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Les Neumann, CEO of iCAN-Global, provides an overview of iCAN-Global. He explains how iCAN-Global evolved from its roots as a regional business incubator and technology accelerator into a for virtual for profit entity.

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  • The Wall Street Green Summit is one of the hallmarks of spring. Each year I am amazed at the levels of interest, talent and innovations. This year the Wall street green summit is being held on March 18 in lower manhattan. As always, the event will be sold out so I urge you to contact Peter is make your reservations. If you or your company is engaged in cleantech, this is where you must be on March 18th.
  • I recently came across an article that I found both profound and thought provoking. The title is:Filtering Out the Noise by Tim Sanders the subject is:Any of your future requests for someone’s time should have a high return on attention (ROA)in the modern world, where we are inundated with noisy requests for our time and there’s a special skill anyone must develop to survive.
  • We need to give high return on attention (ROA). It’s the scarcest resource in the world today, especially for successful people who are inundated with requests for their time and focus. Think about how much quieter our world was only 20 years ago: no email, no smartphones, no social media. We had the luxury to devote attention to phone calls, meetings and conversations. But today, most of us are flooded with attention requests, and the more we move up, the worse it gets.We are addicted to auditory commands and cues:We have different ringtones for family, business associates, friendsThere are different tones for emails, texts, and tweetsWe must answer the telephone when it ringsWhen the kid cries, dog barks, copier beeps, computer turns onThee are constant auditory distractions that inundate our lives and impact on our time
  • In many of your business lives, you need other’s attention to succeed. If they don’t come to your meeting, return your phone calls or read your emails, you can’t get anything done. And if you haven’t noticed, it’s harder than ever to get time with people. Why? You can’t punch through the filter. English psychologist and researcher Donald Broadbent developed a theory years ago about how humans use filtering to defend themselves against information overload or deception. This filter helps people ignore requests for attention, decline them or instantly delete them to maintain a modicum of free space, “to think.” The more noise, the thicker the filters between your message and your target recipient’s consciousness. And today, the world is incredibly noisy. So how do we break on through?
  • The secret to success, then, is to consistently deliver high return on attention to others, especially those that matter. If time spent with you or your message adds value every time, then you’ll have a competitive advantage over those that don’t. You’ll be able to move mountains, because people will actually listen to you. How do we give high ROA? It all has to do with respecting other’s time and attention and having a strategy behind each request for it. It also requires our willingness to break some bad habits.
  • Be Judicious Don’t call someone just to chat—have a reason behind the interruption. Don’t call meetings just to “catch up.” Have a desired outcome in mind that helps everyone who attends. When you email or call someone proactively, you are launching an interruption. Make each one count. For your email requests, make it simple to glean value from reading your notes. Put your request or the source of urgency in the subject line. Fit it all in the preview pane, don’t write War & Peace. Don’t get attachment happy, and always think: Less information preserves my readership.
  • Prepare ThyselfOutline what you want to accomplish in the meeting or conversation. In many cases, I have an outline about the reason for the interaction, the perspective to be shared, what’s in it for us and what we should do next.
  • Focus on the Conversation Nothing says your attention is worthless like being distracted during conversations. If you want to deliver high ROA, don’t take a phone or tablet to your meeting. If you are on the phone, turn off your screen or shut your laptop. If you want people to listen to you, listen to them when they are talking, and create a 50/50 conversation
  • Find a Takeaway In almost every interaction, especially between smart people, a pearl of wisdom, insight or observation emerges. If you are listening and paying attention, you’ll likely spot it and hold it up at the end. When you do, you give your conversational partner the feeling of satisfaction, that our time together actually accomplished something
  • Follow up on Their InvestmentIn almost every meeting, there are action items that come up, especially when you are working on a project or a problem. Never let them fall between the cracks, because soon they will be forgotten and the only memory of the meeting was that “it was a waste of time.”
  • During the meetings or conversations, take notes and highlight action items. If possible, conclude the interaction by confirming them, along with their delivery dates. Then schedule, execute and close the loop without fanfare, just the facts.
  • Each one of us has a brand, a promise of an experience or outcome that sits in the mind of others. This promise is built by our consistent actions over time. Each interaction adds or subtracts from its strength. Sure, it takes more work in conversation to deliver high ROA, and likely requires you to exhibit much patience. But it’s worth it, especially if you depend on the buy-in of others to move forward. If you want to succeed in our modern world, you need to be the signal—not the noise
  • Overview of iCAN-Global

    1. 1. WELCOME TO THE iCANEntrepreneurs Breakfast Forum
    2. 2. AgendaIntroduction – Les NeumannCEO of iCANTerence Bolden - TLB EnterprisesVia Skype from DubaiJim GroelingerClean Energy AllianceGiordano DichterThe Business Incubator MagazineiCAN-Global.comMatching global business & technology resources with innovators
    3. 3. The Wall Street Green Summit is the longest running and most comprehensiveenvironmental market event in the industry. Launched in 2002 by PeterFusaro, The Wall Street Green Summit covers cutting edge content, industrydevelopments and features the practitioners and the leaders of tomorrow.Hear it here first!• Renewable Energy Finance• Smart Grid Opportunities• Greening Buildings• Insights into Carbon Trading & Finance• Green Hedge Fund Strategies• Cleantech Investment Today• California Carbon Market for 2013• New Green Investment OpportunitiesFor moreinformation, call+1-212-222-3775
    4. 4. Getting Ready to IntroduceiCAN-Global.comWe invite you to be part of the pre-release!For the first 1000 people to submit youremail address and name atiCANny.netWe will have a special gift for you at the launch!iCAN-Global.comMatching global business & technology resources with innovators
    5. 5. The NewiCAN-Global.comwebsite contains more information and resourcesto help you become more successful!iCAN-Global.comMatching global business & technology resources with innovators
    6. 6. iCAN-Global.comMatching global business & technology resources with innovatorsWhy is iCAN changing its name?• A bit of history…• 2005 – HVCFI opens its doors for business• 2010 – HVCFI goes virtual• 2011 – HVCFI launches iCANny.net
    7. 7. iCAN-Global.comMatching global business & technology resources with innovators2013…• Expands our services to EconomicDevelopers, Early, Emerging and Mature CompaniesWorldwide• Offers most talentedAdvisors, Mentors, Executives, Professionals, Technologists,Consultants and Service Providers from all over the world!• Employs digital communications• Increases service offerings• Respects the customs and traditions by working within-country iCAN-Global Business Development Partners• Delivers new, relevant and useful content
    8. 8. iCAN-Global.comMatching global business & technology resources with innovatorsUsing Digital Media to:• Recruit mentors• Recruit iCAN-Global Business Development Specialists• Develop partnerships and relationships• Received client requests
    9. 9. Watch for the new iCAN-Global.com website (and your free gift)Visit www.iCANny.net and register
    10. 10. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resourcesFiltering Out the NoiseAny of your future requests for someone’s timeshould have a high return on attentionROA
    11. 11. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resources“Think about how much quieter our worldwas only 20 years ago: noemail, no smart-phones, no socialmedia. We had the luxury to devoteattention to phone calls, meetings andconversations.”
    12. 12. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resources
    13. 13. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resourcesIt all has to do with respecting other’s time andattention and having a strategy behind eachrequest for it.
    14. 14. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resourcesBe Judicious
    15. 15. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resourcesPrepare Thyself
    16. 16. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resourcesFocus on the Conversation
    17. 17. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resourcesFind a Takeaway
    18. 18. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resourcesFollow up on Their Investment
    19. 19. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resourcesTake NotesHighlight Action Items and Delivery DatesSchedule, execute and Close the Loop
    20. 20. iCAN-Global.comLinking global business & technology resourcesBe the signal…Not the noise!