Leighton holdings digital monitoring case study


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Research into Leighton Holdings examining:
1) Brand
2) At risk construction projects
3) Crisis Management

Research value shows:
- Just a short period of monitoring provides a wealth of valuable business data
- Many opportunities to differentiate
- Many opportunities to improve service
- Many opportunities to improve loyalty
- Opportunities to improve competitive positioning
- Opportunities to improve brand consistency
- Opportunities to amplify the ‘good’ and contain the ‘bad’
- All in real time

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Leighton holdings digital monitoring case study

  1. 1. Case Study August 2011iGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions
  2. 2. Holdings  and  Opera/ng  divisions  Business  Intelligence   Project  Specific  Monitoring   Social  Media  Crisis   Management  
  3. 3. Social Intelligenceü  Social intelligence is the process of monitoring, collecting, and analyzing data from social sources to make informed and agile business and policy decisions.ü  Social intelligence makes sense of the endless number of tweets, comments, posts, and other social data and turns it into actionable insight.ü  Social intelligence typically starts with an assessment of the social landscape as it relates to your businessü  Social intelligence then becomes instituted through a social monitoring programü  Monitoring means collecting, processing (including changing) and analysing social dataü  Social intelligence should continually be moving towards ‘real time’ analysis (conversations wait for no one)
  4. 4. Features of Social IntelligenceØ  Highly Responsive – can collect, analyse and respond on any timescaleØ  Highly Specific – can relate to very specific conversationsØ  Highly Predictive – conversations are leading indicatorsØ  In Context – feedback is pure and customer generated, not contrived or derivedØ  Unique – access to brand, competitive, partner and customer information is unparalledØ  360 Degree’s – can get a complete view of the customer, partner or competitor (not just in relation to your brand)Ø  Highly Scalable – access to ‘rivers’ of data and a dataset that can be globalØ  Unstructured – its full of spam, unordered and needs cleansing
  5. 5. Potential Value of Social IntelligenceØ  Crisis ManagementØ  Reputation ManagementØ  Project MonitoringØ  Improve customer serviceØ  Competitor intelligenceØ  Partner intelligenceØ  Improve product and service developmentØ  Improve target marketingØ  Grow revenueØ  Deflect costsØ  Improve Customer LoyaltyØ  Policy or initiative review
  6. 6. Project  Specific  Monitoring  
  7. 7. Blogs
  8. 8. Blogs
  9. 9. Blogs: Who, What, How, Why?
  10. 10. Twitter
  11. 11. News
  12. 12. Top Sources
  13. 13. News
  14. 14. News Sentiment
  15. 15. Content
  16. 16. Compare
  17. 17. Compare Popularity
  18. 18. Holdings  and  Opera/ng   divisions  Business  Intelligence  • Full activity in everykey social data stream•  Near real time•  Sentiment analysis•  Drill down into detail
  19. 19. Holdings  and  Opera/ng   divisions  Business  Intelligence  • Detail of July 21st, 2011•  A Busy day in the traditional news space with the possible acquisition of the parent plus the CFO being appointed to the NRL board
  20. 20. Holdings  and  Opera/ng   divisions  Business  Intelligence  • However, thecompetitors are gettingfar more socialmentions thanLeighton’s•  The bulk of Leighton’smentions in AsiaPacare from Australia•  For the month of Julythe conversationregarding Leighton hasbeen dominated by theappointment of theCFO to the NRL board
  21. 21. Holdings  and  Opera/ng   divisions  Business  Intelligence  • Notice the tweet onthe NCIG – where apartner of John Hollandshed a number of jobsat Tomago – nearNewcastle.•  Would have warnedJohn Holland that tvnews source is ontothe story and iswatching for story•  Social data stream asan early warningsystem!
  22. 22. Holdings  and  Opera/ng   divisions  Business  Intelligence  •  Competitivecomparison showingLeighton’s lagging interms of share of voice•  Ability to compare onmultiple dimensions•  Ability to drill downinto details
  23. 23. Holdings  and  Opera/ng   divisions  Business  Intelligence  • When bad news hitsthe fan, you can beprepared•  Know who is talkingand what they aresaying•  Understand howimportant they are•  Swing crisismanagement plan intoaction
  24. 24. Social  Media  Crisis   Management  iGo2 Service attributes:Ø  Define Leighton Crisis Management Strategy for Social MediaØ  Set-up a Social Media Crisis Management – process and methodologyØ  Ensure the team has sufficient training and hands-on experience communicating with stakeholders on social media channelsØ  Set up response channels such as a blog, YouTube account, Twitter account, etcØ  Start listening: Through the iGo2 Social Business Intelligence Service.Ø  Imagine the worst PR scenarios possible to hit your business. Prepare for them by making sure you understand and can use the social channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc,.Ø  Optimize a website or blog you intend to use for crisis management with keywords that can be used.Ø  Nurture meaningful connections with major players on the Net who have strong followings on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, so that they may help you in times of crisis.Ø  Run regular fire drills – at least once a quarter.Ø  Be ready to respond immediately
  25. 25. Case Study Recommendations Holdings  and  Opera/ng  divisions  Business  Intelligence   Project  Specific  Monitoring   Social  Media  Crisis   Management  
  26. 26. SummaryØ  Just a short period of monitoring provides a wealth of valuable business dataØ  Many opportunities to differentiateØ  Many opportunities to improve serviceØ  Many opportunities to improve loyaltyØ  Opportunities to improve competitive positioningØ  Opportunities to improve brand consistencyØ  Opportunities to amplify the ‘good’ and contain the ‘bad’Ø  All in real time
  27. 27. iGo2 Social Intelligence ServicesØ  Research projects including Social AssessmentsØ  Periodic Social Intelligence gatheringØ  Periodic Social Intelligence processingØ  Periodic Social Intelligence analysisØ  Social Intelligence to StrategyØ  Social Intelligence to TacticsØ  Social Intelligence integrationØ  All based on market leading tools
  28. 28. Features of iGo2 Social IntelligenceØ  Real-Time: search results from an extensive, constantly updated database.Ø  Text Analytics: Using language analysis and data mining technology, iGo2 distills the key news, themes and issues, letting you drill down to the most relevant content.Ø  Global & Multi-Lingual: iGo2 collects data from around the world, giving users the ability to quickly see the conversations taking place and where they are happening. But we can also focus on singular countries and provide some city level data where required.Ø  Comparisons & Trends: Do comparisons against multiple searches across different geographies, languages and demographic groups.Ø  Spam Free: To produce clean results, iGo2 uses a proprietary four- step spam- filtering process that keeps out the “noise” so search results are accurate and accessible.
  29. 29. Features of iGo2 Social IntelligenceØ  Automated Sentiment: Using leading-edge machine-learning and advanced language technology, iGo2 identifies if conversations are positive, negative or neutral.Ø  Geo-Demographics: See where social media activity is happening by country, state/province and city. Gain insight into the age, gender and profession of people driving the conversations.Ø  Influencer Identification: Identify the people driving the conversations, and then engage with key influencers and opinion leaders to establish and build relationships.Ø  Track Specific Targets: such as the reach and authority of a particular Twitter handle – great if you really want to drill down into specifics
  30. 30. The  Founders  of  iGo2  Group   Ø  All  Cer4fied  Strategists  in  Social  Media   Ø  All  have  more  than  20  years  business   experience  in  IT  and  industry  iGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions