Webinar Deck: Mobile Enabled CRM Marketing


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Webinar Deck: Mobile Enabled CRM Marketing

  1. 1. Mobile Enabled CRM Marketing
  2. 2. What is CRM?“Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all aboutbuilding lasting relationships with your customers througha better understanding of their needs.”“CRM aligns business processes with customerstrategies to build customer loyalty and increase profitsover time.” Darrell K. Rigby Frederick F. Reichheld Phil Schefter
  3. 3. What is Mobile CRM?• Right message to the right person at the right time• Segmented messaging that integrates with your existing customer database• Dynamic and personalized content/messaging• Can be location aware geo segmented messages• Performance based marketing using advanced digital analytics that empirically measures successWhat is not Mobile CRM? • A separate silo of mobile customers • “Advertising” as we’ve known it
  4. 4. A Successful Mobile CRM CampaignReal-timemeasurementand analysis of • SMS Alerts/Messaging • Sweepstakesresults drives a Tactics • Location Based Services (LBS) • Point of Sale Integrationsuccessful • Rich Media Mobile Webmobile CRMcampaign Strategy • Implementation strategy for integrated campaign tactics • Design campaign to be dynamic Objectives • Awareness • Engagement • Perception • Customer Acquisition • Loyalty • Retention
  5. 5. Mobile CRM Best Practices
  6. 6. Best Practices• Understand the ever-shifting channel preferences of your customers• Work with a platform that already takes care of “regional” compliance and privacy regulations• Addressability is not optional• Align mobile opt-in with existing Master Persona Data• Integrate the mobile campaign with other digital and traditional media• True mobile CRM uses Web and mobile sites for opt-in to gather profile data (not keyword & short code)• Understand “regional” adoption of handsets• Make the messaging relevant
  7. 7. Mobile Compliance Requirements• Mobile Double Opt-in compliance and 1-way, 2- Opt-out way privacy Messaging STOP requirements are complex• Work with a Carrier Certification HELP Two forms of mobile HELP compliant provider Mobile Compliance Microsoft 24-hour Compliance Timeout (HCP) PII Data in Sarbanes SMS & Oxley Mobile Web Regional Compliance
  8. 8. Customer Channel Preferences Average number of hours per week spent with:Source: Microsoft Advertising Mobile Consumer VerticalStudy - The Future of Mobile Advertising, Nov. 11, 2009
  9. 9. Automotive Case Studies
  10. 10. BMW Mobile CRM (Germany)One of the more proven mobile CRM initiatives is BMWs2-year-old German program that lets customerspurchase snow tires, which the government mandates.The carmaker sends customers in its database picturesof their car model, in the correct color, plus winter-tirerecommendations and prices. Customers see how thetires would appear on their car, and can set up anappointment with the dealer right from the message.In the two years BMW has run the program about a third of the customers whoreceive the messages have bought winter tires through BMW, according to MarcMielau, the carmakers head of digital media. Said Mr. Mielau,"CRM is really aboutengaging the customers and taking their data, their behavior and other learnings inorder to design better products and services."
  11. 11. Ford: Database Build with Segmentation (1/3)Campaign/program name:Ford Canada Auto Show SponsorshipObjective: Ford Motor Co. of Canada was a sponsor at the 2010Canadian International Auto Show in six major centers acrossCanada. It needed a campaign that would work nationally andwould allow for its brand to interact with the attendees in a waythat was engaging and would differentiate it from the competingmotor companies participating.
Additional goals included:• Offering a utility through all mobile devices and encouraging its use• Building a mobile and email opt-in database for future marketing campaigns, with the potential to drive ROI• Determining customer communication preferences to enable more effective and targeted remarketing• Survey the audience about products and services offered by Ford Strategy
  12. 12. Ford: Database Build with Segmentation (2/3)Mechanics: A call to action was displayed at the Ford’s AutoShow booth in six cities across Canada.The audience initially engaged with the brand through SMS bysending a text message to a short code. A text message wasthen sent back to the users asking them to fill out a shortsurvey through mobile Web or have it sent to their emailaddress.The text message served as a gateway to navigate users tothe mobile Web or email. A total of three mobilecommunication channels were supported: SMS, mobile Weband email.The mobile call to action was displayed on print banner ads atFord’s Auto Show booth as well as on interactive kiosks anddisplays.Call to action: “Take our survey and you could win $5000in gas. Text FORD to 123411 for a chance to win!”
  13. 13. Ford: Database Build with Segmentation (3/3)Participant Results:
• 64% chose to complete the survey• 45% chose to complete the survey by email• 19% chose to complete the survey on mobile Web• 18 percent opted in to receive future promotions from Ford.Ford was able to build a database for future use and identifycustomers who preferred to interact with the brand via mobileweb as well as those who preferred email communicationsfrom Ford Canada.
  14. 14. Auto Manufacturer, South Africa (1/3)Objectives:• To provide a cost-effective mobile solution for data collection and a complaint management system of services rendered by the dealers in the automotive company• Alleviate respondent fatigue experienced by customers not willing to answer 10 minutes and longer telephonic surveysTarget Market: Customers that bought or serviced their vehicle with one of the authorizeddealers within the automotive company (customers tend to be in the 8-10 LSM bracket)Strategy:• Background: the automotive client had conducted telephonic surveys for more than 10 years• Creation of SMS survey solution whereby all customers will receive an SMS each time a transaction (sales and after-sales) is recorded• Past CRM data was analysed carefully and segmented according to preferred communication channel for surveying the customer and to get their service feedback: Face-to-face, Telephone, Postal, PC, Online, and Mobile.• Set up a SMS rating survey mechanism and later a mobile site survey page as the mobile data collection methods• The mobile surveys were used to gain overall satisfaction rating and customer comment in a measurable, quantifiable way
  15. 15. Auto Manufacturer, South Africa (2/3)Campaign Mechanics:• Cell phone numbers were checked for MMS enablement which would determine if they had mobile site access to offer them the additional WAP survey link in their SMS• Responses included a quantitative numerical rating and a qualitative comment• The power of the solution and the very high response rate achieved via SMS consistently over months was due to the personalisation included in the message and the ease of response• The backend rating algorithm automatically assigns rating scores to open-ended SMS wording• However, a manual human eye-over is required to review the exceptions based on a confidence rating, helping the automatic algorithm learn as it goes along to include new keywords and phrases and their respective ratings
  16. 16. Auto Manufacturer, South Africa (3/3)Results:• Average 36% response rate in 2010, with a 45% response rate for sales follow- up messages and 31% on service related SMS sent• System was able to escalate unhappy customers to the automotive company’s head office and directly to dealers for timely resolution• The automotive company has been able to gain overall satisfaction ratings and customer comments and maintain a complaint management process on an on- going basis• In-depth reporting of satisfaction ratings and customer comment meant that the automotive company could gain valuable insights from their customers• The SMS data collection method achieved the highest reach and response rates at the lowest cost• Now extending it to other countries in Africa due to the great response.
  17. 17. Retail Case Studies
  18. 18. Retail SMS CRM MarketingApparel brand Van’s uses mobile opt-in via their online Website to collect customerprofile data and preferences on what kind of content each user would like to receive.This data is captured to their CRM for segmented messaging for the subscribed opt-ingroup(s).Typical interaction messages types:• Sweepstakes• Promotional marketing texts• New product releases• In-store events• Co-op marketing with other partner brands in entertainment, music, action sports etc. offering user content they value• Store location• Specific content based on a list of content types (skate, girls, art, music etc.)• Links to mobile sites• Opt-in to other mobile campaigns• Links to secondary content sources (Surfline)
  19. 19. Retail SMS CRM Marketing (1/2)In the spring of 2009, Marks & Spencer (M&S) handedcreated a CRM campaign to grow its mobile databasesize from nothing to 210,000 in the space of a year.Campaign Mechanics:The campaign reached out principally to loyaltyprogram customers and non-loyalty customers who hadsigned up for text alerts, with offers, deals, promotionsand news about M&S.This enabled M&S to engage with customers throughthe mobile channel directly, and use it to complementexisting direct mail and email contact strategies.Campaign activity included text- and-win competitions,event reminders for in-store loyalty events, and internaleducation so that M&S employees understood thecampaign objectives.Different message types were tested, and all resultstracked, to see what worked best.
  20. 20. Retail SMS CRM Marketing (2/2)Results:By August 2010, the campaign had far exceeded itstarget, having recruited 700,000 opted-in customers tothe database.It has also created a robust new measurable channelfor the loyalty team to add into their marketing plan, andhas also been shown to trigger an increase in in-storepurchase, as measured by basket spend, for thosereceiving the mobile messages as opposed to thosewho do not.http://www2.marksandspencer.com/text_alert2.shtml
  21. 21. Tactics for Mobile EnabledCRM Marketing
  22. 22. Basic Mobile Enabled CRM Opt-inSMS/MMS subscription with userselectable content preferencesand user profile capture via Webor mobile opt-in page. Allpreference and profile data iscaptured for CRM analysis andtargeted messaging.. Web Opt-in Mobile Web Opt-in
  23. 23. Advanced Mobile Enabled CRM Opt-in“Everyone receives the same offer” mobile promos orcoupons can have unknown relevance when delivered• Smart Messaging integrates with data sources such as news, weather, finance, CRM consumer profile, inventory etc. instantly adding relevance• Smart alerts can know: The heat wave continues here in LA!  Who the customer is Cool off at lunch with  Where they are an ice cold root beer  What’s happening around them float, free with every Galaxy Meal  When they want something purchase at any  Why they need or want it AstroBurger location. Code:34ru3 Exp: 7/12/10 Advantages to Smart Messaging:  Personalization and point-of-need relevance increases participation  Time and place relevance increases participation  Contextually relevant messaging increases acquisition, conversion and loyalty
  24. 24. Mobile CRM Smart MessagingText STORE + your zip code to 44264to receive a SMS coupon every SMS Only Coupon:month for 20% off your favorite Contextually relevantfashions coupon is delivered based on keyword + database referencing with Dressbarn: It’s a unique redemption code. Dressbarn: Freezing in Database scorcher in Miami today! Keep cool with NY today? Keep warm with with a wool STORE + your breezy late summer sweater. 20% off all zip code to 44264 Weather skirts. 20% off at any sweaters at any store. store. Code t239r Exp. Code 34r39r Exp. Stock Market 10/31/11 10/31/11 Location Look Up Product Inventory Consumer Profile Data Past Consumer Purchases Any Other Event or Data Sets Contextually relevant coupon STORE + 10507 delivered based on keyword/zip referenced Sends coupon for sweaters against weather database based on cold weather Database receives reading for opt-in zip code 62407 keyword opt-in and Store 33128 delivers a coupon Dressbarn: Here’s By Weather based on external something special for events or information you to celebrate your birthday. Come into in the database Dressbarn and get 20% Miami off any item. Code f5mt Exp. 5/31/11 By Consumer Profile Data Messages sent based on stored Text opt-in for either customer profile data with single coupon or to opt-in unique redemption code. to couponing alert group
  25. 25. POS Transaction CaptureText STORE + your zip code to 87812to receive a SMS coupons everymonth for 20% off your favorite 2011 1fashions. CRM/DATA COMPONENT Ghiradelli Coupon 6 Get $1 off the deluxe 2 Ghiradelli Chocolate Square Sets.Exp:9/30/10 http://m.choc. mobi Msg & Data Rates May Apply 360° Mobile Coupon Solution 5 3 $1 off Ghirardelli Squares Gift Sets Expires 10/25/10 4 Coupons with POS Redemption
  26. 26. Mobile CRM: Segmented Messaging• Pepsi Co India (Quaker Oats)• Indians have genetic predisposition to heart disease• Mobile app where users self identified their health/lifestyle profile for the CRM database via a “health quiz” on opt-in• Regular alerts were sent with health tips, healthy recipes and diet plans according to their health profile segment• 160,000 participants < 4 months• 74% Volume Growth• 73% changed behavior lifestyle for improved health
  27. 27. About iLoop Mobile• Industry leading technology and services make it fast and easy to create, manage and analyze mobile marketing campaigns and content delivery initiatives worldwide• Award winning iLoop Mobile Platform for creating state-of-the-art SMS campaigns, mobile sites, mobile coupons, and other mobile marketing initiatives• Industry leader in mobile marketing strategy, McDonalds: Enjoy one FREE Small McCafe. Code managed service campaign delivery and 34d83w Exp.1/6/10 Text HELP for help. Text STOP professional services to cancel.• Campaign design that achieves mission critical marketing objectives, answering the individual needs of customers• Customers include Fortune 500 brands, agencies, media companies, and other tier-one companies
  28. 28. Contact ussales@iloopmobile.com+1 408.907.3360