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Designed for professionals working in Behavioural Mental and Emotional Health, this workshop will pinpoint mind-body techniques including, Meditation, Mindfulness, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Exercise.

Published in: Healthcare
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  1. 1. Yin-Yang • Comparing day to night, Yin and Yang (“yaw-ng”) are opposites that are intertwined. • One balances the other. • They are diametric partners always connected.
  2. 2. YIN White Internal Feminine Earth Wet Cool Contemplativ e Energy Intuitiv e YANG Black External Masculine Heaven Dry Hot Action- Oriented Thinking
  3. 3. What is EnerQi?(“Chi”) • EnerQi is the life force which circulates in and around each of us. • EnerQi carries with it, its’ own energetic vibrating force field called Qi (“Chi”).
  4. 4. • EnerQi changes based on how we care for ourselves and by the lifestyle choices we make. • By having Balanced EnerQi, your energetic frequency will be raised to a much higher level allowing you to be stronger and more alive than ever before.
  5. 5. Root and Branch • Chinese medicine draws from nature to diagnose one’s internal medical challenges. • We have all admired a great, majestic tree. Your health is like that great, majestic tree. • The roots are your immune system, your Qi essence, and its power. • The branches that shoot out from your tree are subjective symptoms of a greater imbalance. • The problem is not in the bad branch; it actually lies in the roots of the tree, and within the soil that nourishes it. What is the underlying cause of
  6. 6. Eleven Categories of Five Elements ELEMENT YIN YANG SENSE ORGANS TISSUE FEELING SEASON ENVIRO FACTO R GROW COLORS TASTE COMPASS FIRE KING HEART 11AM-1 PM Contains spirit SHEN Houses controls Mind Small Intestine 1PM-3PM Water distribution and Metabolism separates impure wastes from pure TONGUE VESSEL JOY Happiness Laughter Dreams SUMMER HEAT GROWTH RED Pinks BITTER Scorched Burnt SOUTH EARTH CENTER SPLEEN 9AM-11AM Regulates Blood in channels Transforms Food/Nouris hment STOMACH 7AM-9AM Regulates Sea of Nourishment Rottening and Ripening Process MOUTH Lips MUSCLE Flesh MEDITATION House Thoughts Sweet Kind Sensitive Pleasure Slow Confusion LATE SUMMER DAMP TRANSPOR- TATION ORANGE YELLOW Beige Browns SWEET Perfume MIDDLE METAL Prime Minister LUNG 3AM-5AM House Corporeal Soul- Physical Feeling and Sensations LARGE INTESTINE 5AM-7AM Official of Transport NOSE Orderly Rhythm Deep Cleansing Qi-Breath Master Qi SKIN HAIR GRIEF Melancholy Inspired Courteous Refined Touched by Emotion Perfection AUTUMN DRYNESS REAPING QI WHITE PUNGENT Fishy WEST WATER Root of Yin-Yang KIDNEY 5PM-7PM Minister of Health Gate of Vitality- Fire URINARY BLADDER 3PM-5PM Outlying district official EAR Reproduction Growth Regeneration Battery Pack BONE MARROW BRAIN HAIR Lumbar Region FRIGHT & FEAR Groaning Grumbling Will & Power WINTER COLD STORING BLACK Purple Blue SALTY NORTH WOOD House Ethereal Soul LIVER 1AM-3AM General plans organizes coordinates spreads stores Qi & Blood GALLBLADDER 11PM-1PM Judge Decision Making purify Yang Energy holds essence EYE TENDON Ligaments , muscles, joints, nourish and bathe ANGER Life’s direction Emotions Life’s Pursuits Hard Working Competitive SPRING WIND GERMINATIO N GREEN Blue Purple SOUR Yeasty EAST
  7. 7. Restoring Balance Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Sexuality, Meditation Diet Just as people have Qi circulating through their bodies, food also has its own Qi vibration. Food is medicine. It restores and enlivens us.
  8. 8. Exercise • Exercise supports detoxification in our body while stimulating blood circulation, lymphatic flow, respiration, and promoting sweat. Sweating releases toxins from our bodies. • Movement helps our internal organs to function properly, as it regulates our digestion and elimination while stimulating the kidneys to release unwanted chemicals from waste within. • EXERCISE STIMULATES THE MIND and promotes hormone production to enhance well-being.
  9. 9. Sleep • Most people need more sleep/rest • Vibrant health and the ability to sleep restfully go hand in hand • Your sleeping environment has its own EnerQi • Resolve worries outside of the bedroom • Resting state during meditation can mimic the benefits of sleep • Meditation promotes your ability to relax • Acupuncture alleviates sleep disorders
  10. 10. Sexuality Stay Juicy • Sexual health is important in moving and maintaining health Qi • Fulfillment requires availability, communication and awareness • Let go of fear, shame, embarrassment, control and competitiveness • Make time to fulfill your partner to enjoy your complete experience
  11. 11. Meditation Quiet the Wandering Mind • Create your inner temple • Free yourself from distractions • Begin with meditative breathing Slow, deep, long, languid abdominal breaths Breathe in serenity… Breathe out tension…
  12. 12. Becoming more Round • Living in balance • Inter-connectiveness • Become your word • Gratitude • EnerQi is a vibration
  13. 13. Namaste Sheri Laine, L.Ac. Diplomate of Acupuncture Living the EnerQi Connection 858.259.7444