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iCitizen 2008: Avinash Kaushik


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iTalk: Avinash Kaushik—Analytics Evangelist, Google

A Battle Cry for Qualitative Metrics
Author, blogger and analytics evangelist Avinash shares his unique insider's perspective on metrics that matter and metrics that are missing, or rather, what management misses when they train their gaze exclusively on a web site's macroconversions. "Microconversions" measure all the other valuable on-site behavior unrelated to purchase, and Avinash thinks it's time we got on with the revolution in qualitative metrics and analytics, if we're to do justice to consumer engagement.

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iCitizen 2008: Avinash Kaushik

  1. A l ti Is S Analytics I Sexy Say N T “Faith B d I S No To “F h Based Initiatives”! ”! Avinash Kaushik Author, Blogger, Analytics Evangelist iCitizen, May ‘08
  2. Web Analytics !
  3. Questions & Numbers:Yes Answers & Insights: Not Enough
  4. Clickstream
  5. Really really good at the “What”
  6. Kinda really stinky at the “Why”
  7. Web Analytics 2.0 y
  8. Clickstream Multiple Outcomes Analysis Experimentation & Testing Voice of Customer Competitive Intelligence Insights
  9. Awesome Clickstream
  10. Insightful Outcomes
  11. Brand Referral Site Impact: +51% Propensity to P h P i Purchase 51% Site Impact: +54% 54%
  12. Capturing Voice of Customer
  13. Yes, no, do this, that, if, so, me, me, now, why not? Yes, no, this, that, if, so, me, me, do that for me, if only Goal: Yes, I am trying, this, that, if, so, me, me, now Yes, no, thi th t if so, me, me, I lik why not?, if only Y this, that, if, like, h t? l “Segments of Discontent” Segments of Discontent How stupid, no, this, that, so, me, me, why not?, now Yes, no, this, that, if, so, me, me, you idiots, if only Yes, I love that, if, so, me, me, do that for me, if only Yes, no, this, that, if, so, my mother likes, why not?
  14. Experimentation & Testing
  15. ABC
  16. Six Minutes To Awesomeness A/B Testing
  17. Multivariate Testing
  18. Competitive Intelligence
  19. And One More Thing Thing...
  20. 10 90
  21. Now You Know