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13th June 2014 Show and Tell:Fortis presentation by Kevin Guto


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13th June 2014 Show and Tell:Fortis presentation by Kevin Guto

  1. 1. Fortis Innovations Strategize Innovate Achieve Kevin Guto @guto_jnr
  2. 2. #Background § Registered in 2011 § Founded by three members, all with a software engineering background § Clear cut focus on Healthcare Informatics § Worked with healthcare professionals in the industry since 2011 to create the Sanitas Platform.
  3. 3. #The Team Kelvin. Kinyua Role: CEO BSC Comp Science, MBA Michael. Kibwage Role: Technical Director BSC Comp Science, MSC s/w Eng Kevin. Guto Role: UX & Business Dev BSC Comp Science
  4. 4. #The Gaps § We have approx 8000 facilities in Kenya (Kenya Bureau of statistics, 2012) § However clinical process in over 90% of the facilities are still manual. § Lack of integrated system to manage all hospital operations. § Lack of proper systems in place to aid in enforcing accountability & corruption eradication. § This gap directly affect the quality of patient care because the information that aids in guiding policy creation, planning and execution is non- existent, inaccurate or not available in a timely fashion.
  5. 5. #Who § Hospitals § Govt & Non-Govt Healthcare Organizations. § Health Insurance Providers
  6. 6. #The Product Architecture
  7. 7. #High Level Architecture
  8. 8. #The Big Vision
  9. 9. #The Technologies
  10. 10. #Featured Case Study
  11. 11. #Revenue Model § One off Acquisition fee § Annual SLA License Fee to cater for support and upgrades. § Future plans to move to platform based revenue generation model i.e salesforce
  12. 12. #The Challenges § Up scaling at the right speed § Corruption § Competition from Foreign firms § Cost of automation is too high for hospitals i.e buying hardware & network infrastructure
  13. 13. #The Demo U: ihubdemo P: ihubdemo