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Social Discovery Platform


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Social Discovery Platform

  1. 1. Over 100 Billion Web Pages. 1.4 Billion-plus Web Users. Almost Countless Searches. … it’s not hard to understand why some things are ‘virtually’ impossible to find. Is your business one of them?
  2. 2. Interactive Social Discovery Platform The solution to getting found!
  3. 5. Interactive Social Discovery Platform
  4. 7. Now your business will be found - by potential customers - at the precise moment they’re searching for what you sell!
  5. 8. And if you’re sponsoring a Charity, - your business will also be seen - by their potential donors at the same moment they’re searching for the Cause !
  6. 9. Real-time Reports You can start tracking the results immediately with real-time reports, accessible 24x7!
  7. 10. Care to be found? It's easy...just say, iCareNOW!