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Published on webinar sharing idea for how charities and causes can use to raise unrestricted funds.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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  1. 1. Welcome to the iGive Cause Webinar Please connect to the audio for the conference now. You can connect using your computer or by dialing in on the phone. To call in, simply dial 800-662-6992 and enter 1020008# as the conference code. To connect by computer click the “User Computer” button in the audio section of the conference app and then select your output device on the dialog displayed:
  2. 2. Make more money for your cause by leveraging November 19, 2014
  3. 3. Welcome Agenda What is iGive, and how does it work? How iGive Benefits You Simple Tips to Increase Dollars New Cause November Your Presenters Rob Grosshandler CEO Sandi Schleicher CTO Jimmy Binns Cause Relations Manager Lenna Scott Marketing
  4. 4. What is iGive, and how does it work?
  5. 5. What is iGive You Shop. Your Charity or Cause Gets Money. For Free.
  6. 6. What is iGive iGive makes it possible for you to help your charity or cause financially, at no cost to you or to them Stores pay for it all, so that consumers like them, say nice things to friends about them, and shop more The Stores pay us, too!
  7. 7. What is iGive Today, iGive has 350,000+ members… Shopping at more than 1,500 online retailers… Helping over 35,000 causes nationwide… iGive members are on track to donate $1Million dollars this year and have been responsible for donating about $8,000,000 to causes since 1997.
  8. 8. Our Member - Betty Our Average Shopper is anything but average $30 - $100++ a year to their favorite cause
  9. 9. What is iGive Help your charity or cause financially. No cost to you or to your supporters. What you see is what you get. Stores pay for it all. #FREEMONEY
  10. 10. How iGive Works: The iGive Button The optional iGive button makes donating easy and automatic. It’s a little browser app that alerts participating retailers that an iGive member is shopping on their site, and that a percentage of that shopper’s purchase should go to a cause of her choice. Once installed, a member can track her impact on her cause. And iGive members can access exclusive offers and coupons from participating retailers…for free
  11. 11. How iGive Works: The iGive Button The iGive button makes donating easy and automatic. It’s a little in-browser app that alerts participating retailers that an iGive member is shopping on their site, and that a percentage of that shopper’s purchase should go to a cause of her choice. Never Forget
  12. 12. The Math 1) Betty shops at HSN. She knows she will earn a 2% donation because she saw it in her iGive newsletter, our website, or if she clicked the Button in the corner. 2) The Button tells HSN – this person is special – nothing more. 3) Betty makes a $300 purchase. That’s $6. 4) HSN sends iGive money. 5) iGive sends you money monthly (one check for all shoppers’ activity combined). 6) Rinse and repeat.
  13. 13. How iGive Works: The iGive iPad & Android Apps The iPad & Android Apps make donating easy and automatic. Once downloaded from the App Store for free, just login, and shop through the app. Every purchase earns money for your cause.
  14. 14. Help Your Supporters Join
  15. 15. Help Your Supporters Join
  16. 16. Help Your Supporters Join
  17. 17. Tips to Increase Dollars Your cause buys things. So shop for your own cause! Office Supplies Retailer examples Materials for your next event Retailer examples Gifts for Donors or Board Members Retailer examples
  18. 18. Tips to Increase Dollars Create a holiday wish list and ask for gifts from stores Pet Gifts Retailer examples Kids Gifts Retailer examples Gift Cards Retailer examples
  19. 19. New Cause November & $5 Bonus! $25 for referring causes/$50 for new causes! All it takes is three new iGive shoppers by 12/31/14 Plus $5 for every new member that tries the iGive Button through 2/15/15
  20. 20. New Cause November Since iGive’s launch in 1997, it’s been members telling their friends, family, colleagues, and their favorite causes about this easy, free way to help. We call people who share iGive with others iGive Champions!
  21. 21. Get Social Include a message of iGive in your holiday cards… “if you are shopping online this year, consider using, it helps us raise funds for our cause” Post about iGive on Facebook, Twitter and other social media “We are trying to raise $1000 for our cause on iGive during the holidays. It’s easy and FREE. A portion of your online shopping will go towards our goal!” #iGiveDoYou #FreeMoney
  22. 22. And remember … • It’s all about communication A little push is all you need to provide. • Just get started, and we’ll take it from there Automatic Facebook & Twitter interaction; Opt-in weekly emails to members encouraging them to shop on your behalf • We’re respectful of privacy, frequency, tone. • Ask for help Personalized assistance to make iGive a success for you: Logged In State
  23. 23. And remember … • It’s tax deductible for your supporters* – • 501c3 • Receipts less than $5,000 • Religious • Governmental *Be sure to consult with a tax professional Logged In State
  24. 24. Questions & Answers
  25. 25. Thank You