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Can you feel the power coming down from the sky? New,
stronger satellites are beaming down abundant capacity at
ever-increasing RF speeds.

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  1. 1. Dial it UpGet ready to deliver high-performance, cost-efficient bandwidth levels
  2. 2. As a satellite service provider your ability to dial- up the bandwidth for your customers depends on whether you have the latest RF capabilities to harness this power from above. And do so in a manner that lowers the cost per bit to your end user. Today the market is actively adopting the DVB-S2X standard, which is designed to help achieve even higher performance and efficiency over current and next-generation satellites. Those who are able to best maximize the current capabilities of DVB-S2 while being ever-ready to crank up the bandwidth levels to meet customer expectations will be in best position to lead in a new era of satellite. At iDirect, we are constantly looking to evolve our technology to open new market opportunities and to lower the cost of service delivery in significant new ways. It is your Intelligent Path Forward to support rapidly changing needs and enable dynamic growth by building on the strengths of our current platform. Our technology advancements evolve around improving performance, efficiency, scale, and extensibility. In this digital feature we examine enhancements in the areas of performance and efficiency, allowing you to embrace DVB-S2X at the right pace for your operations. Can you feel the power coming down from the sky? New, stronger satellites are beaming down abundant capacity at ever-increasing RF speeds.
  3. 3. Stepping Forward The availability of more powerful multi-spot beams and larger transponders gives service providers the opportunity to drive larger carriers at higher MODCODs resulting in more throughput over their given bandwidth. The migration to DVB-S2X enables ultra-fast networks with the latest advances in efficiency and performance ranging from larger MODCODs to finer granularity and adaptivity, while maintaining high quality transmissions. And iDirect is developing all the right building blocks for a system-wide adoption of the new standard. For many service providers, however, shifting to DVB-S2X will happen over the next several years. For iDirect customers, the ability to dial-up performance and efficiency is a two-step approach. Step one is to max out the existing investment in DVB-S2. Step two is to get ready for DVB-S2X with several core technologies. Both DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X will co-exist on one platform. Our customers can execute on a cost- effective, thoughtfully planned migration to DVB-S2X that leverages their existing investment in iDirect.
  4. 4. DVB-S2 DVB-S2X • Intelligent Gateway 9 Series • Aero Remotes • EC Series • Universal Line Cards • Next Gen. Remote Series Dial-Up the Performance The 9-series is our new high-performance remote family that gives you an immediate boost in throughput. Powerful, next-generation aero remote modules archi- tected specifically for operation on commercial aircraft, and support for Defence aero applications requiring very large throughputs. Embedded Computing (EC) remotes that combine iDirect technology with“best in class”third-party solutions to create a one-box solution designed to reduce the hardware and energy footprint, simplify installation and decrease points of failure. High-powered universal line cards are DVB-S2 compliant and DVB-S2X ready. The next gen ASIC remote series is designed to reach throughput levels of 500 Mbps-1 Gbps of aggregate through- put and is S2 and S2X capable. iDirect Intelligent Gateway Appliance (iGW) significantly accelerates hub-processing performance and consolidates hub infrastructure. It can operate a S2 or S2X outbound carrier that co-exists in the same RF spectrum.
  5. 5. ULC-T ULC-R DLC-T/-R High Powered Universal Line Cards The transmit line cards operate in an extended MODCOD range including 32APSK, can help saturate a transponder more effectively with pre-distortion techniques and are DVB-S2X-ready. The receive line cards feature four-times the capacity of previous line cards, they can operate at an aggregate symbol rate up to 29Msps, with individual carriers up to 15Msps and 16QAM MODCODs. Defense variants are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant, have conformal coating, and include an on-board TRANSEC module for added security. These new line cards can co-exist with the current line cards and hub equipment and can be used to build out the capabilities of existing networks. A cornerstone of iDirect’s Intelligent Path Forward innovation strategy is our next-generation Universal Line Cards for both Evolution® and iDirect Velocity™. These high-powered universal line cards are DVB-S2 compliant and DVB-S2X ready.
  6. 6. The High Performance 9-series The 9-series is our new high-performance remote family that gives you an immediate boost in bandwidth. This series of remotes come in a variety of different form factors, including a rackmount version (9350), a board level version (900) and a SWaP-optimized board (950mp). The series features up to 150 Mbps of aggregate throughput with DVB-S2 and Adaptive TDMA with 15 Msps carrier and a path to well over 200 Mbps via support of 29 Msps with Adaptive SCPC. Aero Remotes The CX780 (Aero) is a powerful, next-generation remote module architected specifically for operation on commercial aircraft, while the 980 will support Defence aero applications requiring very large throughputs. The aero series include fast beam switching, spread spectrum returns and skew angle compensation to support aeronautical operations and antennas.
  7. 7. SatHaul TM iDirect is developing Embedded Computing (EC) remotes that combine iDirect technology with “best in class” third-party solutions to create a one-box solution. The EC remotes support a powerful suite of market-specific software options such as iDirect SatHaul™ Optimization, and from partners such as XipLink and Cisco. Service providers can license supported applications that enhance the capabilities of the remote, delivering specialized services to meet specific market needs and support traffic optimization and quality of service. The EC remotes are designed to reduce the hardware and energy footprint, simplify installation and decrease points of failure. Embedded Computing remotes
  8. 8. SatHaul TM XipLink™ XV Optimization To improve the throughput and efficiency of traffic in enterprise networks the XipLink XV Series with embedded XipOS adds acceleration, compression and optimization capabilities to a satellite network. XipOS overcomes the challenges of TCP across any wireless data link, increasing the usable bandwidth from 2X to 10X for all TCP applications. Designed for scale, XipOS delivers the optimal solution for many diverse enterprise requirements based on the throughput and number of users required. Cisco® 5921 Embedded Services Router Deploy Cisco enterprise capabilities built on 25 years of innovation and product leadership. The Cisco 5921 Embedded Services Router (ESR) extends Cisco IOS® software to the iDirect platform, offering Cisco integrated services within a one-box remote/routing solution. The Cisco 5921 ESR provides cost-effective support of industry standard protocols for advanced end- point management across an iDirect L2oS-based network. iDirect SatHaul™ Optimization Improve user experience and save satellite bandwidth by backhauling 4G/LTE traffic over satellite with iDirect SatHaul™ Optimization. TCP Acceleration and IPsec provide a fast, optimized and secure connection from the wireless device to the mobile operator’s EPC including transport through the entire satellite link. Advanced header and payload compression techniques save bandwidth and provide the most cost effective 4G/LTE solution over satellite.
  9. 9. A DVB-S2X data path that will enable service providers to implement higher MODCODs and finer granularity on Universal Line Cards. Higher hub processing and embedded computing capabilities through virtualization bundled into the new Intelligent Gateway. A next-generation S2X remote series featuring ASIC chip with very high demod capabilities of up to 500 MHz and powerful new remote software architecture to support higher packet throughputs. iDirect will be releasing several core technologies that unleash the power of DVB-S2X across our platform. Get Ready for DVB-S2X
  10. 10. Software Features: Ranging from higher Msps, to larger transponder support to added functionalities such as encryption and mobility. Powerful S2X ASIC Chip: Supports high-performance DVB-S2x networks with 500 Mbps - 1 Gbps of aggregate throughput. Software-defined model: Lowers deployment costs, extends field life, rapid access to new capabilities. Getting our customers ready for the next level of throughput with DVB-S2X, our strategy involves pushing performance much higher. To process that type of throughput, we have to rethink our entire system, starting with the terminals. With our implementation of the ASIC chip set, employing a multi-core processing architecture, our next-gen remotes will be designed specifically to support high- performance DVB-S2X networks with demod capabilities of up to 500 MHz designed to reach new throughput levels of 500 Mbps-1 Gbps of aggregate throughput per remote. The Next-Gen S2X Terminals
  11. 11. Common OS/Hypervisor Common Compute Storage BBFrame Rate Third- Party apps. PPs xN On the hub side, iDirect customers can rely on the iDirect Intelligent Gateway Appliance (iGW). It consists of a high-performance compute/storage platform and compute capabilities for embedded applications. It also consists of virtualized instances of Protocol Processors (PPs) allowing us to reduce the footprint while adding unprecedented levels of processing and performance capabilities at the hub. The Intelligent Gateway
  12. 12. As throughput levels continue to explode and new market opportunities arise, successful satellite service providers will always have one hand on the dial, ever- ready to crank up the performance and efficiency levels to meet customer expectations. At iDirect, we have our hand on the dial as well, providing choice and flexibility and an easy migration path if and when you are ready to migrate to DVB- S2X. This ensures our technology can always level up to your expectations, but in a manner that is most cost-effective to the business. It’s a level of performance and efficiency that gets closer to that of terrestrial networks. And with it comes some pretty powerful outcomes. iDirect is evolving our technology to enable dynamic growth in a new era of opportunity. Consider it your Intelligent Path Forward, built around three major areas of technology innovation: Maximizing Efficiency and Performance, Reengineering Our Remote Portfolio, and Scale and Extensibility. For more information, please visit IntelligentPathForward.com A Hand on the Dial