Newsletter - January 2012


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We’ve grown quite a bit over the last few months. Read our newsletter to discover who we’ve welcomed recently.

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Newsletter - January 2012

  1. 1. Offering brands, agencies and media companies the worlds best mobile solutions and industry expertise since 2004 Reading this on a mobile device? Try our optimized mobile version hereDear Reader, January 2012Weve grown quite a bit over the last few months. Our salesand service teams have welcomed new members. In This IssueWe are happy to welcome:  Welcome to New iLoop Mobile  Randy Echavarria and Terrance Thatch as Account Team Members Managers  Webinar Invitation: LATAM  Doug Langdon as an Account Director  Capability Spotlight: LBS  Kathleen Winter, Sales Director Retail  Press Release  Efrain Saavedra, Sales/Marketing Latin America/ US Hispanic Market  Jessica Lee, Certification Manager  Dariusz Arciszewski Software Engineer (PHP) WebinarsThis growth helps us support everything our customers needto transform how they interact with their customers: strategy, The Latin American 500+ Milliontechnology, services - and results. Mobile Subscribers Market: Opportunities and ChallengesMobile devices are changing the world. We agree. Day: Thursday January 26thThis month well look at the Latin American and what it meansfor mobile marketing. Join us to better understand Time: 11am PST / 2PM ESTthe opportunities and challenges of reaching 500+ millionLATAM mobile subscribers. Read below for more details.Let us know if there are other specific topics of interest youdlike us to cover in the future.Warm regards, Recent Press ReleaseVirginie GlaenzerDirector of Marketing 12/05/2011: WAU Movil Chooses iLoop Mobile As Mobile Marketing ProvideriLoop Mobile Capability Spotlight:Location-Based ServicesAs consumers embrace the benefits of targeted and locallyaware content, offers and services, proximity marketing isbecoming an increasingly important part of iLoop Mobilesservice offering. You can now offer segmented marketingmessages that send discreet offers with relevance to thecustomers real-time location, improving conversion andredemption.
  2. 2. Sending the right message to the right person with precisecontextual relevance to their location—proximity to a store LBS with iLoop Mobileaddress, city, state, zip code, city, county or country offersmany benefits:  Drive store traffic and sales with messages that let customers know they are close to a store with special offers that are within easy reach  Do segmented messaging for marketing that can deliver discreet offers or information dependent on the customers location  Save money on promotion costs of mobile campaigns in traditional media—LBS SMS marketing enables iLoop Mobile provides two types of location specific messaging using only one call to location lookup options: action for all your media channels  Cell ID providing lowest costFor more information, read our LBS collateral and white location lookupspaper.  Hybrid Assisted GPS (A- GPS) providing higher location accuracy Real-time location lookup andFree Upcoming Webinar: Mobile segmented messaging, also known as LBS, can be used in a wideMarketing in the Latin American variety of ways. LBS messages canMarket be a simple one-time coupon/message or a combination of different consumer interactions.Join us on Thursday January 26th to listen to a live openroundtable discussion that will explore insights with industry At present, location basedexperts on the exciting subject of Mobile Marketing in Latin messaging campaigns are createdAmerica. and managed by iLoop Mobiles services teams, with self-serviceDay: Thursday January 26th LBS campaign solutions available inTime: 11am PST / 2PM EST the future.Register now. Connect with Us