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The Expanding Impact of It in Job Creation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The Expanding Impact of It in Job Creation

  1. 1. THE EXPANDING IMPACT OF ITIN JOB CREATIONDr. Roger L. Norton, DeanSeptember 21, 2011
  2. 2. Goldmann SachsManaging PartnerManaging Director of TechnologyVice President of Network ArchitectureIBMGeneral Manager9 Vice Presidents6 DirectorsMorgan StanleyVice President, Global Head of Windows Virtualizationand Remote Computing EngineeringEMCExecutive Vice PresidentCTODirector of West Coast ResearchiSpacePresidentCEOCFO
  3. 3. School of Computer Science & MathematicsComputer ScienceInformation Technology & SystemsPreparing students to develop and implement softwaresystemsImproving the Performance of People in Organizations throughthe use of Information TechnologyPreparing students to design, implement and manage thetechnological resources needed to support Internet andIntranet installations.
  4. 4. Goals of the Programs1. Prepare students for employment in a technology field or for graduate study in atechnology field.2. Provide students with both theoretical knowledge and skills-based proficiencies inthe five core technology competencies: programming, hardware, datacommunications, data management, and systems/software analysis and design.3. Provide students with fundamental knowledge of business administration andmanagement so that graduates will be able to work effectively within businessesand other organizations.4. Develop interpersonal skills for working effectively on teams.5. Develop effective written and oral communication skills.6. Educate students about the behavioral, social, and ethical aspects of technology.
  5. 5. Operations & Process Management-12 creditsInfo Tech & SystemsConceptsData Communication InternetworkingInfo Tech & SystemsConceptsInfo Tech & SystemsConceptsSystems and Software- 9 creditsInfo Tech &Systems ConceptsIntroduction toProgrammingArch. Of Hardware &SoftwareFacilities Management- 6 creditsInfo Tech & SystemsConceptsIntroduction to FacilitiesNetworking-9 creditsManaging ITOrganizationsSystem Design &AnalysisProject ManagementSecurity-9 creditsSystem Administration &ManagementInternet SecurityProduct Development & Financial Planning-9 creditsInfo Tech & SystemsConceptsAccounting for theData CenterProjectManagementSuccessful Completion of all six certificates leads to 7th Certificate as aCertified Data Center ProfessionalAdvanced Facilities Management12 weeks/non-creditThe Greening of the Data Center10 weeks/non-credit
  6. 6. Enterprise UNIX Systems EducationAIX on Power CertificateIntroduction to AIX on PowerFundamentals of AIX AdministrationEmerging TechnologiesHigh Availability Storage NetworkingHAS Networking I HAS StorageNetworking IIDynamic InfrastructureDynamic Infrastructure-in theory and practiceVirtualizationBusinessIntelligenceData Mining andPredictive AnalyticsBusiness Intelligence
  7. 7. z/OS Certificate Program Overviewz/OS Intro Basic COBOL Adv. COBOLz/OS Intro Basic Assem. Adv. Assem.System Programming TrackApplication Programming Trackz/OS Intro IMS Fund. IMS Appl. Progz/OS Intro DB2 Fund. DB2 Appl. ProgCOBOL CertificateAssembler CertificateIMS CertificateDB2 Certificatez/OS Intro z/OSNetwork.z/OS Security z/OS Adv.Topicsz/OS RAS &PDz/OS Emerg.TechPerf. Fund.z/OS Install DB2 Fund.Associate Certificate Professional Certificate Expert Certificate
  8. 8. 9Countries Represented• Dubai, United Arab Emirates• Switzerland• Germany• Canada• India• Spain• South Africa• China• Saudi Arabia• Czech Republic• Sri Lanka• England• Portugal• Poland• Holland• Denmark
  9. 9. School of Computer Science & MathematicsInternships:IBM Morgan StanleyGoldman Sachs CitiBankIntel Boerhinger IngelheimSt. Paul’s Travelers GE ResearchNews America Beckton DickensonProgressive Insurance USAACooperstown BHOF HSBC BankMarvel Comics NightWolfSandia National Lab. UBSAmerican Red Cross MicrosoftIntel AppleLiberty Mutual Google….
  10. 10. NSF STEM Scholarship GrantMarist received a five-year NSF award of $550,000 to:• Establish a CS and IT/IS Cohort Scholarship Program• Increase the number and diversity of students in CS/ITS majors• Fund full scholarships (including room and board) to a cohort of 12 academically-talented, ethnicallydiverse, financially-disadvantaged students who entered Marist in Fall 2010• Each student in cohort received:Special summer orientationState-of-the-art PC laptopTwo-semester course in game development and designInternship and applied research opportunities• Students have received special tutoring, individual counseling, special advisement, and special groupoutings• They will receive industry mentoring, career placement services in the futureScholarship Opportunity increased applications to Computer Science and Information Technology by 80%for Fall 2010 over Fall 2009.To maintain the growth in CS and IT/IS applications, Marist offered 4 full Technology Scholarships for Fall2011 without NSF funding.11
  11. 11. NSF ARI GrantMarist received an NSF award of $690K to:• Replace the CS and IT/IS lab in Lowell Thomas building with an expandedCS, ITS, and Mathematics Research and Research Training laboratory in theHancock Center• Grant covers the cost of fixed assets• Grand funding started in July 2010• Increases the floor space in the new lab• Improves access to the new lab for all students and for handicapped students• Improves power and air conditioning• Improves UPS capability• Provides Network redundancy to Donnelly Data Center• Reserved floor space for expansion in future12
  12. 12. NSF MRI Grant ProposalMarist received an NSF for a $680K MRI (major researchinstrumentation) grant to:• Add an enterprise computing system to the new research labz/10 or z/Enterprise processorStorage devicesNetwork equipment• To be used for research, applied research, and research training forMarist FacultyFaculty from other universitiesUndergraduate and Graduate studentsApplied research projects with industry partners13
  13. 13. 14NSF CE-21 Grant ProposalMarist applied to NSF for a $1.6M CE-21(Computing Education for the 21st Century) grant to:• Support NSF goal to create a new AP course in Computer Principles• Develop a new online course that introduces computing principles early in theHigh School curriculum• Develop an online graduate course to train High School teachers to teach thenew AP course• Offer both courses for Marist credit to 300 teachers and 300 students at no cost• Partnering with:− University of Arkansas− Illinois State University− North Carolina A & T State University− Widener UniversityApplication was submitted to NSF on April 26
  14. 14. 15IBM and Marist College Joint StudiesIBMGets•CollaborativeResearch Projects•Tools, S/W, Libraries•Conferencepresentations, demos,Workshops, courseware•Recruit top talent•Direct Sales•Sales Enablement –Briefings/Reference Acct•IdentifyIntellectualProperty(IP) and/orJoint DevelopmentAgreement(JDA)opportunitiesProductEcosystemTalent PoolSalesIP/JDAA win-win alliance between Marist College, IBM, and Industry and/orGovernment Partners•SUR Grants•Faculty AwardsIndustry and/or GovernmentPartnersCisco, rSmart, NYSTAR and Marist CCODC, Brocade,NSF, SGHE, Sakai Community, Juniper•IBM Internships•Full-time hire – ManyMarist grads at IBM•Access to IBMhardware/softwareand provides accessto many otherschools (z and p)•Collaborative ResearchProjects –Sakai•Cutting edge technologies –Cloud Computing•Areas of mutual interestRecruitmentHardwareResearchFunding(in-kind/cash)MaristGetsKey Focus AreasEducation for a Smarter Planet/SmarterClassrooms•Open source systems (Sakai enabled on IBMHW/SW, Integration w/existing ERP systems)•Cloud Computing PoC (K-12 SaaS hosting,Virtualization, Project Greystone)•Electronic Portfolios (Sakai OSP)•Analytic Tools (Cognos, SPSS)•Virtual Worlds (OpenSim)Smarter/Dynamic Infrastructure•Technology infrastructure (e.g. systems/datacenters, converged networks, SOA)•Virtualization (e.g. hybrid multi-core systems,cloud computing, server provisioning)Course Development (29 total courses)• z/OS, AIX/Power•Converged Networking• Dynamic Infrastructure•Business Intelligence/Analytics