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Character Analysis


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Character Analysis

  1. 1. Character Analysis
  2. 2. Vladimir ProppWhen looking at the characters that would be included in the trailer it becomesvital to analyse different characteristics in which they appeal towards the audience,this can be conveyed in many ways such as ‘clothing’, ‘personality’, ‘emotions’ anymany various ways. When considering about our characters and their specialcharacteristics we made a list of elements which would create the character andhow their different personalities would reflect on this. The theory in which wewould be taking into account when developing on our characters is ‘Vladimir Propp’as the basic theory would set guideline. Propp’s theory was created in the 12thcentury and is widely used in all mainstream films to create the perfect backgroundfor characters. EG: a movie such as superman follows Propp’s theory by having amain hero and also a villain, as the hero is created to be more dominate andpowerful than the villain as the victory would always be the hero’s towards the endof the film.
  3. 3. Propp’s Theory of Characters• A hero: The character who restores the equilibrium after it has been disrupted and creates a happy ending• The False Hero: The character who always comes in the way of the hero in all aspects creating a disruption of the equilibrium• The Helper: Helping and working alongside the hero as they restore the equilibrium• The Villain: A character that see’s the hero as threat and disrupts the equilibrium by trying to destroy them (but is never successful)• The Donor: Also like ‘The Helper’ but is powered by magical powers which help the hero towards his mission• The Princess: Also being one of the main characters she is desired by the hero and also by the villain by her charms and beauty• The Dispatcher: Also known as a secret agent of the hero who sets them to-do the task
  4. 4. Our Characters
  5. 5. The Antagonist
  6. 6. Little information is told in the narrative of the trailerabout the antagonist as this represents enigmahelping to create tension and curiosity about theantagonists character. We portray the antagonist indark clothing covering aspects of the face and headwhich represent him as a person and the deeds whichhe commits. He is a dominant and strong characterand the reason for his deeds isnt seen in the trailerbut is revealed in the movie creating anticipation forthe release of the film
  7. 7. The Victims (Two Females)
  8. 8. After considering points based on the protagonist theaudience would find her to be very girly, outgoing andfitting into the young and popular generation of youthages. She is also determine once she hears about themyth and goes out to discover with her ‘best friend’.As she is arrogant she doesn’t let any hurdles stop herfrom accomplishing her mission. She then is to beseen dead in the trailer emphasising what sort ofpeople are killed within the film