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Why iHomeEducator?


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A brief overview of iHomeEducator.

Published in: Technology
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Why iHomeEducator?

  1. 1. + Why iHomeEducator, Inc.? A leading indie app development company
  2. 2. + Over 40 Apps Proven Experience 2013 •  iLiveMath 2012 •  Google Play QuizCloud •  B&N Nook 2011 SaaS •  Amazon iPlan Series 2010 Kindle & iLive Series 2009 Partners: Math, MathSpin History, Grammar, Series Geography, Vocab, Spelling and Science
  3. 3. + Award-winning App Series
  4. 4. + Globally Ranked in Productivity
  5. 5. + Reviews, Sponsorships, Awards, Recognitions, and Success Stories
  6. 6. + Why iHomeEducator, Inc.? n  Our Experience (40+ apps) n  Repeatability n  Recognized Brand n  Understood process n  Existing App Stores (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, B&N, more planned) n  Our Social Networks are growing n  Over 1,000 Diigo Links n  Over 1,300 Facebook Followers n  Over 2,800 Pinterest Pins n  Over 3,200 Twitter Followers n  Over 60,000 schools and individual users
  7. 7. + Thank You A leading indie app development company