Bridging the Knowledge Gap


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Terence Bolden, President & Founder of TLB Enterprises, provides an overview of the cleantech, economic development and entrepreneur climate in the United Arab Emirates in "Bridging the Knowledge Gap."

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Bridging the Knowledge Gap

  1. 1. Bridging the Knowledge Gap In The Power and Energy Sector in GCC regionTPS Management Consultants. 225, Business Village-B Near Clock Tower, Deira PO Box 14033 Dubai - UAE.T : + 971 4 2395317 F : + 971 4 2395520 M : + 971 50 5578626 E : W :
  2. 2. The RegionThe MENA Region at a Glance Needs $ 30 57% of the 41% of proven Houses 8 of 12 billion / year in world’s proven gas resources OPEC nations energy for next oil reserves 30 years Life Infant Total Population expectancy at mortality per 2010 GNI population growth birth 1,000 births: per capita 32 0.3 billion 1.8% 70 years $3,463
  3. 3. Towards anOil Free Economy • As a means to avoid total dependence on Oil, region has changed its outlook • Abu Dhabi, Bahrain & Qatar developed 2030 visions • Kuwait created vision 2035 • KSA planned five-year $400 bn infrastructure plan • All this will result in billions of squares feet constructed for Marinas. Malls, Cities, Towers, Hospitals, Hotels • And all that will need huge ELECTRICITY
  4. 4. The GCC Power Sector Power generation Power projects planned Increase in Elect planned for GCC states demand per year capacity built up 60,000 MW US$ 200 b 10% Planned Power Generation by 2015 MENA regional  UAE will top with  power generation  An increase of 29.3%  generation increasing will rise to 1,523twh  from 2008 – 2013.  by 100.2% from  by 2013, 2007‐18
  5. 5. GCC : 2020The #1 Challenge KNOWLEDGE will be the number One challenge to bridge the Gap between Now and Then
  6. 6. Education & SkillsCountry Main University Estb. Locals ** Expats **Saudi Arabia King Saud University 1957 73% 27%Qatar Qatar University 1977 13% 87%Oman Sultan Qaboos University 1986 70% 30%Bahrain University of Bahrain 1986 51% 49%UAE American University 1995 13% 87%Most Universities and  A matured local  Dependence on Expat engineering institutes  knowledge and skill  skills and knowledge are fairly recent level will take years
  7. 7. Knowledge PartnershipTPS Management Consultants, anorganization sharply focused onbringing the worlds best and 100%neutral knowledge fordissemination and sharing withEngineers, managers and CEOs inthe Power and Energy SectorElectrical in the region, throughprofessionally organizedprocesses.
  8. 8. The Process Study Present Practices We Recognize - No two clients needs are Identify needs and Gaps the same - Nothing short of theLocate the World Best Knowledge Source BEST is worth the effort - No matter how tough to Develop Most Current Content get, knowledge has be 100% free of sales pitch Design the Most Effective Platform - No single platform can service all needs Conduct and take Feedback Improve and replicate
  9. 9. We OfferBased on, and tailored to, theNeed and Scope of knowledgesharing we offer• Training Programs• Conferences• Workshops• Leadership Forums• Symposia and• Technology DisplaysWith 100% neutral content andexpertise from the very best inthe world
  10. 10. Facilities The in house facilities at TPSserve as an excellent knowledge dissemination center forengineers and mangers in various groups sizes for a cleaner, more efficient and safer Electrical systems in accordance with our focus and vision of the region.
  11. 11. 20 or 200Conference rooms of various capacities, fitted with most modern aids andcompletely wired with a Wi Fi and laptops provided to each participant
  12. 12. World Class AmbienceComfort to remove the monotony from serious knowledge sharing session
  13. 13. The Larger Technical Society• TPS Designs and Conducts International Conferences on matters of most urgent technical and national importance• Bringing together the very best knowledge sources in the world• Enhance the value proposition of newer technologies by communicating its unique attributes to influencers and opinion makers
  14. 14. Principal Consultant Ravinder Bhan is a First class engineering graduate with 25+ years’ experience in Electrical Industry at reputed global manufacturers from in India, USA, Syria, GCC, Europe. An accomplisehd Trainer and reputed speaker at internationally reputed conferences and workshops. Earlier positions included Director Schneider Electric, Dubai, General Manager, Voltamp Transformers, Oman, General Manger, Jyoti Ltd, Baroda India, Head Switchgear Training Centre, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Mumbai IndiaReach me direct atravinder.bhan@tpsworld.comor +971 50 557826 . Ravinder manages the Electrical Professionals GroupYou wont hear music on hold [of over 2000 engineers and managers ] on LinkedIn
  15. 15. We Deliver • At TPS we strongly believe in the old Chinese proverb “talk does not cook rice” TPS Management Consultants 225, Business Village B, P O Box : 14033“Do not go by what we have said in the Dubai-UAEpresentation. Challenge us and watch us T : + 971 4 2395317 F : + 971 4 2395520DELIVER. And if you are satisfied – do share E : W :the knowledge”