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iPlanNotebook Field Trips


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formally known as iPlanJournal

Published in: Education, Technology
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iPlanNotebook Field Trips

  1. 1. Name Priority, & Status Resource Destination iPlanNotebook What weStudent? did? Field Trip What we Recommend? saw? What we learned? Best Part?
  2. 2. Calendar: Specify Entry Scope and Filter EmailHomework or Test as HTML Copy Entry: tap # to Status: increment copies – Pending, Parti copy by week or day Schedule al, and Done Event in iCal
  3. 3. Push Notebook Entry to iCal(this is optional – you may only want to do this for important entries) Pushes Name, Date, & Notes to iCal --- This is a one way push into iCal Schedule Event in iCal
  4. 4. Notebook attributes Entry (type or talk with Siri) Target Date used by the apps calendar, iCal, and reports Duration determines when it is due. Default is 1Describe day. Also weekendsJournal Student are not skipped. Details
  5. 5. Notebook Entry relates to Resources and “for Who and What?” What we learned? Best Part? Recommendations? Specify Resource
  6. 6. QuicklyaccessFiltered viewsof NotebookEntries: Displays a filtered list of Journals by Date. Filter Filter Filter Notebook Notebook Notebook Entries by Entries by Entries by Destinatio Resource Student n
  7. 7. Reports for Record Keeping(Email and Print reports with your preferred email application) Define Run Email EmailRun Report Report
  8. 8. Thank You