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PR: Full MMS Support, 3/07/2011


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iLoop Mobile Broadens Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS) Support for Brands and Marketers

iLoop Mobile expands MMS rich media messaging for brands, retailers and media companies enhancing consumer mobile marketing experiences.

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PR: Full MMS Support, 3/07/2011

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASEiLoop Mobile Broadens Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS) Support for Brands and MarketersiLoop Mobile expands MMS rich media messaging for brands, retailers and media companies enhancingconsumer mobile marketing experiences.San Jose, CA—March 7, 2011—Leading mobile marketing provider iLoop Mobile has expanded deployment ofMMS (MM7) messaging for rich media mobile content delivery including images, video, graphics, audio and othermulti-media content, accessing three of the largest U.S. carriers.“We are excited about this important mobile marketing channel because iLoop Mobile is committed to providinginnovative and compelling ways to reach consumers and audiences,” shares Melissa Chyba, vice presidentservices at iLoop Mobile. “iLoop Mobile now makes MMS available on the Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and AllTel carriernetworks, with support for T-Mobile coming soon.”MMS has been available to mobile users in the past, but was primarily restricted to person-to-personcommunication. According to ComScore Mobilens (Dec 2011), almost 40% of U.S. mobile phone subscribers arenow actively using MMS capabilities to send pictures on their phone.With iLoop Mobile’s MMS capabilities, marketers now have access to an additional mobile channel that offersmass adoption. While SMS still has larger adoption overall and serves as a core component to any mobilemarketing program, its a channel that is becoming increasingly competitive as more and more brands deploySMS marketing initiatives. MMS offers brands a way to stand out from their competition and go beyond thelimitations of standard text messaging by incorporating multi-media content such as video clips, graphics,coupons/barcodes, images, audio and other rich media using the standard SMS channel and standard shortcodes into their communications. With MMS, marketers and publishers can also increase SMS capabilities pastthe 160-character limit for standard text messages.“Many iLoop Mobile customers are creating mobile MMS campaigns,” says Steven Gray, COO at iLoop Mobile.“We bring them expertise and solutions to ensure best experience for their customers across the wide array ofwireless devices. If a handset is MMS enabled, we provide best consumer experience whether it’s the newestsmart phone or a legacy feature phone.”Using the iLoop Mobile Platform, the opportunities using MMS are endless. For example, a health care orpharmaceutical company can use MMS to send how-to-videos to outpatients to assist them at home or on themove with a medical device—how to use an asthma inhaler for example—directly on their mobile phone. For theautomobile industry, auto dealerships can offer videos via MMS (including location aware messages using geo-fences) of their newly released car models that point the viewer to the nearest dealership for a test drive.
  2. 2. iLoop Mobile broadens the opportunities for marketers to easily deploy MMS marketing for a wide range of richermobile experiences, leveraging the channel to add rich media to the consumer experience. MMS also opens up aworld of content publishing opportunities, allowing mobile users to easily access the most compelling content fromthe worlds leading content providers. For mobile users with the latest smart phone handsets, the advancedmultimedia platforms available offer mobile-centric end user experiences that are only limited by the marketer’screativity. MMS crosses all boundaries and with iLoop Mobile’s solutions is a major addition to a marketer’stoolset in engaging today’s consumer.About iLoop MobileAs the leading mobile marketing service organization, iLoop Mobile offers brands and agencies access to theworld’s best mobile platform and the industry expertise to go with it. Our core values are an unwaveringcommitment to our customers, an unshakeable commitment to innovation and an on-going commitment toeducating the mobile marketplace. iLoop Mobile’s solutions include SMS/MMS marketing and messaginginitiatives, Point of Sale integration, smart mobile couponing, location based services and targeting, mobileinternet sites, mobile content delivery, and APIs that permit a wide range of other mobile services. iLoop Mobileoffers its solutions platform as a self-service SaaS (software as a service) license with strategic professionalservices when needed.For more information visit our sites:Corporate site www.iloopmobile.comMobile site: http://m.iloopmobile.comSocial Networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideshareCreate your own free SMS business card: