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Local Business Internet Marketing 101: Orlando, Miami Florida


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We recently gave a presentation to a group of Arthur Murray Dance Studio franchise owners here in Orlando. Many were from all over the state of Florida like Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville. We spoke about Local Internet Marketing and provided a host of basic information to help them understand the space and market themselves better. For more information about local marketing, call 800-836-9097 or email

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Local Business Internet Marketing 101: Orlando, Miami Florida

  1. 1. Local  Internet  101  
  2. 2. Who  Is  Integrated  Digital  Strategies?   •  Veterans  of  Digital  Marke7ng  &  Tradi7onal  Media   –  Over  30  years  of  combined  experience   •  Full  Service  Account  Management   –  Online  and  Offline   •  Proven  Success  In  Local  Internet  Marke7ng  Strategies     –  Boston,  Orlando,  Miami,  and  U.S.   •  Best  in  class  digital  marke7ng  team:   –  –  –  –  –  –  Web  Designers  &  Developers   SEO  &  Local  SEO  Marketers   Paid  Search  &  Targeted  Display  Ad  Strategists   Social  Media  Marke?ng  Managers,  Videographers   Content  Writers  &  Bloggers,  Inbound  Marketers   Email  Marke?ng  Specialists,  Sales  coaching  
  3. 3. Agenda   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Why  Care  About  Local  Internet  MarkeFng?   SEO,  PPC,  Or  Both   Local  Search  OpFmizaFon     How  To  Rank  On  Google+  Local   Local  Online  Reviews   3rd  Party  Directory  Sites   Local  Search  Toolkit   QuesFons  
  4. 4. Why  Businesses  Do  Internet  Marke7ng?   •  •  •  •  •  •  Drive  Sales   According  To  Inc.   Increase  Brand  Awareness   Survey  This  Year:     23%  of  a small   Reach  New  Customer  Segments   •  business  ll  ow  spend   n more  than  75%  of   Drive  Customer  Engagement   their  marke?ng   budgets  on  digital   IdenFfy  usable  customer  insights   markeFng  today!   Save  money  /  improve  producFvity   Why  Businesses  Are  Digital  Aug  2013   h?p://­‐business-­‐owners-­‐are-­‐­‐digital-­‐    
  5. 5. What  Do  Businesses  Care  About  Most?   According  To  2013  Survey     •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Increased  Sales  –  71%   Genera7ng  Leads  –  59%   Higher  Search  Ranking  –  33%   Publicity  /  Social  Following  –  32%   Employee  Recruitment  –  9%   Event  Aendance  –  5%   RetenFon  Rates  –  4%   Why  Businesses  Are  Digital  Aug  2013   h?p://­‐business-­‐owners-­‐are-­‐­‐digital-­‐  
  6. 6. Fundamentals to Effective Local Internet Marketing Business  Websites  (Blog  +   Content  Accessibility)   Search  Engine   Op7miza7on  (Local  SEO  +   Online  Reviews)   Internet  Marke7ng  (PPC  )   Social  Media   Marke7ng   (Facebook,  Twier   etc.)     Results    
  7. 7. Local  Maps,  Organic,  Sponsored   Paid   Free  
  8. 8. Get  Found,  Get  Chosen  
  9. 9. Paid  Search,  SEO,  or  Both  
  10. 10. Analogy:  SEO  is  a  Diet;  Pay  Per  Click  Is  Plas7c  Surgery   “You  want  to  shed  50  pounds.  And  your  wedding  is  in  a  few  short  months.”     Go  On  A  Diet   •  Hard  Work,  takes  Fme  to  lose  the  weight,  different   factors  effect  your  results,  what  you  eat,  how  oben   you  exercise,  your  mental  actude.   •  The  longer  term  payoff  and  you’ve  earned  that   new  healthy  look  and  feel  great.  It  stays  if  you   maintain  and  conFnue  to  naturally  focus    your   body.     Plas7c  Surgery   •  You  schedule  an  appt  with  a  doctor,  he  will  go  over   how  the  procedure  will  work,  he  provides  photos   and  tesFmonials  from  past  paFents  to  showcase  his   work   •  The  day  of  the  surgery  comes  and  there’s  some   pain,  but  a  short  7me  later  the  results  are  already   no7ceable.       hp://­‐is-­‐a-­‐diet-­‐ppc-­‐is-­‐plasFc-­‐surgery/  
  11. 11. Analogy:  SEO  is  a  Diet;  Pay  Per  Click  Is  Plas7c  Surgery   SEO  Diet:  It  takes  7me  but  the  payoff  is  huge!     There  a  lot  of  different  factors  that  effect  your  results     •  Content,  keywords,  authority,  relevance,  links,  Ftle  tags,  social   signals  and  more.   •  It  takes  ongoing  effort  on  your  part  to  keep  the  website  high.     •  But  the  traffic  is  free,  highly  relevant  and  provides  permanence   trust,  and  credibility     Protein  =  Link  Building   Carbohydrates  =  Content   Social  Media  =  Lean  Lipids   Steroids  =  Link  Buys,  Illegal,  fast   results,  potenFal  long  term   effects  
  12. 12. Analogy:  SEO  is  a  Diet;  Pay  Per  Click  Is  Plas7c  Surgery     PPC  Is  Plas7c  Surgery:  Immediate  Gra7fica7on  and  No7ceable  Results   Ok  so  you’re  not  having  much  luck  with  SEO.  And  you’re  biggest  business  season  is  in  a   few  short  weeks.  You  need  results  now.       You  decide  Pay-­‐Per-­‐Click  might  be  the  solu7on.     •  Work  with  the  best  professional  who  explains  how  the  campaign  will  work.   •  Provides  tesFmonials  from  past  clients,  shows  measurable  results  to  prove  value   •  Your  campaign  starts,  may  have  a  few  glitches  to  be  worked  out,  but  a  short  Fme  later,   the  results  are  noFceable.     •  You’re  campaign  will  be  monitored  and  tracked  to  conFnue  to  prove  it’s  value.   •  If  your  don’t  keep  your  budget  going  each  month  you  fall  off  the  page  and  go  back  to   square  one     Consider  one  more  thing:     •  Good  doctors  tell  you  to  eat  right  and  exercise  to  lose  weight.  Even  a  good  plasFc   surgeon  will  oben  promote  healthy  living  before  /  aber  doing  plasFc  surgery  J     •  If  you  are  doing  Pay  Per  Click,  you  should  balance  your  markeFng  budget  with  SEO  for   op7mal  Results!      
  13. 13. Search  Engine  Marke7ng  Recap  –  SEO  and  PPC   These  are  2  very  different  methods  of  achieving  search  engine  success  that  should  be   run  in  parallel  so  that  the  results  of  each  can  be  used  to  improve  the  other.  The  key   differences  are  outlined  below:     SEO! Pro’s" Con’s" PPC! §  “Free” (you don’t pay for every single click)" §  Work done impacts on all search engines" §  Some consumers prefer it" §  Very versatile" §  Very scientific" §  Great Control" §  Quick turnaround (results in days)" §  You can bid on any keyword you like and as many as you like" §  You only pay when someone clicks on your ad" §  Less control" §  Less scientific" §  More difficult to analyze" §  Have to focus on limited keywords" §  Usually 3-12 months before impact is seen" §  Optimization and campaign management are resource intensive & can be quite complex" §  You have to manage each search engine separately"
  14. 14. Search  Engine  Op7miza7on  
  15. 15. Why  SEO  For  Your  Website?   ü  SEO  Turns  Your  Website  into  a   Long-­‐Term  Asset   ü  Customers  are  looking  for  you   online,  if  you’re  not  there  now,   Google  is  direcFng  them  to   your  compeFtors   ü  Owning  a  high  search  engine   rank  is  like  having  Google   become  your  word  of  mouth.    
  16. 16. #1  lis7ng  gets  almost  42%  of  traffic  
  17. 17. Search Engine Optimization Basics SEO  is  not  PPC     Rankings  depend  on:            Relevancy            Trust     SEO  is  the  work  that  builds:            Relevancy            Trust     Google  introduces  customers  to  your   business  based  on  your:              Relevancy            Trust   17  
  18. 18. Search  Engine  Op7miza7on  Basics   on  site:  Relevance           o  Keywords  (Content,  Title,  DescripFons,  Images,  H1  tags)   o  Do  Ftles  match  the  content?   o  Are  Keywords  menFoned  frequently?   o  Fresh  Unique  Content  (blog  content  is  huge)     off  site:  Trust                 o  Google  see  links  as  recommendaFons   o  Words  in  links  also  maer   o  Popularity/variety  of  linking  sites  maer   18  
  19. 19. Off-­‐Site  SEO   •  •  •  •  •  On-­‐Site  Blogs  Are  Necessary  To  “Become  an  Authority  In  Your  Space”     Make  it  shareable  on  Google  +,  Facebook   Keyword  Research  &  SelecFon  of  topics  that  are  in  demand   OpFmize  Content  around  those  target  keywords   Link  digital  assets  to  the  posts:   •  Slide  Share     •  Video  Content   •  FAQs     19  
  20. 20. Pay  –  Per  –  Click  Adver7sing  
  21. 21. Why  Search  Engine  Marke7ng?   ü  Drives  PotenFal  Customers  to  Your  Business   ü  Gets  Your  Business  Found  on  Google,  Yahoo,  and  Bing   ü  Only  pay  for  interested  prospects   ü  You  Can  Measure  the  results  (ROI)   ü  Your  in  control  of  who  you  are  markeFng  to  throughout  the  year   ü  Flexibility  and  local  targeFng   ü  Real  Time  ReporFng   ü  Expand  MarkeFng  Reach   ü  Keeps  you  compeFFve  and  visible  (1st  page)   ü  Your  business  is  being  seen  on  Google  more  oben  
  22. 22. Why  SEM  /  PPC?   •  Pay  Per  Click  advertising  (PPC)  is  an  auction.     •  You  decide  how  much  you  are  willing  to  pay   to  appear  when  a  keyword  is  searched  on  and   which  ad  you  want  to  appear  when  that   happens.     •  Your  ad  only  appears  to  searchers  looking  for   relevant  products  and  services.   •  Mobile,  Tablet,  Desktop     –  Mobile  Searchers  Are  Growing  and  Click  Costs  are   low   •  You  only  pay  when  a  searcher  clicks  on  your   ad.   •  Originally  the  person  who  was  willing  to  pay   the  most  got  the  best  position  on  the  page.   –  Now  Quality  Score  determines  that..    
  23. 23. How  do  Ads  Rank?   -­‐  Google  
  24. 24. Local  Search  Op7miza7on  
  25. 25. An SMB’s Marketing Budget •  SEO (includes Google+ Local) is clearly seen as the most effective internet marketing channel for SMBs •  After SEO, it is Local Online Directories that are seen as the most BrightLocal SMB Internet Marketing Survey 2013 in partnership with effective technique.
  26. 26. Local Search Market Opportunity 22 million businesses in the United States 25% visible online
  27. 27. Why  Local  SEO?   30%  of  all   searches  are   Local  Intent  
  28. 28. Local + Mobile 50%+ of mobile queries have local intent 90% take action as a result Consumers want data to be right at the moment they need In the age of mobile and local search, companies that adopt a real-time mindset and invest in the technology and data to make that happen for their consumers will win
  29. 29. Why  Mobile  Sites  
  30. 30. Google+  Local  Page  
  31. 31. Verify,  Claim,  Op7mize  G+  Local   •  Claim  &  Verify  your  free  business   lisFng  by  searching  your  company   name  on  Google   •  List  your  official  business  name   •  Get  your  category  right  and  pick  as   many  relevant  ones  avail   •  Business  DescripFon  should  have   relevant  local  search  terms   •  List  your  services,  areas  served,  specific   benefits,  photos,  website  link,  email   •  Logo  and  cover  image   •  Link  the  page  onto  your  website  
  32. 32.  Op7mize  Your  Site  For  Local  Search   •  Put  1-­‐2  local  search  terms  that  are   relevant  to  your  services  you  offer   •  Every  page  of  your  site  can  (and   should)  feature  a  different  Ftle  tag.   •  Place  your  target  city  &  brand  name   •  Name,  Address,  Phone  should  be  on   boom  of  each  of  your  pages   Brought  To  You  By:  Phil  Rozek   www.  
  33. 33. Google  Reviews  
  34. 34. 44  
  35. 35. Ask  for  online  reviews  
  36. 36. Third  Party  Directory  Sites  
  37. 37. Getting an SMB Found The “Richness” of Listings are Important •  Richness refers to descriptions, photos, hours, etc. •  Knowing the type of services, opening hours, payment options is useful information for potential customers. •  It also supports the data you load into Google+ and gives Google further proof points to corroborate the data it has about a business
  38. 38. The  Local  Search  Toolkit  
  39. 39. Local  Search  Toolkit   Complete  Package  of    Local   Search  &  ReputaFon  Tools  
  40. 40. Google+ YellowBook Bing Local MojoPages Yahoo Local InsiderPages HotFrog WhitePages SuperPages YellowPages Angie’s List Yelp Kudzu Foursquare MapQuest STEP:  1   ShowMeLocal Manta Merchant Circle Citysearch Acxiom, InfoGroup, Neustar / Localeze and Factual.
  41. 41. Before: After: Results:" •  Extended tab content •  Member since •  Hours of operation •  Payments accepted •  Enhanced images •  Connect to merchant •  Business description " = enhanced content  
  42. 42. STEP:  2   Sheer Volume of Citations Still Influences Local Search Ranking •  Quantity of structured citations is the 6th most influential factor in the 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors survey. •  Getting a spread of citations across a wide range of relevant & appropriate sites is still a very valid and beneficial task for an SMB or SEO to tackle.
  43. 43. STEP:  3   Review  Me  Web  Page  
  44. 44. Review  Handout   •  PDFs  branded  for  your  business   •  Leave  them  out  on  your  recepFon  desk   •  Email  them  to  your  best  customers  
  45. 45. STEP:  4   DIY  Reputa7on  Intelligence   Email  Alerts  When  You  Receive  An  Online  Review  
  46. 46. STEP:  5   Reporting Dashboard Client View – Local Visibility Report •  Timeline showing chronological progress of order •  Pie chart showing number of directories client is listed in/type of directories client is found in •  Speedometer showing search ranking of business name/ business keywords •  Directory icons linking to live listings on directory site •  Submission status of listings •  Color/Symbol status of Listing’s description, hours, website, logo, images, & video
  47. 47.                        Ques7ons  
  48. 48. We  are  here  to  help   •  Free  SEO  report  for  your  business     •  Free  consultaFon  at  your  office       Joseph  A.  Mohay   407-­‐243-­‐8002