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New Innovation Models


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Les Neumann, CEO of iCAN-Global presents "New Innovation Models: Breaking the Paradigms of Traditional Incubation & Acceleration."

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New Innovation Models

  1. 1. Virtual Commercialization & Acceleration Network Linking global business and technology resources with innovators worldwide April 24, 2014 Presentation on New Innovation Models Solar East Specializing in the commercialization of Cleantech, Alternative & Renewable Energy & Sustainability products, services and processes
  2. 2. New Innovation Models Breaking the Paradigms of Traditional Incubation & Acceleration
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  4. 4. The traditional model was simple and straight forward: • Align or be in a major college or university • Apply for lots of grants • Get client feedstock from academics and students • Apply for heaps of grants and subsidies • Recruit mentors from academia and local and regional business community • Apply for loads of free stuff • Follow the mantra that it takes 4 to 6 years for a start-up to be ready • Apply for tons of grants and subsidies
  5. 5. iCAN-Global now has: • Physical representation in over 16 countries and growing • Has reviewed applications from well over 150 mentors, advisors, experts, executives and consultants and enlisted many in a host of disciplines • Is involved in several multinational cleantech licensing projects • Become a platform for international trade and commerce • Formed international collaborations
  6. 6. Transforming a traditionally subsidized industry into a sustainable business
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