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1. Introducing Prolexic Technologies                   Prolexic mitigates more DDoS attacks than any
2. How it Works                                               3. Advantages
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Global DDoS Mitigation: An Overview


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With the Internet being a critical part of many business functions, including for affiliates, being offline for even a few minutes can lead to revenue loss and reputation damage. Organized criminals will attack online businesses for personal gain and have even started offering their services for hire to any third party who will pay them. In this case some companies, especially in the highly competitive online gambling sector, are actually paying cyber criminals to attack their competition! Attend this session to discover how to deal with a cyber attack and protect your business.

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Global DDoS Mitigation: An Overview

  1. 1. 1. Introducing Prolexic Technologies Prolexic mitigates more DDoS attacks than any competitive service, and our 24/7 team of DDoS mitigation experts can react in real-time to new By employing a unique philosophy in attack attacks. Prolexic’s vast experience combating the mitigation, Prolexic provides the world’s premiere most innovative and aggressive attacks enables DDoS mitigation service that is more powerful and businesses to remain one step ahead of the effective than any other hardware or service on the attackers. market today. Our mission is clear and focused: we protect our Leveraging a global mitigation network, proprietary customers’ networks from DDoS attacks, and we do state-of-the-art technologies, and the world’s most everything in our power to preserve the continuity experienced DDoS mitigation teams, Prolexic can of your online business. protect your networks and applications from any known DDoS attack. As an in-the-cloud service, there is no hardware to buy, and no staff to train. DDoS attacks continue to grow in both size and sophistication far beyond what ‘mitigation appliances’ and traditional services can cope with. Whether an attack is a 50 Gigabit flood, or a sophisticated layer-7 low-and-slow attack, hundreds of organizations depend upon Prolexic’s proven protection. Location of infected bots launching Prolexic offers tailored protection to all major DDoS attacks in one day markets: Americas, Europe, and Asia with local representation. Attacks monitored by Prolexic sizes in Mid 2007 were averaging 2 to 5 gigabits per second. Today’s DDoS attacks are more aggressive, often starting at 20 gigabits per second and growing as high as 80 gigabits. These types of attacks have devastating effects on organizations of all sizes including the most established corporations, and can only be fought on a global scale.
  2. 2. 2. How it Works 3. Advantages IN THE CLOUD SERVICE 100% Focus on Network Protection As an in-the-cloud service, there is no equipment to buy or staff to train. Prolexic is completely carrier-neutral, and Global Mitigation - Prolexic stops DDoS attacks in-the- can protect all your carriers and global applications with a cloud, close to their origin. unified best-of-breed solution. Carrier Agnostic - Choose Prolexic to protect all your DNS REDIRECTION - PROTECT KEY SERVERS AND carriers with a unified network protection solution. APPLICATIONS This is the quickest way to deploy Prolexic’s solution. With Most Experienced Teams - Prolexic is the ONLY DNS Redirection Prolexic will assign your servers new IP company in the world offering a 100% dedicated DDoS addresses on Prolexic’s protected network. Through a DNS mitigation teams. change initiated by the customer, all customer traffic is directed through Prolexic where it is cleansed. The clean Lowest False Positives - Prolexic’s 24/7 expert traffic is then returned to the customer network. Prolexic mitigation team manages every DDoS attack to will advise you on further methods to protect your back- minimize false positives and DDoS bleed. end systems. Stop Largest Attacks - Each year attacks get bigger. It is BGP ROUTING / GRE TUNNELING - PROTECT not uncommon to see attacks ranging from 20 to 80 APPLICATIONS AND NETWORKS Gigabits. Prolexic’s global capacity ensures you are This is the preferred method for enterprise-class DDoS protected from ever-growing attack sizes. protection. Prolexic will announce the customer’s subnet and tunnel traffic to its location via Generic Route Stop Complex Attacks - Prolexic stops attacks up to Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels via the Internet and a variety layer 7, including low-and-slow and the latest botnet of direct connections. GRE tunneling provides the behaviors. customer with many advantages, including total control over when traffic is filtered. Traffic re-routes can be Proprietary Technologies - Advanced technologies performed quickly using BGP, the standard routing developed in-house give Prolexic the edge in stopping protocol in use today to support complex routing policies. more attacks than anyone else. 4. Contact Prolexic Technologies 1930 Harrison Street; Suite 403 Hollywood, Florida 33020 Tel: +1 954 620 6002 When an attack begins, Prolexic re-routes internet traffic Email: through an array of global scrubbing centers, returning clean traffic to the customer network. Once the attack stops original routes are restored.