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Build Your Voice Online


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Ethan Chazin, Founder and President of The Chazin Group. discuses the importance of building a voice online in this presentation.

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Build Your Voice Online

  1. 1. Presented by: Ethan Chazin President & Founder The Chazin Group, LLC Build A Compelling Voice Online
  2. 2. Be Authentic
  3. 3. • Follow, like, Re-tweet…SUPPORT people online, that you know and have relationships with offline. • Be an advocate online for the same causes that you support offline. • Engage in group discussions online on user forums and chat rooms. Support Offline Relationships
  4. 4. Blog
  5. 5. What’s a Brand?
  6. 6. A PROMISE
  7. 7.  Memorable  Invaluable  Unique
  8. 8. Brands Matter
  9. 9. Promote Others
  10. 10. Use Video
  11. 11. Use Video
  12. 12. Join Online Communities to Follow Your Industry The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  13. 13. • Can be established quickly. • Used to build stronger customer relationships. • Good for building customer awareness and encouraging exploration and commitment. Online Communities
  14. 14. Monitor Your Evolving Brand
  15. 15. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupMonitor Your Evolving BRAND
  16. 16. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupWatch Your Brand Grow (Online)
  17. 17. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupMonitor Your Evolving BRAND
  18. 18. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupMonitor Your Evolving BRAND
  19. 19. Build a Strategy
  20. 20. Know WHEN and WHERE your ideal customers “hang out” so you can spend time together online. Your Strategy
  21. 21. • Develop a strategy. • Learn by trial and error. • Engage others, solicit feedback, contribute, have CONVERSATIONS. • Be committed. • HAVE FUN! In Summary…