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PR: iLoop Mobile Partners with Locaid to Deploy Innovative Real-Time


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PR: iLoop Mobile Partners with Locaid to Deploy Innovative Real-Time

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE iLoop Mobile Partners with Locaid to Deploy Innovative Real-Time Location-Based Mobile Marketing Solution Using real-time location from Locaid, iLoop Mobile offers segmented and targeted location-based SMS and MMS messaging to drive customer acquisition and retentionSAN JOSE, CA—November 14th, 2011—iLoop Mobile, the leading provider in mobile marketing technologyand services, announced that they have selected Locaid, the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS)company, to provide a location lookup and gateway service for their location-aware mobile marketingservices.“We believe location-based services have an appeal to brands and marketers alike. Tied to our SMS and MMSengagement strategies, iLoop Mobile continues to innovate with partners like Locaid and will continue todeploy strategies proven to drive acquisition and retention,” says Steven Gray, Chief Operating Officer.The agreement brings together technology from Locaid—who pioneered services for real-time location for anydevice on any network in North America—with iLoop Mobile’s full service mobile marketing platform andservices offering. Together, the companies are able to offer brands, media companies and retailers targetedlocation-triggered marketing promotions to nearly 234 million mobile consumers in the United States.Location-aware mobile messaging can also be used by companies for enterprise messaging for fieldcommunications and geo-aware communications using standard mobile phones.As consumers embrace the benefits of targeted and locally aware content, offers and services, proximitymarketing is becoming an increasingly important part of iLoop Mobile’s service offering. iLoop Mobile’scustomers are offering segmented marketing messages that send discreet offers with relevance to thecustomer’s real-time location, improving conversion and redemption.iLoop Mobile and Locaid’s partnership provides two types of location lookup options: Cell ID and HybridAssisted GPS (A-GPS). Cell ID provides lowest cost location lookups, while A-GPS provides higher location 1
  2. 2. accuracy. Currently, iLoop Mobile’s location-based services provide location-aware segmented SMSbroadcasting based on the users’ location at opt-in, with the option of subsequent location lookups to verify auser’s “home” location. Real-time location lookups can also be deployed for one-time interactions such asdelivery of a mobile coupon, promotion or any location-relevant information.Real-time location lookup and segmented messaging, also known as LBS, can be used in a wide variety ofways. LBS messages can be a simple one-time coupon/message or a combination of different consumerinteractions. One-time LBS marketing message, such as an instant coupon, could also include an alert opt-incall to action, promoting a new keyword that opts the user into an LBS alert service: “Gap coupon. 20% offjeans at Main St. store. To join Gap Saver Club reply GAPALERTS.”“Currently, real-time targeted mobile marketing is experiencing exponential growth as more consumersembrace providing location in exchange for relevant offers and services," said Jeff Allyn, Vice President,Location Products and Sales, Locaid. “Through the use of Locaid’s location API, iLoop Mobile is now positionedto offer their customers a one-stop shop for best in class mobile solutions that leverage location to providesmarter and more engaging consumer experiences.”ABOUT ILOOP MOBILEAnnounced on November 7th ,2011, Lenco Mobile and iLoop Mobile enter merger agreement creating one of the leadingproviders in the high growth mobile marketing industry and offering brands, agencies and media companies access tothe world’s best mobile platform and the industry expertise to go with it. iLoop Mobile’s core values are an unwaveringcommitment to its customers, an unshakeable commitment to innovation and an on-going commitment to educatingthe mobile marketplace. iLoop Mobile’s solutions include SMS/MMS marketing and messaging, mobile coupons withpoint of sale integration, CRM based messaging, location-based services and targeting, mobile sites, HTML5 and apps,mobile content delivery, and APIs that permit a wide range of other mobile services. iLoop Mobile offers its solutionsplatform as a self-service SaaS (software as a service) license with strategic and professional services when needed.CONTACT: Virginie Glaenzer | virginie dot glaenzer at iloopmobile dot com - Cell: + 1 408-799.8194. Social Channels:Twitter: @iloopmobile, SlideshareABOUT LOCAIDLocaid is the worlds largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company. We operate a location privacy platform that allowsmobile developers to locate over 350 million devices for enterprise authentication, fraud management, consumerlocation services and opt-in mobile marketing. Locaid locates smartphones, feature phones, tablets and any mobiledevice on leading wireless carriers including América Móvil, AT&T, Rogers, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. Locaid 2
  3. 3. also helps shape and enforce location privacy policies via leadership roles on governing associations including the CTIA,MMA and IAPP. The largest financial institutions, mobile marketers, M2M platforms and mobile service providers getnetwork location from Locaid. Location Matters™. You can locate us at For more information,contact ### 3