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Xp support


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Call 1-800-831-9601 for Microsoft Certified Engineer for Windows XP Help and Support from US and Canada. We'll troubleshoot and fix any kind of issues related to windows XP.

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Xp support

  1. 1. Desktop Icons - modify or Restore Default Icon on Windows XP PCUsers take immense pleasure in personalizing or customize program behavior. Be it the types ofsounds and alerts the computer ushers or the graphics used for the desktop background as wellas desktop icons. We often like to make changes in the size of desktop icons and alter theimages that are implied for each individual program or shortcut icon. Reasons for preferringmodification or restoring these desktop icons to their default factory settings can just be many.Similarly one may prefer changing the icon selection as in Windows XP, both for the PC as wellas personal files.Windows XP depends a great deal on a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the purpose oftransmitting and receiving input from its users. Whenever a user wants to open files, he firstclicks on the graphical representation that is placed on the computer display screen. One canalways make necessary changes or likely make modifications or give in to customizing thecomputers appearance according to one’s own tastes. But one may find issues or facedifficulties while modifying or customizing the desktop icons and end up in some faulty stepsleading to a messing issue. There are various Windows XP Support providers who can be ofimmense help in getting you out of such crabby situations.There are a horde of online tech support providers who have trained professionals who provideWindows support for XP regarding the icon modification on the desktop through simple steps.iGennie is one of the preeminent Windows XP Support providers who foster a set of Microsoftcertified technicians who are able and qualified to handle any Microsoft product related issuesand not to mention Windows XP too. One can contact iGennie technicians through phone,emails or even live chat sessions. Once your issue is known, they instantly work towards theelimination of the issue and in case of icon customization; they would instantly provide serviceto get your icons on the Windows XP desktop modified at the earliest through remote access.Remote access is a very common yet significant method through which the computer repairprofessionals access your system through internet. The access surely depends on your consent.Once the real issue is diagnosed on the XP based system, iGennie professionals offer theirsupreme support for XP and instantly get the issue resolved at minimum resolution rate thattoo at a cost effective price charged. Hence, next time you face any issues with Windows XP likegetting the icons customized, do not hesitate but get in touch with iGennie and receive theirbest XP help and support at the luxury of your home comfort.
  2. 2. Article by: iGennie is a fastest growing online PC solution provider company in US,Canada and UK. For more info visit: