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Erin Ferguson: University of Strathclyde


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Erin was the winner of the 2014 iDocQ 20x20 presentations.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Erin Ferguson: University of Strathclyde

  1. 1. Erin C. Ferguson, University of Strathclyde School of Law
  2. 2. Transparency ParticipationAccountability
  3. 3. Images (all images labelled for non-commercial reuse) 1. ‘Freedom of information logo,’ 2. Britton, Ian. ‘Rays of sunshine against a dramatic black sky,’ Sunshine-against-a-dramatic-black-sky 3. ‘Sheffield town hall occupation,’ 4. Farrington, Andy. ‘Royal Mail post box,’ 5. ‘Problem solving,’ 6. ‘Contract,’ 7. Graphic created by presenter, Erin C. Ferguson 8. Eastern Southern Observatory, ‘Most distant Gamma-ray burst,’ 9. Australian Human Rights Commission. expression. (No author) british-20-pounds-money.html 10. ‘Information Overload,’ 11. ‘The Thinker, Auguste Rodin,’,_Auguste_Rodin.jpg 12. ‘DMI Conference,’,_Auguste_Rodin.jpg. ‘Twitter Icon,’ Fryer, Wesley. ‘Interactive Writing, 13. ‘Foundation,’ 14. ‘Post-traumatic amnesia,’ 15. ‘Globe Atlantic,’ 16. ‘Debating Chamber, Scottish Parliament,’,_Scottish_Parliament_%2831-05- 2006%29.jpg 17. ‘Eleanor Roosevelt and Human Rights Declaration,’ 18. Walknboston, ‘Question the Answers.’ 19. Chen, Charles. ‘Qualitative Research Book,’