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Redefining Performance - Your iQ Series Lineup


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The ultimate balance of speed, efficiency and affordability for small-to-medium enterprise and mobility markets

Published in: Technology
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Redefining Performance - Your iQ Series Lineup

  1. 1. TARGET MARKETS REDEFINING PERFORMANCE EXCEEDING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS YOUR iQ SERIES LINEUP BE A LEADER IN DVB-S2X LEARN MORE AT iDIRECT.NET/iQ In throughput per remote on the Intelsat 29e satellite Hub-side throughput over live Inmarsat GX satellite On the SES-4 satellite T H E U L T I M A T E B A L A N C E O F S P E E D , E F F I C I E N C Y A N D A F F O R D A B I L I T Y F O R S M A L L - T O - M E D I U M E N T E R P R I S E A N D M O B I L I T Y M A R K E T S CELL BACKHAULMARITIME ENTERPRISE Advancing a ConnectedWorld SMALL CELL, SMALL CELLULAR BACKHAUL FISHING VESSELS, FERRIES, & SMALLER MERCHANT VESSELS • Supports both Evolution® and • Software-defined iDirect Velocity® architecture • iQ variants for innovative terminal solutions DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X BANKING, EDUCATION, ENERGY, RETAIL, & POS iQ DESKTOP AND iQ 200 SERIES: Full range of MODCODs Aggregate throughput “This outperformed our other platforms and changes the game for IsoTropic, giving us a competitive edge to expand our market reach ...” - Hank Zbierski, IsoTropic Co-founder “We believe that iDirect has the best DVB-S2X product in the market and gives us a true leadership edge.” - Anthony Walker, CEO of Bentley Walker achieved on the iDirect platform enable us to grow our operations and deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction...” - Pablo Rasore, President & CEO, Andesat GROUNDBREAKING OTA TEST RESULTS • Optional mobility capabilities