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CHIME LEAD Forum DC 2015 - HIT Leader 3.0 Cornerstone: Developing Talent and Effective Teams


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"HIT Leader 3.0 Cornerstone: Developing Talent and Effective Teams"

Building, managing and retaining highly skilled, knowledgeable and effective staff and teams will be a cornerstone of success for any future HIT Leader. Strong management skills are critical for all HIT Leaders in developing and maintaining a creative, engaging and highly productive work environment. Attendees of this session will explore approaches in developing an attractive work environment, building cohesive teams, providing staff advancement and enrichment opportunities and building a pool of highly talented staff.
Learning Objectives:
Identify approaches developing and maintaining highly effective and skilled staff.
Discuss strategies for developing a culture that attracts highly skilled talent and drives staff recruitment.
Explore approaches for development of a collaborative work environment that fosters a strong change management culture in dynamic times.
Moderator: Gabe Perna, Senior Editor, Healthcare Informatics

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CHIME LEAD Forum DC 2015 - HIT Leader 3.0 Cornerstone: Developing Talent and Effective Teams

  1. 1. A CHIME Leadership Education and Development Forum in collaboration with iHT2 HIT Leader 3.0 Cornerstone ________ Developing Talent and Effective Teams Angela Duncan Diop, ND, CHCIO, VP of Information Systems, Unity Health Care Richard Ong, MBA, FACHE, CHCIO, VP C& CIO, Saint Vincent Health System #LEAD15
  2. 2. Unity Health Care: 30 Years of Healing Federally Qualified Health Center Over 100,000 patients in Washington, DC 29 sites; health centers, homeless service sites, school based health centers, correctional sites, and a mobile site Promoting healthier communities through compassion and comprehensive health and human services, regardless of ability to pay. 2
  3. 3. Our Patients • 107,000 racially and ethnically diverse patients • 39 languages • Health disparities, high rates of chronic disease and obesity and poor health outcomes • Significant homeless population • Great need for accessible and comprehensive primary care services 3
  4. 4. Finding Our Team  Promote from within  In line with our mission  New career opportunities for staff  Enhances career ladders  Incredible pool of people committed to the mission
  5. 5. • HIMS and Patient Registration Clerks • PM/EMR Analyst and Trainers • Billing Specialists • PM Analyst and Trainers • Providers • EMR Analysts, Trainers, Support Team • Nurses and other Clinical Staff • Discipline Trainers, Back-up trainers, SMEs Promoting from Within Staff Promoted from Within HIT Team
  6. 6. Team Vision Developing a better way to standardize care and better serve our patients 2009 Enhancing systems and tools that promote quality and standardized care and engage patients and staff 2014
  7. 7. 5 Lessons Learned • Think broadly and creatively about who is on the team • Create a vision or purpose statement for your team • Create a HIT career ladder • Have regular developmental meetings with core team members • Be intentional about building leadership skills
  8. 8. Q & A Angela Duncan Diop, ND, CHCIO A CHIME Leadership Education and Development Forum in collaboration with iHT2 @AngelaDiop @UnityHealthCare
  9. 9. •Founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1875 •Vibrant Catholic Identity •Multiple entities including: •428-bed tertiary facility in Erie, Pennsylvania •Acute care and diagnostic hospital (Westfield, NY) •A provider-based Surgery Center •A provider-based Endoscopy Center Urgent Care facility •4th largest employer – with nearly 3,000 employees, with an economic impact of $604 million to the community •Related Entities •Rehab Solutions •Regional Home Health and Hospice •Regional Cancer Center • 150 Multi-Specialty Medical Group Physicians AHN •8 Hospitals •250+ Locations •Approximately 17,000 associates •2,750 Physicians •Approximately $2B operation •Level 1 and 2 Trauma Centers •Clinical Campus for Drexel and Temple Universities •Two Nursing Schools
  10. 10. Quality Awardsand Recognition – Saint Vincent Hospital
  11. 11. Developing Talent and Effective Teams Execution • Hire for SME & Master Craftsmanship • Disciplined & Systematic Process of converting Strategy into Reality Exhibiting & Coaching Leadership Traits • Emotional Intelligence (EI) • Effective Leadership is a function of strategy, vision and powerful ideas • Reducing notions of undermining and disrespect • The brain is defined as being open loop • Dissonant, distressing, distracting CHIME Professional Development • Research the top issues facing CIOs • Evaluate current offerings • Recommend effective modalities
  12. 12. Developing Talent and Effective Teams Leadership Behaviors • Know your people and your business • Insist on realism • Set clear goals and priorities • Follow through • Reward the doers • Expand people’s capabilities • Know yourself • Momentum Builders • Effective Negotiators The Paradigm of Managerial Transformation • Concentrate on maximizing opportunities, not troubleshooting problems. • Focus on right things, and doing things right • Know that 90% of results are sometimes produced by 10% of the events or people • Pay more attention to people’s decisions and/or actions
  13. 13. Developing Talent and Effective Teams Specific Tactics • Team Formation • Paired-Programming • Involve multiple layers and or interdepartmental personnel in hiring and SDLC • Cross-Training • Using Sprints • Governance / Steering • Pre-Mortem & Post-Mortem Identifying Challenges • Removing Friction • Reshaping the container for Liquid IT • The Presence of Dark Data • Innovating beyond your competition • Dealing with obstructionist • Avoiding average and irrelevance
  14. 14. Q & A Richard Ong, MBA, FACHE, CHCIO A CHIME Leadership Education and Development Forum in collaboration with iHT2 @itexec1