  4. 4. Why MMS? Engagement.Personalized MMS—Send unique, • vs email—300% increasecustomized MMS messages to customers so in opens for sms vsit has the most impact. Make each recipient email, between 60%-70%feel special! of email messages are blocked by corporate spam filters • Performance—branded campaigns have seen as high as 50% CTR and 40% lift in purchase intent • ROI—1000%+ on a branded campaign Source: CTR Rebook campaign, Mogreet archive; Lift GMC campaign, Mobile Marketer Nov 2010; ROI BMW campaign 3G Dating Agency blog, DMA 2010 Response Rate Trend Report
  5. 5. Why MMS? High Response Rate.Interactive MMS—MMS creates a more • Ability to respond directlyinteractive and emotional appeal on mobile from a message—click todevices compared to SMS through elements call, click to web, directof sound, animation, images and video. MMScreates a state-of-the-art mobile experience POS redemption, directwith powerful visual branding possibilities. product fulfillment, reply MMS or reply SMS • It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. (Source:
  6. 6. Why MMS? There’s More. • Cost savings in call center, postal, printing, cas h handling, marketing cost, coupon redemption, packaging, lab or, staff, digital fulfillment • Expedited cash flow • Interactive • Two way communication • Measurability • Delivery 100% (Source: (Source:
  7. 7. Integrated Marketing CampaignsTraditional• Email & New Media • MMS Use new media to enhance, empower, and • In Store• Radio • SMS create leverage. • Web• Print • Mobile sites  Increase Conversion • Social• TV • Applications  Direct consumer touch points in • Outdoor TV, Radio, Print, In Store
  8. 8. MMS Influence on Marketing Objectives • Awareness&Perception • Consideration • Purchase Intent • Conversion • Loyalty • Purchase Loyalty BuildingValued Customers • Push out offers• $$$ • Daily reminders• Conversion • Geo-location (stores)• Advocacy • Check ins • Share with Community • RewardsCustomer Management• Mobile Database• Existing Database Brand Engagement •Mobile Site • AppLead Cultivation• Media• TV, Radio, Print, In-store, Email•Short codes on Media to opt-in subscribers
  9. 9. Multi-Channel Case Study: VodacomVodacom Retention Program ―We have been able to grow ourObjective: upgrades figure 50% year on year and we currently have a 33% hit rate on ourCustomer retention and incentivize handset upgrades mobile advertising campaigns, which iswhen eligible significantly higher than trends with other mediums.Strategy: I can confirm that we have seen aLeverage the ease of mobile for campaign objectives with significant increase in subscriber upgrades via these MMS programs.‖benefit of decreased call center traffic Dee Nel National Executive Head: Call CenterTactics: Operations Vodacom• Mobile portal to view upgrade status/eligibility and apply for upgrades• Utilize multiple marketing channels to promote the upgrades and the mobile portal including TV, print, radio, MMS, SMS and mobile banner ads• Each MMS that is delivered features a short code that users can SMS to and receive a direct link to the mobile site. Once activated, the link allows tracking of the users who access the site and measurement of exact interest.
  10. 10. Multi-Channel Case Study: VodacomMeasuring ResultsThe initial MMS campaign created buzz around the giveaway, with moreinformation available onthe mobile site once accessed. Vodacom Use Case Page MobiSite SMS Reciept to Site Page Views Shortcode Upgrade Upgrade Action Hits Views Per Requests Requests Conversion Person VC Upgrade 90,331 1,028,398 11 47,278 10,031 21% Trackable, measurable, Campaign can enhance traditional campaigns Mobile programs need Users who received 600% growth upgrade options no defined goals and month over month action, 79% parameters. These metrics Users who upgraded, are used to determine the 21% ROI and relative success of the program.The same upgrade procedure was followed with the Vodacom Businessbase—high end users with a large contract spend and low uptake onupgrades. Over a single month, the MMS with call-to-action to the mobilesite resulted in a 600% increase in uptake. Full MMA Case Study: south-africas-mobile-upgrade-portal-multimedia-solutions
  11. 11. Vodacom MMS Video VC Upgrade – MMS Example
  12. 12. MMS Demos: Customer Acquisition TMZ & XBOX: Incentive Ian Poulter: Endorsement Sprite: Viral, Referrals Acquisition
  13. 13. Acquisition Demo Using IncentiveTo try demo: Text DEMOxBox to 53626 1. Co-Branded Intro ImageIncentiveSign up for TMZ andget the xBoxoffer 2. Sponsor MentionBrand sponsorshipwithin engaging news orentertainment content 3. Videowith incentive offers News Contentvalued by viewers 4. Co-Branded final image
  14. 14. Acquisition Demo Using Product InformationTo try Demo: Text DemoIAN to 53626 1. Branded Intro Image 2. ThemeInformation IntroCelebrity endorsementof productAcquire new customers with 3. Endorsementcelebrity endorsement, anddrive traffic to branddestinations for messagingopt-in and preference/profilecapture 4. Motto 5. For more
  15. 15. Acquisition Demo Using ReferralTo try demo: Text ViralCall to 53626 1. Intro ImageReferral and ViralSend a messageto your friends 2. VideoIntegrate mobile sitesand other mobileinteractivity for crosschannel marketing withMMS. 3. “Call”Increase awarenessand engage newregistered or opt-inusers to build your 4. Call to actioncustomer database.
  16. 16. MMS Demos: Customer Retention Bing: Promotion Starbucks: Rewards Starwood: Loyalty Retention
  17. 17. Retention Demo Using PromotionTo try demo: Text DemoBINGto 53626 Immediacy Engagement Response 4. New Promotion Engage with your customers with MMS videos. Include immediate, actionable choices like click to call, mobile site lead forms, or payment gateways for quick response.
  18. 18. Retention Demo Using RewardsMicrosoft TAG DemoSnap the TAG to explore Live Demo! Scan this Tag…RewardsMicrosoft Tag opt-into coupon rewards MOBILE COUPONS!
  19. 19. Retention Demo Using LoyaltyTo try demo: Text Starpoints to 53626 1. Custom Intro with loyalty pointsLoyaltyCustomer loyaltystatementsExtend post transactionengagement with yourloyal customersenhancing your brand 2. Videoawareness ormessage. 3. Offer
  20. 20. Thanks, we’d be glad to answer any questions and schedule ademo of the iLoopMobile’s solutions and