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Eco-Audits and Assurance for GHG Emissions and other Environmental Standards


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Eco-Audits and Assurance for GHG Emissions and other Environmental Standards

One pager looking at recent changes to regulation on environmental reporting and iCompli expertise and experience in this area

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Eco-Audits and Assurance for GHG Emissions and other Environmental Standards

  1. 1. Eco-Audits and Assurance for GHG Emissions and other Environmental Standards REGULATION CHANGES Were you aware that non-financial reporting requirements in the UK changed in October 2013? Under the Companies Act 2006, annual reports for companies incorporated in the UK and listed on the LSE, EEA, NY Stock Exchange, or NASDAQ are now legally required to disclose greenhouse gas emissions as well as other non-financial information. This change in particular is intended to help the UK Government meet its carbon reduction targets set out in the Climate Change Act 2008. In June 2013 DEFRA issued environmental reporting guidelines. Although voluntary and intended for all organisations, the guidelines help companies to comply with the latest mandatory GHG reporting requirements. The aim of the guidance is to provide companies with clearer guidelines on determining KPIs, focusing on five main areas: • air pollution and other emissions • water • biodiversity/ ecosystem services • materials (metals, minerals, fossil fuels and biomass) • waste The UK government encourages all organisations to report similarly and the scope of the legislation is likely to increase: a review on whether to include large companies incorporated in the UK is due to be made in 2015. Recognizing the growing importance of corporate sustainability reporting, and leveraging off its core competencies in auditing, BPA has expanded its services to include corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) and sustainability reporting assurance. iCompli Sustainability, a division of BPA, can assist organisations to conduct a baseline eco-audit to establish the scope and base year environmental footprint of greenhouse gases, water and waste.
  2. 2. The findings of the audit provide a framework to evaluate reduction options, set reduction targets and assess the effectiveness of its footprint reduction strategies. This report is also a key resource for developing CSR reporting and communications tools. iCompli is also able to offer affordable assurance for your sustainability report or any environmental information. iCompli has knowledge of and experience in working with a range of best practice guidelines, certifiable standards, and reporting frameworks, including: • GHG Protocol • ISO 14065 • DEFRA Environmental Reporting Guidelines • Carbon Disclosure Project • Global Reporting Initiative (G3.1 and G4) If you would like to see a sample eco-audit report, or for any further information, please contact: Francis Stones Mobile: +44 (0) 787 234 2694 Direct: +44 (0) 203 405 4255 Skype: francis.stones Larissa Prevett Mobile: +44 (0) 771 264 2324 Skype: larissa.prevett About iCompli iCompli is a division of BPA Worldwide, a not-for-profit auditing organization established in 1931 to audit circulation for publishers, advertisers and their agencies. Today, BPA’s audit services have expanded to include external assurance of government and industry standards and independent verification of companies’ technology and service claims. iCompli provides third-party assurance and certification services for leading global sustainability standards.