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Smithton talk ppt


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A talk I gave in Smithton, Tasmania, Dec 2011

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Smithton talk ppt

  1. 1. NBN-enabled, videogame-based telehealth technology delivering health services to regional, rural and remote Australia Stuart Smith
  2. 2. Develop technology for in-home monitoring of factors associated with falls, cognitive function and social connectivity in older adults Background Technology Research for Independent Living Technology Platform Ethnography Falls Cognitive Function Social Connectivity Ethnography Technology Platform
  3. 3. A great testbed for technology Coffs Harbour Mid-north coast NSW
  4. 4. Coffs Harbour Scotts Head Here’s a typical health service delivery problem Neurologist from Sydney 1/month Entire day for a 10 minute consultation people living with PD in regional NSW ~50km
  5. 5. Another fairly typical health problem Falls are a major factor for reduced independence in older adults 1/3 community dwelling older adults (>65 yo) fall each year Total health cost to NSW alone in 2006/2007 $553M $18,454 per hospital admission
  6. 6. We know fall risk can be reduced by exercise High dosage of exercise is required (eg > 50 hrs or twice/week for 25 weeks). Interactive video games might offer a way to ensure compliance with exercise What can be done about them?
  7. 7. Can existing technology facilitate independent living in older adults?
  8. 8. Can we use the television to facilitate independent living?
  9. 9. Videogames and older adults?????????
  10. 10. Video games have often received bad press with respect to health increased aggression and violence addiction to gameplay increased sedentary behaviour epileptic seizures Wii knee, haemothorax and ruptured tendons
  11. 11. Do older adults play video games? 1034 individuals aged 36-50, 58% play video games 912 aged 51-65 52% play video games 221 aged 65+ , 51% play video games “ Interactive Australia 2009” Brand (2009) National survey of 1614 households
  12. 12. Exergames like the Nintendo Wii
  13. 14. Dance Dance Revolution Presents cognitively challenging, physical exercise to train rapid stepping Our approach video removed showed standard DDR game
  14. 15. A more age appropriate version video removed showed our modified DDR
  15. 16. So how will this work in the home? 1. Engage people in exercise 2. Measure performance over the long term
  16. 17. DDR system can also be used to measure fall risk over time Choice Stepping Reaction Time video removed showed CSRT video 1350 1000 1050 1100 1150 1200 1250 1300 Stepping time (ms) Fallers Non-fallers
  17. 18. Fall risk Date Use DDR to measure fall risk over time Provide health information feedback to older person and their support network Videogames as a telehealth technology Mrs Smith, it looks like you have been a bit unsteady on your feet lately. Is there anything we can do for you?
  18. 19. Where to from here? video removed showed Yourshape Fitness Evolved Instructor
  19. 21. Thank you, if you’re so inclined, join our Facebook group to learn more. (Games for Health Australasia) [email_address]