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Promoting in Unregulated Markets


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Promoting in Unregulated Markets

  1. 1. Acquisition using prepaid payment methods in unregulated markets Tom Chandler 28th January
  2. 2. What is Ukash?... • Ukash is pure electronic money – it is cash for the digital age • You get it by swapping cash for a Ukash voucher in a store, from your bank account online or at an ATM • Ukash is delivered, secured and identified by a “one time use” 19 digit code • Just like cash, if the amount tendered is higher, then a new code is given as “Change” • It is not necessary to register or identify the person (within limits) • Ukash can be used for payments, transferred to others and redeemed back to cash (with KYC) • Ukash is simple, universal and
  3. 3. What is Ukash?... • Ukash- Available in all major currencies- USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, CAD, AUD, SEK….. • Available online in several territories • Vouchers available up to value of GBP 500 or equivalent • Available from over 450,000 POS worldwide • Completely free to the end user • Ukash Payouts now allows withdrawals via the same
  4. 4. Generic online payment myths 1. Credit/debit cards cover >90% of the potential online market, so there’s no need for alternatives 2. People are no longer afraid of giving out their personal financial details online 3. The numbers of people effected by points 1 & 2 is so small that it really doesn’t matter 4. The payment alternatives out there are impractical and unpopular with bettors 5. Offering alternative payment options, simply confuses people & adds no revenue 6. Fraud & charge-backs are inevitable with all online payment methods 7. Cash may be King again on the High Street, but it has NO practical value
  5. 5. Debit and credit cards account for over 90% of the market so why use other methods? • This is not necessarily true. Chart below illustrates card penetration by country. • 67% of adults in the EU don’t have a card for online deposits= 330 million (400 million all of Europe). 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% Source: Eurobarometer/nVision Research Base: 1,000 per country aged 15+ 0% s rg y re l ry P ep N Ir e k er m he n d F en or a Lu F r d ce w y e in H sia G ga R d 15 27 pe nd A ly en K an ar a n P tri ou an ec ga G iu pa D U Ita R w la xe an ed et la tu o m rla us us U U m g ol un b or ur in ch S el E E m N E S B ze
  6. 6. Conversion Funnel- Customer
  7. 7. Addressing the customer concerns • Disclosure of personal details online. – Higher risk of fraud in grey markets. Cash based solutions reduce the need for disclosure of sensitive information. • Other barriers to entry (country specific) – Norway- block by financial institutions on gambling transactions. – Cultural shift to prepaid as a long-term result of this. – Argentina- low card penetration/ poor online payment infrastructure combined with the fact Brazil/ Argentina have highest internet penetration growth in the world. • Availability – Points of sale need to be apparent to the customer!
  8. 8. Failed conversion on the cashier- can we take this a step back?... Lost Sales from customers without selected payment ₤€$ type ₤€$ Successful
  9. 9. Taking conversion back to the affiliate… • Prepaid methods become a middleman in these markets where conversions are troublesome. • Ensure the deal with operator covers the costs of both parties. (affiliate and payment method) • Ensure affiliate is given relevant localized banner content and work with your affiliate to build an enticing offer with a call to action and localized landing page. • Make sure content is presented to the relevant target market. (geo-location)
  10. 10. Benefits for affiliates… • Very little effort to set up (payment companies can provide the localised content and organize deals with operators themselves). • Payment methods are generally not very widely promoted by affiliates- steal a march on your peers. • Secure deposits are one of the main barriers to entry in grey markets. Why not work together to exploit this?
  11. 11. What are the next steps for you? • Contact to discuss your options for partnering with Ukash. • Check out our website now offering: – More information on affiliate and operator packages – Marketing tools – Contact information – Registration Educate the players before they reach the cashier and convert them before they fail to deposit!
  12. 12. Thank you Tom Chandler Head of Betting & Gaming D: +44(0)20 70894012 M: +44 (0)7793 272 512 E: