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Billabong presentation


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To quote Ron Ploof from ‘Read this First – An Executives Guide to New Media” – social data is a goldmine but if you don’t extract the gold its just a hill like any other.

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Billabong presentation

  1. 1. May 29 – Nov. 27 2012Billabong International Limited Social Media Assessment Presentation prepared by : Daniel Marshall (+639398360117)
  2. 2. Social Media AssessmentCustomers-Brands-Competitors-Partners-
  3. 3. AgendaSocial Media Activity over the last 6 monthsMentions in blogs-Who,What,Where?Strengths and WeaknessesDemographsWordcloud and BuzzSummarize
  4. 4. Social Media ActivityScott Risto & Harris Enich are Billabong International Ltd’s Marketing Directors.I used these queries when researching Billabong International Ltd’s social media standing:-"BillabongInternational Limited" OR "Billabong" OR "Gordon and Rena Merchant" OR "surfwear" OR "Billabong Pro" OR"Billabong Girls“ – My search was from 29th May 2012 – 27th Nov 2012,from this we can see that there was180,167 overall mentions and the majority (70%/126,854) of these were on Twitter.
  5. 5. Blogs ActivityThe Image above shows the blog activity about Billabong International Ltd and what is interesting to see is thateven though the company was initially founded in Australia its growth worldwide puts Australia third at 14.4%blog mention whereas USA have 30.4% and more women are talking about them than men with 62%-38%,allunder the age of 35.With a 93% favorable sentiment people are liking Billabong!
  6. 6. Social StrengthsBillabong has a good sized social property and already has a big following to base increasement move with.A Brand/Name well known and established.Lots of interact able content within their social platforms.
  7. 7. Social WeaknessesBillabong has a big social following but isn’t utilizing that following in all the social channels.Has a very complex and not user friendly online structure.Has poor collaboration on social media within the corporation.
  8. 8. Twitter ActivityHere you can see from the graph above that again USA dominate the activity with 24.7% tweets.126,854 which equates to 693 tweets per day or 29 tweets per hour mainly posted by men at 60%-40% by women.We also see a spike in August which could be attributed to 2 factors,1. the Billabong International Ltd Full Year ResultsPresentation, Billabong International Limited FY12 Media Release and Billabong International Ltd TransformationStrategy(On 27 August 2012, Chief Executive Laura Inman presented her four-year plan to try to return Billabong topositive sales growth and increase earnings. The plan included a range of measures with the key focus being onsimplifying the business, leveraging its namesake brand, improving its supply chain and e-commerce offerings. The newinitiatives are estimated to cost approximately $80 million. In September 2012 two private equity firms, TPG Capital andBain Capital, are bidding for ownership of Billabong. and 2. Billabong Pro Tahiti 2012 which happened around the 20thAugust 2012.
  9. 9. Demographic Activity Social Media and BlogThe Graph above shows Industry Demographics and as you can see by the biggest slice (fashion 23.8%) that Billabong’smain industry is in wholesaling and retailing of surf, skate, snow and sports apparel, accessories. But since the growthand expansion of the company a wide scope of industry comes into play which accounts for the multiple segments in thisgraph.
  10. 10. BuzzGraph and WordCloud ActivityThe BuzzGraph shows 2 bold lines, the thicker the line is the more strong to it’s relation to the search topic, so I see that surfingand surfers share a strong connection to Billabong. If you go to the Billabong website ( you will just how bigthe Billabong brand influence is in the surfing world.The WordCloud we can see that billabong is in the middle and has the biggest size, so billabong is the strongest relation to thetopic and we know that’s their brand name.
  11. 11. Names and Titles in Company Enrich Harris Billabong International Ltd’s Marketing Director & Risto ScottEnrich Harris practices international Billabong International Ltd’s Marketing Directordiplomacy with Canadian Risto Scott. (Canada)
  12. 12. Analysis of the MAPAnalysis : As the MAP Images Analysis we can say that just in 6 months Billabonggot more mentions on twitter than on all the other social media’s combined. In myresearch I found out that the Billabong brand has gone from humble beginnings tobecoming a corporation that just keeps growing. Method: I used these queries when researching Billabong International Ltd’s social media standing:-"Billabong International Limited" OR "Billabong" OR "Gordon and Rena Merchant" OR "surfwear" OR "Billabong Pro" OR "Billabong Girls”. Also researched their standing and position in todays global markets.
  13. 13. SummaryBillabong International is a clothing company that traded on the Australian SecuritiesExchange since 11 August 2000. As of February 2012 Billabong has 677 company-owned stores worldwide.Looking from the outside in, it appears that Billabong’s Marketing suffers because ofthe increasing size of the company. To rectify this their executives need to see theimportance of having social media intergrated to their business strategy and alsohaving employees being more pro-active within the companies social property.Simplify,Simplify,Simplify….having a more co-ordinated company policy on SocialActivity would be of great advantage to Billabong. And have that policy extend to allthe Billabong brand.