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iHT² Health IT Summit in Atlanta - Panel “Data Integration & Analytics: Empowering Physician and Patient Collaboration”


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Panel “Data Integration & Analytics: Empowering Physician and Patient Collaboration”
According to the Pew Research Center, back in 2000, 46% of American adults had access to the Internet, 5% of U.S. households had broadband connections and 25% of American adults looked online for health information. Today, 74% of American adults go online, 57% of American households have broadband connections and 61% of adults look online for health information.

This increased access to information, along with financial incentives, is fueling a shift toward patient centric care. The shift is being empowered by health IT and allows patients to take a more proactive role in managing their own healthcare. This also places an onus on the healthcare industry to provide patients with smart, interpretable data.

This session will discuss:

Empowering patients as a major stakeholder in healthcare – risks & rewards
Turning EHRs into health information
Storing and securing data
Provider, payer, and vendor collaboration
Moderator: Jean DerGurahian, Executive Editor,, TechTarget

Charles DeShazer, VP, Medical Informatics, Quality & Transformation, Dean Health System – iHT² Advisory Board Member
Bill McClatchey, MD, Physician, Rheumatology & Internal Medicine and former CMIO, Piedmont Healthcare
E. Gregory Marchand, MD, Director or Informatics, Washington Hospital Center – MedSTAR Health System

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