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Zimanga Private Game Reserve Exclusive Photo Safari - South Africa

Brochure of our South African photo safari hosted in Kwa-Zulu Natal from 19 - 24 June 2016

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Zimanga Private Game Reserve Exclusive Photo Safari - South Africa

  1. 1. © iCAPTURE Photo Safaris
  2. 2. WHY ZIMANGA PRIVATE GAME RESERVE? © Zimanga Game Reserve
  3. 3. Zimanga, in KwaZulu Natal, is the first reserve, in Africa, designed to specifically satisfy the needs of today’s wildlife photographers and enthusiasts, as well as safari clients who have a deeper appreciation for the bush. iCapture Photo Safaris offers all guests an unhurried and exclusive experience. Spread over 6000 hectares of pristine bushveld, fever tree forests and rolling hills, Zimanga Private Game Reserve is bisected by the Mkuze River and home to a huge variety of animals and birds. From rhinos, leopards to wild dogs, lion, elephants and cheetahs - nearly every sought-after sighting is accounted for. There are over 400 bird species recorded at the reserve. Zimanga Private Game Reserve has been nurtured and developed by the Senekal family over the last decade and now opens its gates as Africa’s first photographic reserve which offers unique features that will be music to the ears of wildlife photographers and enthusiasts alike. Zimanga Private Game Reserve offers traditional game viewing, with no more than two clients per row and is home to several state of the art photographic hides built under the guidance and supervision of “The Invisible Wildlife Photographer”, Bence Mate. These hides are unique in their design and execution in Africa and are already producing potentially award-winning photographs. It is the intention of Zimanga Private Game Reserve to become Africa’s premier photographic reserve, as the owners are committed to the continual development, and will strive to push the boundaries of photographic hide- design. This ensures that clients of all levels of photographic experience and ability leave with imagery that they will treasure forever. This photography workshop appeals to both photographers and non -photographers alike! Page 3
  5. 5. There are currently three photographic hides on Zimanga, including two Bird Bath Hides or Reflection Hides, called the Mkhombe and Bhejane hides named after the isiZulu words for white and black rhinos respectively. The larger Lagoon hide recently opened its doors to photographers. These hides have been designed and built by the owners of Zimanga Game Reserve and Bence Mate who is not only a former winner of the coveted BBC wildlife photographer of the year award in 2010 but is a world authority in hide design, construction and photography. Bence has previously built hides on his farm in his native Hungary as well as Costa Rica and South America, but these are his first hides in Africa. Planning and building hides of this caliber is an exhaustive process. First a location is selected from an extensive short list before a mini hide (or test box) is installed and used for several months allowing the design and positioning to be adjusted, sometimes by the tiniest degree, to ensure that the lighting, focal lengths, backgrounds and animal behaviour all fall in to place so that the photographers produce images of startling quality and originality. Each of the hides is designed for its potential subject whether it is a large mammal like a giraffe or elephant or the smallest of birds like waxbills and twinspots. The photographers are invisible to their subjects behind specially imported one-way glass so as not to startle the subject with any movements or sounds. Photographers are seated on comfortable executive-style chairs, which glide effortlessly and quietly on across the wood laminate flooring. A solar-powered air conditioning unit situated in the roof of the hide controls the temperature and humidity within. The hides are spacious and soundproofed with carpet on the walls to muffle the sound. The carpets themselves are inlaid with a fine silver thread to eliminate mildew growth in such close proximity to a water source. The hides allow photographers a non-intrusive method of wildlife photography and although the subjects are free-roaming, and hence no sighting is guaranteed, the hides tip the balance heavily in favour of the photographer to get that amazing shot. Please note the following important factors when deciding to visit the hides at Zimanga Game Reserve: • Be aware of minimum focal distance limitations on your lenses, Mkhombe’s drinking edge is 6m away and Bhejane’s 4.5m. • Tripods, Benro gimbal heads and mounting brackets are provided to guests at no charge. • There are no toilet facilities close by so please limit your intake of fluids and coffee during the hide sessions. • The hides are dark to minimise reflections from inside, and are mostly underground. Please be aware of this if you suffer from claustrophobia. The Overnight Hide: Umgodi Hide Umgodi means Warthog burrow in isiZulu. The hide is newly build for capturing animals such as giraffe, buffalo, rhino and elephant from ground level as they drink from, and occupy, a waterhole. This hide will present photographers with opportunities for three hide sessions in one, starting with a late afternoon backlight session, to using adjustable lights for night photography and lastly an early morning session as the sun rises over the Lebombo mountains behind the hide. Semi-permanent Bee-Eater Hide This hide has been built as a mobile hide capable to being moved from one location to another, enabling viewing from the best seasonal locations within the reserve. For these reasons, the hide is only erected once every few months. The semi-permanent hides can accommodate up to 2 photographers. Page 5
  7. 7. Game drives on Zimanga Private Game Reserve are in a converted Toyota Land Cruiser with three rows of seats behind the driver. As a rule the Game drives on Zimanga Private Game Reserve guarantee every guest a window seat. This allows for more room for kit as well as the ability to shoot from both sides without anybody sitting directly next to you. This is ideal for photographers and non-photographers alike who enjoy a bit more space and freedom of movement. As a reserve Zimanga Private Game Reserve encourages clients to spend as much time as they like at any particular sighting. Due to the very low number of vehicles on the property at any one time you will never have to abandon a sighting to make room for another vehicle. The game drive guides that we use are all highly experienced as well as accomplished photographers in their own right, so they will be able to position the vehicle in the best light as well as anticipating any action that is about to occur. You will also be accompanied at all times by an iCapture photographer who will be able to assist with any photographic queries, and offer onsite advice. iCapture photographers are also available for any photographic related queries and workshop content ahead of time. Should a subject be inaccessible from one of the tracks then Zimanga Private Game Reserve game viewers are permitted to off-road to get you into that perfect shooting position. This is particularly important when following a predator on the hunt! With most of Africa’s larger predators in residence as well as plenty of various prey species, this is a common occurrence on Zimanga Private Game Reserve. During each game drive there will be an opportunity to stop for refreshments. In the morning tea and coffee are served with rusks and in the afternoons cool drinks, beers, wine or selected spirits are served shortly after sunset allowing photographers to make the absolute most of the last of the Sun’s rays in the Golden Hour. Start times vary according to the seasons. Wildlife photography at Zimanga Private Game Reserve Private Game Reserve Using the specially designed photographic hides and iCapture photographers, this course will give clients the skills to take excellent wildlife photographs and make sure they return home with pictures worthy of their trip of a lifetime. The whole course is designed to be as practically applicable as possible so that clients can improve their photography while on safari and enjoy the experience at the same time. Page 7
  8. 8. COURSE CONTENT & PROGRAM 10:00 Departure from Durban Airport to Ghost Mountain Inn lodge. For more information about your accommodation please visit their website or contact our booking agent Desert Ace Tours & Charters. 15h00 High Tea. 15h30 Game drive. 20h00 Dinner. Day 1: 19 June 2016 Day 2: 20 June 2016 05h30 Morning tea and meeting for morning game drive or hide session. 10h00 Breakfast. 14h00 Workshop 1: Presentation on Wildlife Photography Techniques. 15h00 High tea. 15h30 Game drive. 20h00 Dinner. Day 3: 21 June 2016 05h30 Morning tea and meeting for morning game drive or hide session. 10h00 Breakfast. 14h00 Relax. 15h00 High Tea. 15h30 Game drive. 20h00 Dinner.
  9. 9. 05h30 Morning tea and meeting for morning game drive or hide session. 10h00 Breakfast. 14h00 Workshop 3: Image discussions. 15h00 High Tea. 15h30 Game drive. 20h00 Dinner. Day 5: 23 June 2016 Day 4: 22 June 2016 05h30 Morning tea and meeting for morning game drive or hide session. 10h00 Breakfast. 14h00 Workshop 2: Importing & editing your images in Lightroom. 15h00 High Tea. 15h30 Game drive. 20h00 Dinner. Day 6: 24 June 2016 05h30 Morning tea and meeting for morning game drive or hide session. 10h00 Breakfast. 11h00 Transfer Back to the Durban Airport. Page 9
  11. 11. 1. We are passionate and dedicated to our craft. Our team of photographers have medical and corporate backgrounds, which makes us passionate about people and our craft, with an added touch of professionalism. 2. We have guided many photographers. We are well respected in the industry and have conducted workshops & personal mentoring sessions for many other local and international photographers. 3. Our team offers variety. Our team of photographers have different qualities and specialties covering not only wildlife and bird photography but also macro and landscape photography. This gives our guests the opportunity to improve their skills on a variety of levels. 4. We believe in personal growth We take our own constant development seriously, and regularly participate in seminars & workshops to continue to develop our craft, and experiment with a variety of techniques. 5. We believe in teamwork As a dedicated team of passionate photographers, we all live in the same city, which makes it easy for us to share and learn from each other’s experiences and constantly exchange knowledge. Every detail of each safari is discussed and planned in detail to provide you a photographic experience which is exclusive, and of high quality. 6. We have a strong relationship with our suppliers As a team we ensure that we build a strong relationship with each of our hosts and suppliers, in order to ensure we offer you the most competitive packages of high caliber, in order for you to experience a memorable safari. 7. We create memories Our reward is seeing that you get the shots and capture images you can cherish for many years to come. We hope that you can join us on this journey. Page 11
  12. 12. iCAPTURE PHOTOGRAPHER PROFILES Camera: Nikon Full Frame (Fx) Favourite lens: Nikon 28mm – 300mm Favourite genre: Wildlife & Bird Photography; Night Photography (Landscapes) Favourite wildlife subject: Elephants Most memorable experience: We were photographing at Etosha National Park in Namibia, and a herd of approximately 60 elephants came for a drink at the Rietfontein waterhole. They were playing bathing, running and dusting for hours at end. I had camera shakes of excitement. Helene Wiggitt Anna-Mart Kruger Camera: Nikon Full Frame (Fx) Favourite lens: Sigma 150mm – 600mm Favourite genre: Wildlife & Bird Photography; Macro Photography; Landscape Photography Favourite wildlife subject: Lions Most memorable experience: Hide photography at Zimanga Private Game Reserve. To get this up close and personal with nature and wildlife is an exquisite experience on more than one level
  13. 13. Camera: Nikon Full Frame (Fx) Favourite lens: Nikkor 55mm - 300mm Favourite genre: Wildlife & Bird Photography; Landscape Photography; Animalscapes Photography Favourite wildlife subject: Leopards Most memorable experience: My best memory was at the Kruger National Park. Twelve years of constant searching for wild dogs finally paid off when I saw a pack of 25 wild dogs right in front of me in the road. My heart was racing for hours thereafter. This was just the adrenaline rush needed to have me hooked on nature for life! Petri AckermannEstelle Ackermann Camera: Nikon Full Frame (Fx) Favourite lens: Nikkor 80mm - 400mm Favourite genre: Wildlife & Bird Photography; Landscape Photography Favourite wildlife subject: Rhino Most memorable experience: We went to Madikwe Game Reserve for Petri’s birthday in 2014. A herd of 40 elephants crossed the river literally 10 meters away from our front porch. We could not believe our luck, and saw this as the best birthday present ever. Page 13
  14. 14. COSTS © iCAPTURE Photo Safaris
  16. 16. Important Notes • If you can, please bring with your laptop with Lightroom installed for the practical workshop sessions. It’s not a necessity, and you are welcome to take notes during the workshop. • Please bring a memory stick or external hard drive for the workshop notes. • We will have 3 double rooms and 4 single rooms available. Room upgrades are available at additional costs. Please inform our booking agent, Desert Ace Tours & Charters, of your upgrade request when making your booking. • Should you rather want to fly in to the close-by town of Mkuze- it can be arranged and you will be supplied with the necessary info and cost breakdown. • As previously mentioned, travel insurance can be arranged through Desert Ace Tours & Charters. Most of the hides are equipped with a top quality tripod but is also set on wheeled dollies, so switching photographic direction is easy! Page 17
  17. 17. Page 19